Chapter 315 - Drive Towards the Beast Zone

Chapter 315 - Drive Towards the Beast Zone

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They went past by deer and monkey island. When they arrived at the newly built llama building, the girls became extremely excited.

It wasn’t like the zoo in the city; the visitors here could interact with the animals closely, especially tame ones like the llamas.

All the llamas were washed cleanly and stood there eating quietly. They chewed heavily and occasionally sneezed, and even Shi Lei couldn’t help but smile at them.

The four girls’ motherly instincts were awoken as their eyes shone brightly. It was only at this moment that all three girls acted the same as Sun Yiyi. They crowded around the llamas and touched them. Shi Lei and the others shook their heads, not understanding why the girls were so excited about animals that ignored their existences.

Jiang Yuan even joked, “See, we aren’t even as good as three cao ni ma. (1)”

Hu Xiaohua glared at him, but couldn’t help but laugh. Shi Lei twitched his lips and spoke helplessly, “Brother Yuan, can we please use the actual name? That sounds so weird.”

Jiang Yuan laughed out loud.

Sun Yiyi passed the food to allama and it rolled the food into its mouth with its tongue. Slimy and warm saliva filled Sun Yiyi’s hands; she was intimidated, but excited at the same time.

The four girls took turns feeding the llamas, but one of the llamas wasn’t so lucky. No matter how hard it tried, it could never eat any of the food in the girls’ hands. It panicked and suddenly spat at the girls.

The four girls’ faces were all sprayed with llama spit. They jumped in shock and hid behind the three men.

It was only at this time that the men’s existences were recognized.

“How can it spit at people!” Sun Yiyi took out tissues and wiped her delicate face. The worried expression on her face made Shi Lei smile.

“It panicked because it couldn’t eat any of the food. It’s like how dogs would bite, and cats would claw you if they are panicking. Llama’s attack is spitting.”

“So dirty! It’s so annoying, It’s not like we aren’t giving them food, how is it my fault that it can’t squish to the front to eat?”

Everyone laughed at the girls’ complaints as they left. As soon as they came out, Sun Yiyi rushed to change her display picture on WeChat to a photo with the llama. She despised the llama for spitting on her, but it didn’t stop her from loving its cute and stupid looks.

“Let’s go to the beast zone.”

Shi Lei’s heart skipped a beat. Wudong Wildlife Park’s system was rather simple; lions, tigers, and leopards were all in the same area. If visitors wanted to visit them, they must ride a tourist car, as it was forbidden to walk on foot.

Theoretically speaking, it was impossible for big predators like this to stay in the area without problems. But it also demonstrated that the so-called wildlife was just a promotion. If they were really wild, not to mention that the lions and leopards could stay in the same area at the same time, it was even difficult for two tigers of the same sex to stay in the same area peacefully. The so called “one mountain can only have one tiger” described this situation perfectly.

If the lions, tigers, and leopards could remain in the same area in peace, it meant that they weren’t really “wild” anymore. They were tamed by humans, and the only potential dangers were the size and attacks of the beasts. But in reality, it was almost unthinkable for these beasts to initiate an attack.

No matter what, since they were beasts, they were dangerous, and visitors had to follow the rules and go inside in a bus.

The majority of the people came here to visit these hard to see beasts, so even if it wasn’t the weekend and there weren’t many people here, there was still a long queue lining up for the tourist bus.

Luckily one bus could fit many people, and there were plenty of buses. Although the line seemed long, it was Shi Lei’s turn after only two were filled.

Before they got on the bus, Hu Xiaohua warned them, “Thebeasts are tamed so they won’t attack easily, they may not even come close to the bus. But they are still dangerous, so, don’t stick your body parts out of the windows when you are inside the bus no matter what. Don’t try to feed them like llamas or monkeys. If anything happens, no one can help us.”

Everyone nodded as they knew that Hu Xiaohua was speaking for their own safety.

The bus drove up slowly, stopped, and everyone got into the bus in an orderly fashion with the help of the staff.

After Shi Lei and the others sat down, Sun Yiyi was worried, “Brother Shitou, would the tigers really attack our cars? This bus doesn’t look very secure. Isn’t this just a normal bus in the amusement parks? It’s empty on the sides without even glass. IIf the tigers come for us, we…”

Shi Lei pinched Sun Yiyi’s delicate nose and mimicked the sound of the tiger as he spoke mysteriously, “Don’t worry, I can speak the tiger’s language. If a tiger really come for us, I can talk to it and tell it to let us go.”

Sun Yiyi obviously didn’t believe it, but relaxed more because of his words. She felt like the zoo must’ve considered the safety problems since the zoo made this decision.

When the bus was about to leave, a few people began an argument with the driver.

The driver asked the tourists to sit down and buckle their seatbelts, the driver didn’t even know how many times he had repeated these instructions. Although the wording was different than what Hu Xiaohua used, it had basically the same meaning as he emphasized the same points.

But there were people who didn’t listen to him. The driver was saying not to stick their head or hands outside the bus, but a woman out of the group stood up. She not only stretched her arms outside the bus, but half of her body as well.

The driver obviously stopped her from doing so as he sensed potential danger. But the woman spoke up indifferently, “What’s so dangerous? The bus hasn’t started moving, has it? We aren’t even in the zone yet, what’s wrong with taking a selfie in the bus?”

Everyone noticed that the woman was holding a selfie stick. She was standing up with half of her body outside the window as she wanted to include as much of the bus as possible in the background.

The driver warned her nicely, but the man next to the woman began to curse impatiently. He blamed the driver for minding too much of their business and being overly nervous before they even entered the beast zone.

“Exactly! It’s not our first time here. Not to mention here, even if we go in, it’s not that dangerous. You listen to too much of what the park says. I’m telling you, those tigers’ teeth are all extracted and it’s impossible for them to harm us. They don’t even dare to come near this bus!”

Those two finally sat down after the persuasion of the other tourists. After the driver finished giving instructions, he glanced at them deeply before starting the bus.

Sun Yiyi frowned and whispered, “Is it true? All the tigers and lions’ teeth are extracted?”

“How is that possible? How do they eat meat without teeth?” Shi Lei was speechless at the woman’s nonsense.
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