Chapter 304 - Short and Long Sales

Chapter 304 - Short and Long Sales

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Editor: Likia

When Shi Lei returned the phone to Wei Xingyue, she asked, “What did you say to my dad?”

“Nothing much. I just said ‘hi.’”

“Don’t lie! Hurry up and tell me!”

Shi Lei shrugged. “There’s really nothing much I can say. Don’t tell me you thought I was proposing a marriage with you to your father?”

“Pffft!” Wei Xingyue spat at him.

Shi Lei laughed. He raised his glass and toasted with Wei Xingyue. “Let’s drink. I really didn’t say anything else other than that I am just a small character and there’s no need for him to be so curious about me.”

Wei Xingyue glanced at him from the side. “Do you know what kind of person my dad is?” she asked after a while.


“You even dare speak to him like that. Although I’m his daughter and he loves me the most, even I still feel frightened when I talk to him.”

“That’s because he feeds you and provides you with everything you have. Even your house and cars are given by him. I didn’t take a single cent from him, so why should I be scared? I know why Wei Ye’s curious about me, so I told him to be stop being so curious. If he’s going to be this curious in the future, then we can’t be friends anymore.”

Although Wei Xingyue was surprised by how serious Shi Lei was, she didn’t question him.

After drinking, she rested her legs on his and kicked him lightly. “Hey…”

Shi Lei took a sip of wine. His ears were filled with the jazz music Wei Xingyue had downloaded. Although he didn’t really understand it, it was still pleasing to hear.


“How are you so lucky?”

Shi Lei thought for a while, but he didn’t know how to reply. Of course he knew that Wei Xingyue meant how he could become friends with all of the wealthiest people in Wudong. From an outsider’s point of view, it was one coincidence after another, with Wei Xingyue’s intentional help. But Shi Lei knew that he was overly lucky because of the Black Card.

If he thought about it, the Black Card gave him way more advantages than it did threats. After its rules became clearer, Shi Lei didn’t have to worry about spending money anymore. Of course, that was only limited to the sum of a million yuan per month. He didn’t know if he could handle it as easily when he reached the next level.

“If being able to become friends with a fuerdai like you counts as good luck, then yes, I’m indeed lucky.”

“What do you mean, ‘counts as good luck’? It is good luck. Perhaps it sounds bad to you, but do you know how many people would kill just to meet or eat a meal with one of us in Wudong? You are the only one who isn’t even willing to let me drink here.”

Shi Lei shrugged and filled her glass for her. “I’m not asking anything from you guys, so when other people think it’s good luck, it’s not necessarily like that to me.”

“Even if it’s not lucky to be friends with Song Miaomiao, Yu Banzhi, and me, isn’t it good luck to be Sister Nü’s godson?”

Shi Lei smiled. “Godmother is a good person, but she seems to be unlucky. If I’m really a lucky person like you said, then I hope she will be luckier because of me.”

Wei Xingyue froze for a second before smiling like a newly-bloomed flower. Her smile was so bright that she seemed to be the sun, lighting up the room.

“I finally understand why Sister Nü liked you when you first met.”

“Speaking of this, don’t spread the news about me and godmother.” Shi Lei suddenly said seriously.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Wei Xingyue didn’t understand.

Shi Lei waved his hand. “I’m saying that it looks like I have unexplained connections with the almighty Bai family. But this ends here with you. I don’t want more people to know.”

“Why? Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It is,” Shi Lei explained patiently, “but I’m willing to call her ‘godmother’ because I can tell that she genuinely likes me and treats me her junior. When I said that the painting wasn’t amazing in the afternoon, Old Bai was obviously unhappy and didn’t believe me, even if he didn’t exactly say it. So were you. But godmother didn’t seem to doubt me at all. She’s not the only one who saw me for the first time. It’s the same thing for me. Do you think I call her ‘godmother’ because I want connections with the Bai family? I just think it’s warm to have an elder who trusts me without a doubt. So what happened between me and godmother is private and I don’t want it to be influenced by external factors. I also don’t want to be known as purposely making connections with them behind my back.”

Wei Xingyue sat up straight and looked at Shi Lei as if she didn’t recognize him.

After quite a while, she stretched out her hand. “Let’s drink. Shi Lei, I admire you more and more now!”

Shi Lei’s lip twitched. When he finished drinking the wine, Wei Xingyue spoke again. “But do you really know what it means?”

“What does it mean?”

“As soon as the outside world knows that Sister Nü took you in as her godson, they will try to make connections with you no matter how much they talk about you behind your back. If there were any people from big companies, you can earn a lot if they reveal some behind-the-scenes information to you, not to mention others. You even needed to take out a loan for a Maserati, so aren’t you tight on money right now? Although she can’t do this all the time, it isn’t difficult for her to solve a few million yuan debt for you within a short period of time.”

“Does a genius like me need others to give me behind-the-scenes information?” he asked in disdain. “And you said that I’m tight on money, but how many stocks can I buy even if I know which ones will grow? I have limited funds and the money I earn is just pocket money.”

“Do you know that there’s a thing called ‘leverage’? With your identity as Sister Nü’s godson, you can easily move three or five million like monopoly at any stock exchange office.”

Shi Lei sighed silently. As expected, the world of the wealthy was too much for him imagine. Just because he was Chen Yanü’s godson, how could they dare lend a few million for him to play around with?

Although he was tempted, he knew that he definitely couldn’t do it. It was actually an action of harm toward Chen Yanü, since she would think that he only accepted her offer because she was part of the Bai family.

He pretended to act indifferent. “Oh, you make it sound like the stocks of big companies will only rise and not drop. And if even I have three or five million yuan, is it going to triple itself after three days?” Shi Lei really didn’t care about the future profits of investing in stocks because he had the Investment Card. None of the companies were as amazing as that card.

Wei Xingyue’s eyes widened. “Are you stupid? Who told you that you can’t invest in short sales? Don’t you know there’s a thing called ‘margin trading’? Even if the stocks dropped, you can still earn from them.”

Shi Lei scratched his head. “Is there something like that? Tell me about it.”
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