Chapter 343 - Problem with the Intimacy Level

Chapter 343 - Problem with the Intimacy Level

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Shi Lei was even more confused after hearing what Yu Banzhi said confused Shi Lei even more.

Yao Er had told him that the first box of wine would be a gift. Shi Lei had thought that Yao Er was adept at handling relationships because the wine was only the kind meant for daily consumption. They weren’t that expensive, about a thousand or two for a box. Such a small amount should mean nothing, so he thought that Yao Er would give potential returning customers a box free of charge.

To think that Yu Banzhi would tell him that Yao Er had never given wine to anyone before.

“Didn’t he gift you some when you first bought wine from him?”

“He did. One glass.”

Shi Lei scratched his head. Am I this charismatic? However, Yao Er was most likely heterosexual, so he wouldn’t play such tricks.

“That’s weird. I thought he would do this for every potential customer.”

Yu Banzhi smiled. “It’s indeed strange. Of course, it might be because he has a great impression of you, just like Chen Yanü and I do. Or perhaps he sees something in you that we don’t due to his extraordinary intelligence. Haha, now I’m interested! I want to know what there is about you that I don’t see. I hope Yao Er has a more accurate judgment.”

Shi Lei scratched his head awkwardly. Did the Black Card have the ability to increase his charisma? Most of the people whom he had met recently or had known for a while had a positive impression of him. In the past six months, he had attracted all sorts of people. Normal women became fangirls and even men wanted to befriend him to the point that he couldn’t even refuse.

Of course, he didn’t meet any normal women during this time. Er’jie, Wei Xingyue, and Song Miaomiao were each crazier than the last and Zhang Meimei wasn’t that much better.

Shi Lei had to ask the Scepter about it. It felt strange after Yu Banzhi mentioned it.

They returned to the antique street and gradually pulled to a stop on the side of the road.

“Alright, everything can wait until the Chinese New Year is over. Contact me anytime about investments. I might not help you with everything, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking help when you need it. Don’t be in a hurry to turn me down. I don’t make promises easily. If you don’t need my help, then that’s up to you, but it’s not wrong to have a backup plan. You drank today, so my driver will take you home first and then pick me up.”

Shi Lei agreed, not daring to drive himself. He might as well listen to Yu Banzhi rather than calling another driver. He could tell that Yu Banzhi was an easygoing person in the agarwood shop, but when he left, he was someone who ignored outside opinions and obsessively wanted his plans to be followed. No wonder he didn’t consider the arranged marriage with Wei Xingyue to be anything important. If it had been someone else, they would at least voice their opposition.t Yu Banzhi just completely disregarded it.

The driver took Shi Lei back in his Quattroporte and Shi Lei thanked him afterward. He had thought that he would fall asleep immediately due to the alcohol but ended up rolling around in bed for at least an hour.

He had received an abundance of information when eating with Yu Banzhi.

He didn’t understand most of it, only making out a few nouns without comprehending the overall meaning.

He had much to learn. After all, a fuerdai with no skills whatsoever was rare. Even if their grades weren’t the best, what ordinary families had could not compare to the education they received. Some things weren’t necessarily taught in general education but through life experience. Witnessing the conversations and actions of family members and the like provided the children with a unique space to learn.

This was what Shi Lei lacked the most. If he wished to stand at the starting line with those around him, he had to close the pre-existing gap.

Since he couldn’t sleep, he decided to start tonight.

Shi Lei turned on his laptop and researched about the things Yu Banzhi had mentioned, such as an offshore company and money transference. Before he realized, it was dawn.

Shi Lei stretched, feeling stomach growl before noticing the sunlight streaming through the window.

It was already seven in the morning. He headed downstairs to have breakfast before going to bed.

Shi Lei awakened to the sound of his ringtone. It was Zhen Xu.

He frowned and wondered what had happened. Why was he calling again?

It was 2:30 PM. Shi Lei had slept for about six hours, and it was about time to wake up.

Shi Lei sat on the edge of the bed and picked up.

“Mr. Zhen, do you want something from me?” His voice sounded unpleasant. They already had a long talk, emphasizing Shi Lei’s position as just an investor. He refused to intervene in the company’s operation. The company closing down and his investments going up in smoke were one of his burdens as an investor. However, Zhen Xu had to bear the responsibility of managing the company himself.

Zhen Xu felt awkward when he heard the annoyance in Shi Lei’s voice. Nevertheless, he insisted, “Mr. Shi, I didn’t want to bother you, but the lawyer from the opposing company approached us to talk about buying our company. I said that you and Lawyer Zhang are our shareholders, so I called her first because she is also a lawyer. She said that I had to notify you about it, so I called.”

“So,” Shi Lei said, “are you thinking about selling the project and the even the whole company to them?”

“No, no,” Zhen Xu quickly denied. “I definitely won’t sell the project or the company. I put my blood, sweat, and tear into setting this up. I can accept investments, but definitely not this offer.”

“Since Mr. Zhen is unwilling to accept the purchase, why are you seeking our opinions? Lawyer Zhang and I are only investors. Selling it is your decision.”

“The opposing lawyer insisted that I meet with all the shareholders.”

“Mr. Zhen, you are the biggest shareholder and the only one with operational rights. No one can take the company away from you if you refuse. So it doesn’t matter what requests they make. You are free to decline everything. If they don’t want to leave, then call the police. Since that person is a lawyer, he knows that he can’t remain in the office without your permission.”

Zhen Xu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He had started as a programmer, someone who only focused on mechanics without having to worry about managing a company. When he encountered this situation for the first time, he believed that the opposite party’s requests were reasonable.

“Is that so? Okay, Mr. Shi. Sorry to bother you. I know what to do.”

Zhen Xu didn’t hesitate after he hung up, ordering the lawyer to leave his office.
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