Chapter 310 - New Way to Spend Money

Chapter 310 - New Way to Spend Money

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Wang Kaiming said he wanted to go to the bathroom, and Jiang Yuan went with him.

After informing Wang Kaiming about Shi Lei’s request, Wang Kaiming was silent for a long time. He didn’t understand why wealthy people had to make something simple so complex.

“Young Master Jiang, that’s really out of the norm. My office’s basic requirement isn’t that high at 500,000 yuan, and the majority of the other offices ask for a million to start. My company also has enough faith in our clients as soon as we receive 500,000 yuan to our account. The other companies may even double check other areas after they receive the payment.”

Jiang Yuan also shook his head in confusion and sighed, “I don’t know what he’s thinking, either. But rules are made to be broken. Manager Wang, shouldn’t you be able to decide on this? I know that it’s hard to believe Shi Lei when he only has about 100,000 yuan in his account, but it isn’t impossible to operate, right?”

Wang Kaiming replied without a choice, “Since Young Master Jiang spoke, I will definitely do it. Except… ah… nevermind, perhaps Young Master Shi has his own plan.”

Jiang Yuan smiled and patted his shoulder, “I will talk to Xiaohua and have him give your office as much as possible.”

Wang Kaiming immediately beamed, “Then I shall thank Young Master Jiang in advance.”

Jiang Yuan waved his hand and returned to the room with Wang Kaiming.

It was almost dinner after a moment of chatting. Naturally, Wang Kaiming wanted to treat Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan, but both of them declined the offer nicely.

Wang Kaiming repeatedly invited them for dinner, but both of said that they already had plans with Shi Lei, along with a few other friends. Wang Kaiming understood that these two didn’t want to dine with him. Business was business, private relationships were private relationships. Hence he left without pressuring them any further.

Shi Lei left early to get his car and when Wang Kaiming left, he saw Shi Lei driving his Maserati. Wang Kaiming joked, “Young Master Shi, did you borrow this too?”

Shi Lei coughed awkwardly, “I borrowed the car last time, I bought this one with loans.”

Wang Kaiming was speechless. Did he really have to emphasis his loans? He seized this opportunity to talk to Shi Lei about what Jiang Yuan asked him. He spoke, “Young Master Jiang talked to me about your request and I will finish working on the paperwork tomorrow morning. Without any accidents, you should be able to start margin trading tomorrow. If you have problems, just call me and I will sort everything out for you. Although your request is hard, but we must make sure that there is more than 100,000 yuan of funds in your account for trades. I can’t report it if it’s any lower than that.”

Shi Lei quickly replied, “Rest assured, I definitely have 100,000 yuan and won’t make your job difficult. Thank you so much, Manager Wang.”

Wang Kaiming expressed his modesty while Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan walked out.

Shi Lei didn’t know about the situation and suggested at his convenience as he thought that he should thank Wang Kaiming for helping him, “Have dinner with us if you are free.”

“No, no, it’s fine. I still have some business to attend to.” Wang Kaiming understood that Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan declined his offer because they didn’t want to hang out with him.

Wang Kaiming knew that parking was difficult around here, so he hadn’t drove. Shi Lei offered to drive him back to his office as it was on the way to the restaurant.

On the way to Wang Kaiming’s office, Li Xiaoyu called, asking if Shi Lei wanted her to prepare anything in advance, but Shi Lei said that he would be there in twenty minutes.

Although it was through the phone, Wang Kaiming heard the conversation clearly. There was no place around Mount Qinglong other than Wuwei Lounge if you were speaking about restaurants with that kind of service. Ignoring himself, only his big boss had the membership card to the lounge out of everyone in his company.

He looked at the Maserati; although it wasn’t too expensive, it also cost around two million.

Shi Lei could enter Wuwei Lounge and drive a two million yuan car, yet he wanted special exemption from the half-million yuan starter requirement. It certainly was difficult to figure out what wealthy children thought.

After turning around a few corners and driving Wang Kaiming to the front of his office, Hu Xiaohua spoke up, “Shi Lei, you are driving a Maserati and going to Wuwei, you shouldn’t be short on that 100,000 yuan, right? Do you really have to owe a favor to Wang Kaiming just for margin trading?”

Shi Lei twitched his lips. “I’m really broke, ok? I spent all the money I earned on this car.”

“Damn, then we feel bad making you treat us tonight. We wanted to find somewhere else for other activities after dinner,” Hu Xiaohua laughed.

Jiang Yuan also teased, “Shi Lei, drive slower, let me see if I have enough money on me. It’ll be trouble if we eat at Wuwei, but can’t afford to pay the bill.”

Shi Lei glared at them, “Are you doing this on purpose? Be careful, I might drive to a safety island if I’m upset.”

They laughed and decided to stop as they pretended what Shi Lei said was a joke.

Although they all knew that Shi Lei had an ordinary family background, since he was friends with people like Wei Qing and Song Miaomiao, Shi Lei should have his own business here in Wudong. Obviously he wouldn’t be wealthier than any of them, but a project worth a few 100,000 yuan shouldn’t be a problem for Shi Lei, it’s just that his family couldn’t keep up with Shi Lei’s developments just yet.

As to why Shi Lei only took 100,000 to 200,000 yuan for margin trading, Jiang Yuan and Hu Xiaohua thought between themselves that perhaps Shi Lei had a new project and was making some investments. However, the money belonged to the company and he could put the spendings for food and other personal consumption under the company, but he could not take the company’s money out, hence he didn’t have many funds he could use.

Their guess was half correct; Shi Lei indeed couldn’t take too much money out, but it was definitely not because Shi Lei had some sort of company.

They opened a bottle of wine from Chateau Cheval Blanc that costed Shi Lei about 20,000 yuan.

After they finished dinner, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan wanted to take Shi Lei out for fun. Shi Lei didn’t understand what they meant, but realized that it was a nightclub after he followed them there.

There were women of different body shapes and the only common feature to them was that they were all above 170 cm tall. With high heels, they were almost as tall as Shi Lei. Jiang Yuan was the shortest out of all three of them, yet he picked the tallest girl.

Shi Lei felt anxious; he had never came to this kind of place before but quickly, he realized that the girls here only accepted hugs and did nothing overboard. They mainly played games and drank alcohol, the girls were in charge of drinking with them and making them happy. Basically, they paid the girls to be treated like a young master.

They paid 20,000 yuan tips each, and Hu Xiaohua paid in advance as he didn’t want Shi Lei to pay again.

Shi Lei asked about the bill. The room and alcohol costed a little over 200,000 yuan, they gave 10,000 yuan tips to the two waiters and the manager, whilst they gave the girls 20,000 yuan each, which added up to the sum of 300,000 yuan. It seemed like a better way to spend money and it was much more efficient than going to the bar.

Shi Lei thought that he was too naive. But honestly, he didn’t feel comfortable in this kind of environment. He felt like he was going to a brothel in ancient China.

But at least he knew that there was somewhere more appropriate when treating rich friends like Hu Xiaohua.
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