Chapter 325 - I Need to Calm Down

Chapter 325 - I Need to Calm Down

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Shi Lei told the African lions that he had brought the cub back safely. He would return the cub to them and they should stop what they were doing.

The male lion looked at Shi Lei with a confused gaze and roared with its head tilted back. He was asking Shi Lei how he did it.

Shi Lei wasn’t in the mood to explain it to him, but urged the lion in its language, “Don’t ask so much, I’ll send your prince back to you soon. We are in the tiger’s domain right now, and your prince broke the taboo. If you don’t want war with another species, calm down now.”

The lion understood Shi Lei’s words as it growled at the lionesses to stop. A few of them stared at Shi Lei without blinking and watched him as Shi Lei walked towards the lions’ domain.

Shi Lei walked as fast as possible while communicating with the lions in their language.

“Almost there. Be quiet, don’t panic.”

The male lion roared in warning again. It told Shi Lei to not play any tricks and glanced at the three Siberian tigers who were glaring at them intensely, too. The lion’s eyes were filled with worry, as those three tigers were slightly bigger than them.

Shi Lei finally sent the cub back to the lions’ domain and it growled at Shi Lei in a low tone. The male lion waited until the cub ran in front of it and raised its paw unexpectedly, smacking the cub to the ground.

It then roared at the cub furiously, like a parent who was scolding a naughty child.

The cub lowered its head and scrunched its face together. It probably knew that it almost made something really bad happen, and it took the king’s scolding tamely, without daring to move.

The king of the lions stretched out its front paw again and pushed the cub in front of Shi Lei, letting out a long bellow.

The cub stood up, shook its messy fur and waddled up in front of Shi Lei. It stood up like a puppy as it put its front two paws on Shi Lei and licked the back of Shi Lei’s hands with its raspy pink tongue.

Shi Lei laughed as he patted the lion cub’s head. Of course, he could still understand the king’s language. He had finished scolding the cub and smacked the cub over to thank Shi Lei.

A few syllables escaped the king’s mouth, and he let out a loud noise from his nose. He looked around and all the lionesses followed after him.

Then, the pride all raised their heads and let out a blaring roar together.

At this moment, everyone understand that the king was thanking Shi Lei, along with his pride, despite not understanding them.

Shi Lei laughed and spoke again. He waved his hands and informed them that he was leaving.

Under the leadership of the king, all the lions followed after Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi as they escorted them away.

Sun Yiyi looked at Shi Lei curiously, and felt that she could no longer understand the Brother Shi Lei whom she had grown up with. How could he talk to lions and tigers? Although it looked extremely dangerous, in reality, it was quite the opposite, as Shi Lei easily solved the problems which the animals trainers at the park couldn’t even handle.

The cub became full of energy again. It ran around Sun Yiyi and Shi Lei in circles and Sun Yiyi looked at the cub softly.

Shi Lei knew that he still had some time left. He spoke a few words to the cub; the cub seemed hesitant, but the king roared again.

The cub shivered and ran up next to Sun Yiyi unwillingly. It reached out its paws for Sun Yiyi’s leg, just like it had done for Shi Lei.

Sun Yiyi froze for a moment, but subconsciously reached out to pat the cub’s head.

The cub dodged her hand, but it was also afraid that its father would be angry, so it eventually put its head under Sun Yiyi’s palm.

Sun Yiyi laughed happily as she touched the soft fur.

Eventually, the cub also licked Sun Yiyi’s palm lightly with its small pink tongue and Sun Yiyi immediately cried in joy.

Under the escort of the pride, Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi returned to the safety area without any danger.

The park owner saw this and quickly ordered the staff to close all the entrances and exits to the beast zone, and strengthen the fencing between them.

When Shi Lei walked towards the crowd, the three tigers in their domain also formed a line and growled lowly.

Shi Lei had already lost his ability to talk to them and no longer comprehended their words. But he could still understand that the tigers were thanking him, as he helped them to avoid a fight. If it wasn’t for Shi Lei, those three tigers would definitely have had to fight the lions.

Shi Lei stopped and waved his hands at the tigers. The tigers saw his response and leaped back, disappearing into the bushes.

After the lions and tigers quieted down, the leopards were no longer irritated. The entire beast zone finally returned to its usual peaceful state.

The park owner, who Chief Zhao addressed as Old Yuan, brought his subordinates with him and grabbed Shi Lei’s hands tightly as he thanked Shi Lei continuously.

Chief Zhao wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and expressed his appreciation earnestly, “Mr. Shi, thank you so much for today. You can talk to these animals, and it’s amazing.”

Shi Lei smiled as he knew that it was everyone’s question, too. He explained, “Actually, animals don’t have enough sounds to create their own language, they are using their sounds to express their simple meanings subconsciously. It’s the same with all mammals, it’s not too hard if you use your heart to explore it. I was just telling them to stay calm and don’t panic, they then understood I was there to help them solve the problem. The main thing was to show them my good intentions. Animals actually know that humans are much stronger than them, especially the ones who are restrained in a place like this.”

Although the crowd couldn’t really understand it, they all nodded.

After putting up with some chatter, the crowd gradually left. Chief Zhao didn’t forget to notify the armed forces that they no longer needed to come, as the problem was all solved.

“Mr. Shi, your cars should still be here, I shall go back first. I’m afraid that I must report to the upper levels after this huge incident. No matter what, thank you for today and I will penalize them seriously, especially after something so severe happened due to them throwing the piece of meat outside. If you come here to play again, remember to contact me and I’ll treat you guys.”

Shi Lei smiled his agreement as he exchanged phone numbers with Chief Zhao, and Chief Zhao rushed back to the station with the other police.

At this time, Hu Xiaohua slapped Shi Lei heavily on the shoulder. He sounded half amazed and half amused, “Damn, you can talk to tigers and lions? It’s sick!”

Shi Lei smiled, “I’m just lucky.”

“Forget about it. I won’t believe in the so-called luck anymore. You went in with 100% confidence knowing you could solve it. You are awesome!” Jiang Yuan added on the side, without believing Shi Lei’s words.

The park wanted them to stay, as Owner Li wanted to treat Shi Lei and the others to lunch to express his appreciation. However, Shi Lei and Hu Xiaohua rejected the kind offer.

Jiang Yuan threw the car key in the air and caught it, “Since it’s my car, then I’ll go pick the girls up. You guys go with Xiaohua. Let’s go drink! Damn! Today is such an intense day! I need to calm down.”
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