Chapter 338 - The Life-Changing Black Card

Chapter 338 - The Life-Changing Black Card

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Life was really filled with unexpected events and surprises.

Shi Lei finally understood why it was so much easier for wealthy people to earn money compared to ordinary people.

Well, it wasn’t easy, but the wealthy had enough resources and information flowing between them that was much more valid than what ordinary people could get.

The biggest help the Black Card had brought Shi Lei was not the seemingly endless amount of money but allowing him to enter a world that he couldn’t have even thought of before.

At the current stage, Shi Lei had made all his connections through the Black Card.

Through using the Millionaire Card for the first time, he met Wei Qing. Of course, Wei Qing didn’t remember the encounter. They quickly became good friends because of Yu Banzhi.

It was also during the first time that Shi Lei gained Wei Xingyue as a friend, or perhaps they became more than friends. Hence, more people followed, including Song Miaomiao, Yao Er, and Chen Yanü, who was not there at the moment.

It was even because of Wei Xingyue that Shi Lei had met Zhen Xu. If she hadn’t dragged him to go horseback riding with her, it would’ve impossible for him to meet Zhen Xu.

And when he used the Millionaire Card for the second time, he got to know Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan, with whom he became rather good friends as well.

Without realizing, Shi Lei had gained many profits from them.

Some profits were given directly by the Black Card, such as handling Wu Haoyuan or solving his parents’ problem in Runzhou. As for other advantages, it happened because he had made these connections.

But in the end, every advantage he gained had a direct or indirect relation with the Black Card.

To all the deaths of the people who came before him, Shi Lei could only say that they had thought too simply of it. They were constantly indulging in terror or pure happiness and were afraid, but did not know much. They were eventually killed because of their inability to spend all the money. Their joy convinced them that luck was on their side as they lavishly spent the money, making their deaths inevitable.

Shi Lei was a lucky man. His personality was kind of careless and he half-understood everything he saw. Hence, he didn’t fall into the ecstasy of gaining such luck nor was he consumed by the terror. From the very beginning, he believed that with no pain, there would be no gain. He didn’t think that the Black Card existed for the sake of killing people. Shi Lei continued to guess the Black Card’s intentions and although he had yet to figure it out, he had confirmed a few things during the process. When the amount of money increased with time, he had to enrich himself and gain the ability to spend it. Otherwise, with a loser’s mindset, not to mention ten million or one billion in the future, it would probably be difficult for him to even spend the one million at his current stage.

From this perspective, the Black Card was more like a butler who was making him grow up. It required people who owned it to continue strengthening themselves and grow up in the shortest time possible.

But when the Black Card eventually gave Shi Lei an amount he couldn’t finish spending, he hoped that he would own enough private funds by that time. If he could leave something behind for those around him, then he wouldn’t have come into this world in vain.

Shi Lei firmly believed that the Black Card’s intention wasn’t to kill them all, so in the end, one of its rules should reveal how to free himself from its contract.

The Scepter was rather annoying because it never exposed any information ahead of time, but it was also very interesting as it couldn’t tell any lies. As long as Shi Lei kept his curious attitude, its arrogant personality would always unintentionally expose some information.

Or perhaps the Black Card intentionally leaked the information, making it another way for Shi Lei to become more powerful.

In fact, he didn’t hold too many grudges against the Black Card at this current stage. On the contrary, he began to appreciate it since it had started a completely new part of his life for him.

This was something that so many people wanted after being poor their whole lives but was ultimately unable to achieve.

It looked like it had nothing to do with the Black Card on the surface, but to Shi Lei’s present and future growth, there were two people who would help him greatly. The first was Yu Banzhi, whom he had encountered coincidentally on the antique street. The other was Zhang Liangliang’s mother, Zhang Meimei, the most renowned female lawyer in Wudong city.

But if Shi Lei thought about it, even those two people were closely connected to the Black Card.

He went to the antique street purely because he had too much money and didn’t know how to spend it all. Hence, he went there occasionally. With Shi Lei’s knowledge about antiques, he might not even go there in the next ten years and wouldn’t have the chance to meet Yu Banzhi. Even if it wasn’t for him having a “huge sum of money,” his interaction with Yu Banzhi would be completely different, the more possible scenario being that he would turn around and leave straight away when he saw the expensive agarwood at the counter.

As for Zhang Meimei, if Shi Lei didn't know that he had to make up for the few hundred yuan, he wouldn’t have borrowed money from Zhang Mo the fatty, and fatty wouldn’t have given him the chance to tutor a student because he was short on money as well. With the fatty, he would have probably been chased out the door by Er’jie within ten minutes.

Therefore, if Shi Lei thoroughly considered every aspect, every single person around him with a higher social status had a direct or indirect relationship with the Black Card.

And even the coincidental meeting with Sun Yiyi was closely tied with the Black Card.

Shi Lei suddenly realized that his life was entirely occupied by the Black Card. His classmates and friends from university, although they still kept in contact, they had in fact already faded from his life.

Now, he was someone who would be addressed as “Young Master Shi” whenever he appeared, not getting slapped on the shoulder and having people calling out “Shitou, what are you doing?”

In merely half a year, the Black Card had completely changed him.

Shi Lei sat on the couch and pondered in silence while Song Miaomiao lay in bed with a finger pointing out charmingly. Her finger was slim and straight, as if it had been made for the piano.

Song Miaomiao bent her finger and asked, “Hey, are you really not planning on doing something adults do with me?”

Shi Lei’s chain of thought was broken. He turned and looked at the enchanting face, but his interest was completely lost at the sight of her short hair.

“I need to find a woman to do that,” he replied coldly.

Song Miaomiao glared at him and took cover under the blanket. Her brain was full of the thought that if Wei Xingyue heard that, she would be roaring with laughter without caring about her image.

“Am I, Shui Ye, that easy? I came all the way here for this and you don’t like it? But I’m really a virgin, ahh…” Song Miaomiao showed her rare resentful side as she mumbled softly under the blanket. Shi Lei didn't hear a single thing and he didn’t want to.

To Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao, who loved to take his place, Shi Lei loathed them.

Sometimes he wanted to do what he shouldn’t do, but in the end, he was afraid and didn’t dare. Not because he became timider as he grew closer to them, but because he had to do what was more important and not for temporary purposes. But even Shi Lei himself knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep this so-called bottom line much longer.
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