Chapter 313 - Wildlife Park

Chapter 313 - Wildlife Park

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When Shi Lei was eating, Hu Xiaohua called.

He had drank too much the day before and hadn’t called Hu Xiaohua. However, his attention was all on his investments this morning and he hadn’t been in the mood to contact them, knowing that Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were still in Wudong.

They came here for business in the first place and they had to talk with more than one brokerage office.

“Hey, Brother Xiaohua, don’t you need to talk to another one today?” Because Hu Xiaohua insisted, Shi Lei changed his way of addressing Hu Xiaohua as Young Master Hu to Brother Xiaohua.

“I talked to two yesterday and one this morning, I’m done with the mission my Dad gave me. Are you free in the afternoon? Wanna go to the wildlife park?”

Shi Lei frowned, and thought that the Black Card’s impact was really great. Shi Lei had paid careful attention to Wei Xingyue’s invitation to go horse riding, and declined the offer as he thought that something would definitely go wrong for him and force him to use the Animal Language Card. Shi Lei wanted to see whether the Black Card wanted to force him to use the card, or was is really like what the Scepter stated, the Black Card only impacted the scenario and Shi Lei had the option to choose whether he use the card or not.

Now that Hu Xiaohua wanted to go to the wildlife park for no particular reason, Shi Lei knew that the Black Card had definitely intervened.

Shi Lei was also curious about how the Black Card could influence an individual’s action.

Although he hadn’t spent too much time with Hu Xiaohua, he knew thatboth Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were more interested in girls, and definitely not animals.

“Haha, Brother Xiaohua, why the wildlife park all of a sudden?”

Before Hu Xiaohua could reply, Jiang Yuan’s voice answered, obviously speaking into the phone from next to Hu Xiaohua, “Haha, Xiaohua said that there’s a chick he’s into and that chick wanted to look at wild tigers! She said there are also a few new llamas at the zoo, so she wants to see them. Well, it can’t be helped, of course Xiaohua has to satisfy a beauty’s request!”

Shi Lei admired the Black Card more and more. It was a perfect excuse. It utilized Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan’s interest in girls and there was no forced signs of its influence on them. But, after they arrived at the park, what would happen?

“You speak too much!” Hu Xiaohua complained to Jiang Yuan before returning to the phone. “Don’t mind Yuan. I got to know her through a live streaming website and we’ve stayed in contact for a long time. She goes to university in Wudong, so I thought that we could meet today. Her other two friends are coming along and they shouldn’t look too bad. I thought that I shouldn’t waste the chance and let our own people have it.”

Shi Lei couldn’t help but to look at Sun Yiyi when he heard this. Although he wasn’t going to agree, he still felt awkward.

He waved his phone at Sun Yiyi before walking to the front of the restaurant, “I’m with my girlfriend right now. You can go with Brother Yuan.”

“Right…” Hu Xiaohua obviously covered the mike with his hands as he probably informed Jiang Yuan about the situation.

Then, Shi Lei heard Jiang Yuan’s voice over the phone, “Haha, it’s good for me then! Xiaohua wants to look loyal and innocent, and you have your girl, I don’t mind have having two. Shitou, if you are free, come hang out with us. Xiaohua and I are going back to Runzhou in two days and if you don’t come, we definitely won’t have time to meet up with you tomorrow. Hehe, you know what I mean…”

Shi Lei could only tell them that he had to seek his girlfriend’s opinion first.

After returning to his table, Shi Lei asked, “Yiyi, I have two friends who came from Runzhou and they want me to take them to the wildlife park this afternoon.”

Sun Yiyi placed her chopsticks down and nodded tamely, “You friends are important. It’s fine, I’ll go home by myself after lunch.”

“I’m not telling you to go home, I just wanted to ask if you are interested in tigers. Oh, right, they said the zoo has a few new cao……” Shi Lei suddenly realized that the nickname was inappropriate and changed to its real name, “Oh, llamas.”

Sun Yiyi’s eyes immediately shone, “Oh my god, llamas are really cute……”

“Do you want to go with me then?”

“Wouldn’t that be inconvenient for you?” Sun Yiyi felt awkward.

“Not at all.” Shi Lei didn’t mind it. “But my two friends are both rich second generations. One of them is the son of the biggest real estate company owner in Runzhou, and the other one is the son of an extremely big strata company. They are both bringing dates and one of them is bringing two.”

Sun Yiyi nodded, “It’s fine. I’m going for the llamas, what they are has nothing to do with me.”

Shi Lei smiled, “Then I’ll give them a call to let them know.”

Sun Yiyi gazed at Shi Lei when he walked out, feeling alone. She muttered to herself, “There are always so many pretty girls crowded around wealthy people. Brother Shitou will have them, too. So, I will get used to this kind of situation. As long as you treat me well, the girls can come…”

If Shi Lei had heard what Sun Yiyi said, he would definitely have fallen down. Sun Yiyi was a rather conservative girl, but Shi Lei would have never imagined her to be so open-minded all of a sudden.

They arranged to meet in front of the park. Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi headed straight to the northern outskirts of the city after lunch.

They were far from the park, and Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were already there.

Because they had to drive a long distance, they drove a SUV and Audi Q7, which were suitable at about a million in price.

In the eyes of the ordinary working class, a car over a million was already outstanding. Plus Hu Xiaohua built his relationship with the girls by donating, so the three girls felt quite satisfied when Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan arrived to pick them up. Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan weren’t the best looking men, but they were dressed in brands from head to toe, and they weren’t middle aged men, the seventy points for looks immediately rose to ninety.

After Hu Xiaohua said that they had another friend coming, the other two girls immediately had plans in their heads.

Someone could hang out with these kind of rich second generations must be around the same level and age. If they could be their girlfriends, why would they bother with streaming where they could barely earn anything?

The two girls initially felt lost, as they didn’t know how to approach Jiang Yuan together. Now that they heard someone else was coming, then it was easy. They exchanged a glance at each other and came to a mutual decision that as long as the last person to come didn’t look horrendous, then they would take one each.

Because they were afraid of unable to find each other, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan took the other girls and waited for Shi Lei in the car park.

It wasn’t the weekend, and there weren’t too many people here. When Shi Lei drove into the car park, he immediately saw Hu Xiaohua and the four others.

When he looked for a parking spot, Shi Lei glanced at the girls and they indeed looked quite nice. But Shi Lei had been around too many better-looking women lately and become immune to looks, so these girls looked rather ordinary.

Hu Xiaohua smiled as he saw Shi Lei’s Maserati. “He’s here!” The three girls’ eyes immediately lit up when they saw the renowned trident logo on the front of the car.
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