Chapter 328 - The Owner of Yu

Chapter 328 - The Owner of Yu

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Shi Lei insisted on driving Sun Yiyi home before heading toward Yu, where Wei Xingyue had taken him last time.

It wasn’t that he was really afraid of Song Miaomiao’s threat, because it was useless. Otherwise, Shi Lei would’ve gotten there within twenty minutes.

It was because he knew that he couldn’t have the same feeling again after Er’jie and Song Miaomiao’s two consecutive interruptions.

If he and Sun Yiyi were older and married, they would’ve had sex if they wanted to. But since they were both new to it, they needed the correct mood and atmosphere.

Well, even old married couples may not agree to this statement, since there were situations when they wanted to, but their child was standing next to the bed saying that he wouldn’t sleep unless it was with his parents.

Shi Lei’s phone continued to ring on his way to Yu. Even the driver was annoyed. “You should pick up. I think it’s something urgent. What if something happened?”

Shi Lei considered it for a while, but turned it off instead.

After he paid and looked at Yu’s front entrance, he felt strange.

Surprisingly, Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao had almost the exact same taste, such as Wuwei Lounge, or this place.

When he entered, Shi Lei ignored Song Miaomiao’s yells and discovered another common interest between them when he saw the alcohol.

After Shi Lei sat down, he took out his phone and called Wei Xingyue.

As soon as the call connected, Wei Xingyue was about to tease him, asking whether he missed her or not, but he suddenly said out of the blue, “You and Song Miaomiao should just be different gendered sisters.”

Wei Xingyue froze and stopped smiling, thinking that Song Miaomiao had returned to her normal state and was looking for trouble with Shi Lei.

“Did Song Miaomiao come to Wudong? Is she looking for trouble?”

Shi Lei glared at Song Miaomiao, who hadn’t stopped talking after he entered, and waved his fist. Quickly remembering Shi Lei’s fighting skills, Song Miaomiao finally shut her mouth.

“Mhm, she’s here, but she doesn’t have the guts to cause trouble. If I wanted to lie to her intentionally, I could’ve gotten her in my bed twice with her IQ. She can’t look for trouble here.”

“Haha…” Wei Xingyue was amused and relaxed. “Then what was that random sentence for?”

“Look, the reason why I know this disastrous woman is because of you and that is one of the reasons. Second, it’s because you took me to Wuwei and got me the membership qualification there that I invited Brother Yu and Wei Qing out to eat and saw this evil woman for the second time. Third, guess where she planned to eat today.”

Wei Xingyue was smart and laughed. “Yu? She definitely asked for Juyondai.”

“So that’s exactly why I suggested you two to be sisters. There won’t be a need for the two of you to bother me one after another.”

“You just got there, right? Alright, I’ll go now.” Wei Xingyue got up with a cheeky smile.

“For what?”

“I’ll listen to you and become sworn sisters with her.” Wei Xingyue hung up and Shi Lei looked at Song Miaomiao gloomily.

Luckily, her hair was still short, so he didn’t have to worry about that damned verbal contract.

“What are you bringing Wei Xingyue here for?”

“Didn’t you want to sleep with her? I’m giving you a chance!” Shi Lei was extremely upset.

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes and pretended to be shy. “You are so annoying. You’re the only one in my heart right now.”

“Do you believe that I’ll kill you?!” Shi Lei’s eyes almost popped out its sockets from how hard he was glowering at her.

Song Miaomiao twitched her lips and pondered. “Although you never have a good attitude toward me, it’s never as bad as today. Did I interrupt something good? Did I interrupt you when you were about to roll into bed with a woman?”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes as hard as possible. Why don’t you go and be a fortune teller? How can you guess that correctly?

Song Miaomiao knew that she had guessed right when she saw his expression. She smiled as she stood up, walked over to him, and grabbed his collar. “Comrade Shi, I’m telling you, you can play around outside, but you are mine. Remember to come home after you’re done playing.”

Shi Lei kicked her furiously, but Song Miaomiao flexibly avoided it. “Hey, you really don’t feel bad, do you? Won’t you sterilize me with that combat ability of yours?”

“Water deliverer, I’ll say this one more time. I have a girlfriend. Don’t mention this shit to me in the future.”

Song Miaomiao giggled and shamelessly rested her head on his shoulder. “Aiyo, I like it like this. You aren’t scared of me at all. Fine, I’m your little water and you are the man. You can have however many houses you want. You just have to have sex with me once a week—”

Shi Lei kicked her away without hesitation.

They finally sat down and Shi Lei asked seriously, “Are you crazy? You always appear and disappear like a ghost. Why are you in Wudong in the middle of the night?”

“Nothing much. I just wanted Japanese food and they said they would wait for me when I called. So here I am. It’s not a long drive, and I can meet up with you.”

Shi Lei ignored her. Song Miaomiao suddenly gave up, speaking again dejectedly, “Fine, I’ll be honest. I missed you. Were you really about to have sex with someone?”

“None of your business…”

Someone knocked on the wooden door as they were speaking and Song Miaomiao said, “Come in. There are no outsiders here.”

The wooden door was pushed open and a young man about twenty years old smiled. “I was scared that you guys had to talk and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to suddenly come in.”

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes. “Don’t bother with your polite words with me here. He scolded me so loudly, so what secrets can we talk about?”

The man laughed as he placed the tray on the table and set out all the sashimi dishes.

“Let me introduce you,” Song Miaomiao said to Shi Lei. “His surname is Yao, the ‘yao’ in ‘zhong yao(1).’ He has an older brother, so we call him ‘Yao Er(2)’ and we never remember his real name. Oh, right, Yao Er, what’s your real name?”

Yao Er smiled and stretched out his hand. “Hello, my name is Yao Jiaping. Just call me Yao Er. It saves me the trouble of people asking what the relationship is between me and Yao Jiaxin.”

Shi Lei shook his hand. “I’m Shi Lei.”

Yao Er nodded and sat down. He pointed at the sashimi. “Have a try. I told my staff to go home and prepared this myself.”

Shi Lei was dumbfounded. “So you opened this restaurant.”

Song Miaomiao picked up a piece of salmon and put it in her mouth. “Yao Er opened this for fun because he likes Japanese cuisine,” she said unclearly. “His main job is selling imported wine. Oh right, if you want wine or western wine, ask him for it. The price is suitable and cuts out the possibility of it being fake.”

Yao Er took out a business card at the right time and passed it to Shi Lei with both hands. “I have a small winery. It’s a small business supported by Shui Ye and some other friends. If Brother Shi has any needs, contact me anytime. Can I perhaps get your WeChat? It’s easier, and I won’t make mistakes that way.”

Shi Lei exchanged WeChat contacts with Yao Er and they chatted while eating.
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