Chapter 320 - All Trash

Chapter 320 - All Trash

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Shi Lei thought that he should quickly end it as it was pointless to drag it on.

Shi Lei hopped towards the three men who were laying on the ground and kicked one of them. That man slid away on the ground and stopped about three meters away from his original spot.

The ground was concrete and forgetting about how hard Shi Lei’s kick was, this guy would be in so much pain just from scraping the ground.

Shi Lei did the same to the second man, and he slid away, too.

The third guy was horrified. He half crawled and rolled while yelling, “Don’t kick, don’t kick! I’ll roll over by myself!”

Shi Lei was amused by the scene. Could you be any more cowardly than that?

But even so, Shi Lei chased after him and stepped on his back.

This time, the man wasn’t thrown away, but pressed into the ground hard. His head struck the ground and he fainted without another word.

Shi Lei didn’t forget about the other three men. The first man was the idiot who Shi Lei slapped on the bus. The other two had only swallowed some dirt from Shi Lei’s elbow attack, but they hadn’t lost their ability to fight yet. Shi Lei stated clearly that he would make all eight men lose the ability to fight.

While Shi Lei took care of the others, these three had already climbed back up from the ground. The situation had changed too quickly and like a gust of wind, five of their companions couldn’t even get up anymore.

The three of then stood next to each other and shivered. The idiot from the bus pointed at Shi Lei with shaky hands and yelled out in panic, “What do you want? Don’t come near us! Don’t come -”

Shi Lei had a grim expression as he walked over and lifted up the two guys on the sides who were confused as to what to do.

The tourists from the bus and around the area were all shocked. That was two people who were at least 60 kg each. Shi Lei looked slim; how could he lift two men up at the same time?

Shi Lei yelled, “Fuck off!” He waved his arms and the men were flung into a nearby rubbish bin.

Although they flew from different directions, but they crashed into each other at the same time. The rubbish bin fell over and they became one with the trash.

The idiot from before was completely frozen. Was Shi Lei even human? He was a hulk! But even if you were, why didn’t you transform into a hulk first? Was it really fine for you to be as strong as a hulk with a professor’s body?

The man could no longer control his knees as he knelt on the ground heavily and screamed in despair, “Bro, I was wrong! Please let me go!”

Shi Lei hit the neck of the man with his palm. How could he let him go now?

The man fell back, unconscious. Shi Lei didn’t let him go because of this. His friends were all injured, he couldn’t just bleed slightly in his mouth and that was it.

When the man fell down, Shi Lei kicked him on the waist at the same time.

The idiot flew out horizontally and crashed into the fallen trash container. He smashed heavily down and was covered in rubbish.

Shi Lei clapped the dirt off his hands and checked the time on his phone. Hmm, one more minute left. This meant that he used about eight minutes to make eight people lose their ability to fight completely.

The crowd was dumbfounded. What was that? Possessed by Bruce Lee? He beat up eight people so easily? Wasn’t this the kind of scene that could only be seen in the movies?

Messy footsteps sounded and five or six policemen rushed over. One of them was a level three police inspector with two silver straps on his epaulette.

The polices were extremely nervous when they saw people laying on the ground. They didn’t know the situation and only knew that two young masters from Runzhou were threatened. Now that they saw people laying on the floor, they didn’t know which party they belonged to.

When they ran over, they just happened to see Shi Lei throw the man into the rubbish bin. They all crowded around Shi Lei in unison and the level three police even yelled, “Don’t move! Stay there!”

The crowd exploded in dissatisfaction. Although the majority of these tourists didn’t know the cause of this fight, they stood on Shi Lei’s side when they saw eight people with weapons wanted to fight one person.

Not to mention that the police came late, they even told Shi Lei to not move. How couldn’t them be angry?

“What kind of police are you!?”

“It’s useless to be protected by these police!”

“You weren’t here when he fought eight people, now you are here after he won already!”

“You came, yet you yelled at the good man…!”

“Exactly! What the hell! Such a waste of your uniform.”...

The polices exchanged glances at each other and didn’t understand how things turned out to be like this.

Hu Xiaohua also received a phone call and was informed that the local policemen were on the way here. The chief of the police station came himself, his surname was Zhao.

Hu Xiaohua quickly hung up and glanced at the police. He saw the level three policeman and assumed that it was Chief Zhao. He immediately walked towards him.

The police also realized by now that Shi Lei wasn’t the one who started the fight, according to the crowd’s reactions.

Chief Zhao nodded at Shi Lei, “Who called the police?” He thought that since the two young masters found him through their connections, they must know what he meant.

Hu Xiaohua quickly waved his hands, “I did. This is my friend. Those people had knives and a baseball bat with them. If it wasn’t for my friend, I’m afraid we would all be in trouble today!”

Chief Zhao quickly lifted his head up to look at Shi Lei. He saw a young man with an unusual demeanor walking towards him, and knew that he was probably one of the two young masters.

No matter how wealthy these young masters’ families were, the Chief didn’t pay too much attention to it. But the people whom they had connections with were close with the Chief. Their mutual friend mentioned specifically that the young masters didn’t start the fight, and the other party were just people in a gang, anyways. Even if no one told him, this was easy to solve. Hu Xiaohua also stated clearly that the other party used weapons, and naturally that meant things would lean to one side.

“You are…?” Chief Zhao used polite language subconsciously.

Hu Xiaohua stopped in front of Chief Zhao and stretched his hands out, “Hello, I’m Hu Xiaohua, I called the police.”

Chief Zhao heard it and it matched the name. He glanced around him and asked in confusion, “All these people are the ruffians who attacked you?”

Nice, he just called them ruffians straightforwardly! “Yes, they are the ones. There are eight altogether... oh, no, nine including that woman. She’s also with them.”

Chief Zhao immediately ordered the civil police, “Control them!”

Two police immediately walked towards the woman who had yet to figure out what had just happened. As soon as they touched her arm, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “We are the victims! My husband and his friends were all beaten! Catch him!!!”

The police completely ignored her and controlled her.

“We will naturally talk about what happened. If you dare to fight back, we’ll report it as an attack on the police!” Chief Zhao roared at the woman. He turned around to Hu Xiaohua and asked awkwardly, “Mr. Hu, shall we leave here first and talk about what happened?”

Hu Xiaohua nodded, “Let’s go to your police station.”

Chief Zhao waved his hands and ordered his subordinates, “Wake these people up and take them away.”
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