Chapter 34 - Sick Driver

Chapter 34 - Sick Driver

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Shi Lei shoved Zhang Liangling into the taxi and his face was stern.

Zhang Liangliang was still jabbering on and on.

“Dashu, are you the head of a mafia gang? You have to be. That red fur guards the bar there. He was so polite to you, you must be his head, right?”

Shi Lei: “......”

“He wanted to hit up on me before but I ignored him. If I knew he was working under you, although I still look down on him, but I would give you face and let him drink and sing with us.”

Shi Lei: “......”

“Dashu, if you hung out here, how come I’ve never seen you before? Maybe we’ve met a long time ago, like brushing past each other’s shoulders, except at that time I didn’t know you, and you didn’t know me either……”

Again, Shi Lei: “......”

“Dashu, why aren’t you talking! How many bros do you have under you? Are you in charge of the entire bar street? What do you do when there are people making troubles?”

Shi Lei could no longer hold it back and yelled: “Shut up!”

Zhang Liangliang closed her mouth obediently. Except her eyes were twinkling like stars, displaying her admiration for Shi Lei.

Except, the silence only lasted for a minute before Zhang Liangliang asked again: “Dashu, where are you taking me? Are you going to get a room with me? I’m still of ‘original package’, you know. Although I’m usually crazy and things, but I’ve never let any men touch me before……”

Shi Lei had a mental breakdown as this girl’s imagination completely ran wild.

The taxi driver sitting at the front had glanced at them a few times already through the back mirror, Shi Lei could only clenched his teeth and contain his anger and explain patiently: “I’m sending you home.”

Zhang Liangliang was expressionless for a second, but another idea popped up in her mind and she said: “Oh, so you like to do it at the girl’s house…… How do you know my Mum’s not home today……”

Shi Lei grabbed his hair and regretted painfully. If he knew it was going to be like this, he would never butt into her business and drag her out of the bar. Originally, it was none of his business anyway as they were just ordinary strangers who came together by chance and they were not even considered as friends. Except the day when Shi Lei was at her house, he felt sympathetic towards her as she made herself like this for the sake of receiving more attention from her mother.

He was kindhearted for an instant and brought her out of the bar, but now, Shi Lei really regretted it immensely.

After a moment of consideration, Shi Lei decided to make it clear.

“Firstly, I’m not some head of a gang. That red light, and his own subordinates, yellow and green light, only wanted to rob my money, but I resisted vigorously and chased them away. After that, they were afraid to provoke me. Even I wonder who’s dumb enough to find these three as their subordinates. The way they dyed their hair is like traffic lights.”

Zhang Liangliang laughed merrily: “Damn dashu, you are funny. Traffic lights, how did you come up with that? Hahaha, it’s so funny.”

Shi Lei didn’t smile but continued with a straight face: “Second, I’m not planning to get a room with you, not to mention make something happen between us. It’s just that since your mother employed me as your tutor and I saw that you were hanging out with those shady kids, so I planned to send you home.”

“You are only a tutor, so you can’t just interfere with my life?” Zhang Liangliang felt that something was wrong.

Shi Lei ignored her and continued: “Third, do you think the way you are now is cool? Especially after hurting a man who teased you and no one dared to provoke you? That’s only because your mother has a good relationship with the police. The guy who teased you just happened to be a bad one so the police was biased and helped you. Otherwise, your actions would at least keep you in the detention centre about half a year and that’s if you are lucky.”

Zhang Liangliang widened her eyes and became impatient: “Dashu, I thought you were an interesting person before, but I didn’t think that you would be as conservative and inflexible oring like Zhang Meimei. Driver, stop the car, I’m getting off!”

The driver slowed down, turned his head around and looked at Shi Lei. Shi Lei waved his hands and said: “Don’t mind her. Just go to Feng Hua district first.”

Then, Shi Lei looked at Zhang Liangliang and said: “You are at a rebellious age right now. With your family’s situation, you wouldn’t think it’s strange. But you need to understand that when you run out and muddle with those people, you are using the money given by your mother. If it wasn’t for you having enough money to buy drinks for them, do you honestly think you can be fine like this? You would be fuddled and taken to a hotel and you don’t know how many times you would be raped. You are quite lucky that when you just started messing around, someone’s dumb enough to tease you and you hurt him. Your mother used her connections to settle this and even have him sent to the detention centre. But in the end, this is a place for business and amiability makes one rich so you didn’t really meet anyone that bad. But, I can be responsible and tell you that if you continue to do this, you will be at disadvantage. When that time comes, it doesn’t matter how much connections your mother has, it can’t prevent what has already happened. You think I’m trying to lecture you, you think that your mother doesn’t care about you. But if she really didn’t care, why would she think so hard to help you settle that? Without her, you would already be a piece of rotten shit!”

Shi Lei looked as he saw Zhang Liangliang’s eyes contract violently and her pupils seemed to congeal to as thin as needle. Low hissing escaped her throat, just like the sound a puppy makes when agitated.

Shi Lei knew that he might have been a bit too harsh on his words, but he didn’t regret it in his heart.

“Who are you to me? Do I need you to butt into my business?” Eventually, Zhang Liangliang shouted.

The driver pressed on the brake as the taxi gradually stopped at the gate of Feng Hua. He turned around and said: “We are here, 21 yuan altogether.”

Zhang Liangliang pulled the door handle frantically as she wanted to get off. But the left door of taxis cannot be opened from the inside and she was pulling in vain.

Shi Lei took out money and handed to the driver. As he waited for the driver to give him the change, Zhang Liangliang began to shove him like crazy, wanting to get off.

The driver gave Shi Lei the change. He suddenly sighed and said deeply: “Little girl, do you think it’s cool to be a head of mafia?”

Shi Lei and Zhang Liangliang were both in shock. Then, they saw that the driver stepped outside the car.

Standing outside the car, the driver took off his jacket and said towards towards them: “Come, get off, I’ll show you.”

Shi Lei got out of the car in confusion but blocked the door. As soon as Zhang Liangliang stepped outside, he grabbed her arm to prevent her from running away.

The driver walked around with his jacket in his hand. He was wearing a tight-fitted shirt inside.

The driver’s arms were filled with tattoos. Although they could not see it clearly in the dark, but it seemed to be two dragons coiled around his arms.

“I also have this on my chest and on my back but I won’t show you that. Back in the days, Wu Dong had another area like this at Gu Lou. That was a bar called Luan Shi Jia Ren and we used to call that Lao Luan, you know?”

Shi Lei didn’t know but Zhang Liangliang did as she nodded her head subconsciously.

“At that time, I was in charge of that area and every bar had to give me money. There were also a lot of young girls like you who wanted to be mine with the same reason as you: they think that it’s cool to be around a head of a gang.” The driver lighted a cigar and his eyes displayed nostalgia towards the past.
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