Chapter 337 - Glimpse of Hope After Darkness

Chapter 337 - Glimpse of Hope After Darkness

Shi Lei understood.

“Alright. What do you guys want for dinner? I’ll treat.”

Wei Xingyue glanced at Song Miaomiao. “Let’s go back to Yu then,” she said, seeing that Song Miaomiao didn’t seem to care. “I need to get my wine from Yao Er, so it saves me the trouble.”

Song Miaomiao nodded. “Okay, I came here for Yu anyway.”

Shi Lei immediately sent a WeChat message to Yao Er telling him that they would soon go to Yu for dinner.

Yao Er quickly replied with “no problem.” He then said that he was about to deliver the wine to Shi Lei and asked if he should deliver it first or give it to him at Yu.

Shi Lei told him to give it him at Yu to save him the trouble.

As for Zhen Xu, Shi Lei didn’t plan on replying to him immediately. After all, he would have to deal with the company’s operations in the future. If all he knew was to ask for money from the investors when a small problem arose, then he might as well sell the company and work somewhere else.

The three of them only needed one car, so they drove Shi Lei’s Quattroporte there. As the only man, Shi Lei naturally became the driver for the two beauties.

When they arrived at Yu, Yao Er was already standing outside with a smile, waiting for them.

He was extremely sharp. Although Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao were top existences in the whole Yangtze River Delta, he was very clear that Shi Lei was the focal point amongst the three.

No matter how strange it seemed, it was what it was.

So when Yao Er greeted them, he did not greet Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao first but smiled at Shi Lei. “Young Master Shi, shall I put the wine in your car now?”

Shi Lei nodded politely. “Sorry for the trouble.”

Yao Er waved his hand and a waiter carried the box of wine out. Yao Er walked over and helped Shi Lei put it in the truck. “The wine’s texture is quite nice and warm,” he said, smiling as he introduced it. “Drink it first and tell me when you finish. If it fits your taste, I’ll give you another two boxes.”


Then Yao Er turned to Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao and greeted them. “Sister Wei, Shui Ye, hello. Sister Wei, shall I give you your wine next time or shall I put it in Young Master Shi’s car first?”

“Put it in his car. If you are free, eat with us later.” Wei Xingyue took large steps toward the door.

When they sat down, Yao Er was slightly nervous. But after drinking some tea and wine, the sashimi plates were brought up and Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao didn’t even fight once. They were actually polite as they toasted and picked up okra for each other, then dipped it in the sauce.

Yao Er couldn’t comprehend the situation since his memories of last night’s fights were still vivid. But now they acted as if they were long lost friends.

Yao Er glanced at Shi Lei and knew that it was his doing.

Too awesome. The two women whom no one dared to be easily associated with in Jiangnan became extremely easy for Shi Lei. He even made those two act as if they were the first and second wives, not to mention tame them. Yao Er didn’t understand and couldn’t guess why, but he admired Shi Lei. He even wondered whether Shi Lei would take both of these devil-like women in. Would the Wei and the Song families agree to that?

He was thinking way too much. Shi Lei was just as confused as to what these two women had talked about to interact peacefully with each other.

When Yao Er went to the kitchen, he asked, “Oh right. What did you two talk about last night? It’s too strange today. Well, I think you should fight if you want to. Don’t hold it in and make yourselves sick. And the way you two are holding the act up is making me feel awkward and scared. I might as well celebrate Chinese New Year with the sound of firecrackers(1).”

Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao rolled their eyes and said in unison, “None of your business! Eat your food! Such good sashimi and it’s not enough to keep your mouth shut!”

Shi Lei was speechless. Damn, now they were fighting him together.

They talked for a while about Zhen Xu’s company. Yao Er happened to hear the end of it just as he returned.

He poured some alcohol for Shi Lei and the two women, drinking a glass himself before saying, “Young Master Shi, I heard a few sentences of what you said and I have an idea, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

Shi Lei was blank for a second. “Don’t be so polite. Tell me if you have an idea.”

“I think there is enough creativity, but the direction of gaining profit isn’t very obvious. He can, at most, take in a few ads when the users increase. Then the map companies may be interested in his app and hence enrich the content of their maps. But at the current stage, I think he can do something to earn some money quickly to solve the problem of money between the investors and the company.”

Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao looked at Yao Er with interest, urging him to speak with their eyes.

Yao Er continued. “Of course, my idea isn’t very mature and it can only be used now because the amount of money can be used for promotion in this current stage.”

“How do you have so many useless things to say? Hurry up and get to the point.” Song Miaomiao eventually became impatient.

Yao Er quickly continued. “Because I sell wine, I don’t only provide it to everyone here. I also supply a lot of middle to high-class supermarkets in Wudong and nearby areas and I collaborate with them. In those large supermarkets, bathrooms are a must. As for the smaller ones, there are also bathrooms that customers are allowed to use. It’s just that it’s not known to most of the public. These small to medium size supermarkets are usually located in working areas and you need to walk across the building to find it. So I think you can consider collaborating with the bigger supermarkets to pinpoint the locations of these bathrooms in a more obvious manner and start a trend. Those large-scale supermarkets always have major discounts on rice and eggs for this purpose as well. They first need to attract the public, and it’s none of their business whether they buy the things or not, because these supermarkets have the label of being high class. This leads people to think that the things there would be more expensive than normal markets. But in reality, it’s the same price. However, these markets mainly sell medium to high-class produce. You can make the markets pay a little—not too much: 180,000 yuan each. There are many supermarkets like this in Wudong and it should be able to provide the needed funds for operation in the first stage.”

After listening to this idea, Shi Lei and the two women thought that this was perhaps a way out. “Can the bathrooms in those supermarkets really be open to the public?” Shi Lei asked.

“They are high-class supermarkets after all. How can they be so stingy as to not let the customers use the bathrooms? It’s just that most people don’t know about it.”

“Then I’ll trouble Brother Yao Er to provide me with the contacts of the people in charge of these supermarkets.” Shi Lei was extremely delighted. If they could really succeed, then he would be able to solve this for Zhen Xu and not have to use his own money anymore. However, when he brought this up with Zhen Xu, he had to warn him to stop looking to the investors whenever he had a small problem.
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