Chapter 306 - The Black Card Rule Number 5

Chapter 306 - The Black Card Rule Number 5

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Shi Lei smiled slightly, since he knew what the Scepter meant.

“But isn’t this within the rules? So I achieved a super worthy deal today, no matter what. I also think that this deal exceeded all the other excellent deals I previously made.”

The Scepter snorted, which sounded odd with its androgynous voice.

“Although it’s not calculation day yet and I won’t receive a reward for this deal, can you tell me its level? I had a five star plus one last time, so is this one six stars or higher?”

“Stupid marmot, five star is the highest level, so how can there be six stars? All the deals that exceed the level of five stars are called five star plus level consumptions.”

“Then what kind of reward I can receive today? I had two chances to draw the prize at the five star level, so wouldn’t it be at least four times or more at the five star plus level?”

The Scepter laughed coldly. “Because the level two employee intentionally guided the consumption, I cannot tell you the result of the evaluation.”

“Hey, can you stop been so unreasonable? What do you mean by “intentionally guiding”? If it is within the rules, then it should be allowed. You can’t just not admit it as if it never happened before!” Shi Lei panicked.

The Scepter didn’t display its short temper, instead speaking at the speed of a snail. “Since the level two employee knows that a consumption like this has never happened before, then he should know that his actions would make us change and adjust the rules again. It’s good enough that we didn’t charge you for service fees.”

Shi Lei picked his nose. “Ah, it would be nice if you stop being so proud.”

“Do you have anything else to ask? If not, eject the card.”

Shi Lei smiled. “The Investment Card can check the outcome of any deals so, if the stock I check will drop after setting the time frame to a week, but it can be used margin trading, then can I make a short sale?”

The Scepter obviously froze for a second, but then immediately replied, “Oh, improvement? You even know about short sales now. I thought it would take you at least half a year to think about that.”

Shi Lei’s face darkened. No one would ever feel good about being exposed.

“As long as it is within normal investments, whether it’s short or long sales, it is within the scope of investment.”

Shi Lei immediately felt relieved and smiled again. “Then what if I want to play with the stock market index?”

“Wow! What is this? You even know about that! Congratulations, level two employee! You are not an idiot of the investment world anymore!”

“Cut the bullshit and answer my question!” Shi Lei raged.

The Scepter yawned and actually answered in an annoyed manner. “The legality of all investments are the same because the laws all belong to the country the level two employee resides in.”

Shi Lei froze. Did the Scepter just answer his question? But he quickly realized something.

If it was according to the laws of his residing country, it meant that it wasn’t allowed because it was illegal in China.

“So I can buy stocks from any island or country, but not the indexes?”

The Scepter yawned again without a reply.

Shi Lei thought that it was now impossible to make his funds multiply quickly, but since he could make short sales at least three times each month—well, four times now, after he discovered that loophole in investing. Hence, Shi Lei now had an extra chance to use the Investment Card. And he wouldn’t waste any of these four chances.

This month, Shi Lei had already used the card to check two stocks and did not gain any benefits from it. He then used another chance on Zhen Xu’s company. He had initially already finished using all three chances, but after he received the extra chance, he had clearly asked if it would be valid this month, meaning that he would have one more chance.

Shi Lei had about 140,000 yuan in private funds, which came from his investment in Zhen Xu’s company, since he used the Black Card’s 100,000 yuan to buy office supplies. Shi Lei had been too busy to learn more about investments recently. Now that he knew he could make short sales, he could use the 140,000 yuan for that.

Except, how could he solve the problem of basic funds requirement? No stock office would agree to let him play with merely 140,000 yuan. Wei Xingyue said that no matter how small the office was, the requirement for margin trading was at least 500,000 yuan or above. The majority required funds over two million.

Did he really have to use Chen Yanü’s name to borrow leverage?


Shi Lei suddenly noticed a small problem and immediately asked, “Am I allowed to use the leverage the office provides when I invest with my own money?”

“No! The level two employee must invest with his own money,” the Scepter replied coldly.

Shi Lei frowned, but he didn’t give up. “But I remember that the fourth rule of the Black Card is to invest with my own money, but that I am allowed to use the Black Card’s money as guarantee. Put simply, leverage is borrowing an amount of money, so it shouldn’t be against the rules if I use the money as guarantee.”

“Payment extensions for investment is completely different from borrowing the Black Card’s money to invest. Level two employee, the noble me will warn you again. Don’t try to challenge the Black Card’s rules.”

Shi Lei was upset. He had to admit that what the Scepter said was reasonable. He didn’t need any movement in funds when he used the Black Card’s money as guarantee to invest in Zhen Xu. However, the stock office needed cash or check of the same value for the deal if he wanted a leverage. This was the obvious difference between the two.

“So I can only use the 140,000 yuan I have left for either long or short sales. Fine. Although it’s not very efficient, it’s better than wasting the opportunity.” Shi Lei understood that he had to make the office lower the requirement for the funds if he wanted to make deals in margin trading.

Shi Lei believed that he could do this. Since the crazy woman who was waiting for wine upstairs had approached him with ulterior motives, then shouldn’t she pay the price?

Shi Lei smiled cunningly.

“You can earn from falls, and that’s more than enough for you. Do you have any other questions? Eject the card if you don’t.” The Scepter was obviously impatient.

Shi Lei waved his hand. “Last question. Why is there a corresponding scenario with every single card I draw from you? Don’t tell me you and the Black Card arranged all of them?”

The Scepter fell silent after Shi Lei’s question. The shining gold scepter on the screen even forgot to keep spinning.

After a long time, the Scepter finally sighed and said, “The Black Card raises the possibility of the occurrence of events related to the cards the level two employee draws to a certain degree, but it’s impossible to make any of the events happen.”

Shi Lei snapped his fingers. “In other words, it’s possible for Wei Ye to know of the Black Card and you, the noble Scepter, and the fact that I have these cards?” Shi Lei sounded extremely ironic when he said “the noble Scepter.”

“The Black Card Rule Number 5: Other than the owner of the Black Card, there is definitely no second person who knows about the Black Card’s existence, and the existence of a second person definitely will not be allowed in the universe.”
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