Chapter 349 - Exasperated Shi Lei

Chapter 349 - Exasperated Shi Lei

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The records afterward told the story of how Yao Er perfectly dealt with all the noble and authorised families in Wudong. Shi Lei read about how Yao Er did so through the form of writing. Shi Lei finally understood what Yu Banzhi meant by “the most intelligent person.”

He had read through almost all seven boxes and the new day was also about to start.

Just as Shi Lei picked up the last pile of the paper, all the paper scattered across the floor and the seven empty boxes spontaneously combusted in front of his eyes like an illusion.

The pile of paper in his hands also went up in flames and Shi Lei immediately threw them away. Looking at the flames burning in the room, Shi Lei wanted to jump down from the window.

What the hell! Can’t you change a way of destroying these? Damned Scepter, are you trying to burn this building to the ground?

Although Shi Lei panicked for a while as the fire continued to burn, he quickly discovered that even though he was standing in the midst of the flames, he didn’t feel scorched as if these flames didn’t affect him at all.

In an instant, the records that Shi Lei had read for an entire nine hours all disappeared into swarms of black butterflies fluttering around the room. They shattered into black ash as they fell to the floor, seeming to dive into the floor, disappearing completely.

Shi Lei watched numbly as all the records disappeared from the house. He reached out and grasped thin air. There was no trace of ash, not to mention evidence that the room had been in flames. It was in the exact same state as it was in the morning.

There had only been one pile left. Initially, Shi Lei had been very interested in knowing why Yao Er was so exceptionally kind to him. Not for anything else, but for the fact that Yu Banzhi said that Yao Er had never given anyone a bottle of wine for free.

But now, everything had disappeared. The Millionaire Card’s time was up, yet he had been unable to finish reading everything, leaving its answer a mystery in his heart.

Shi Lei felt regretful. He should’ve read that part first instead of being consumed in reading all the other stories about Yao Er. It was undeniable that the person who recorded everything had great literary talent. Why would such a person collect information, though? They should be writing online novels. With this level of skill, people would read it even if it was just recounting facts.

Shi Lei picked up his jacket and rushed out the door, heading toward the self-service bank around the corner. The Millionaire Card refreshed every month anyway, so it was just a matter of using it again.

Shi Lei also wanted to curse at the Scepter. That shameless dog! Did it have to collect such insignificant information? What was the point of including what they ate and drank?

He inserted the card and typed in the password. The Scepter appeared while spinning.

“Scepter, you f*ck!” Shi Lei exploded. “I’m going to kill you! Did you do it on purpose? You definitely did! Were you trying to kill me? I was crying from reading so much information and turned blind! Do you want to kill me by making me blind and unable to finish spending the money?”

The Scepter was exceptionally calm. “Level Two Employee, please be respectful. Your profanity does not register with me. All I hear is a paragraph with a lot of beeps in between, which affects my understanding. Also, everything was done as per your request.”

“Bullsh*t! I wanted their records, not biographies! What kind of records include eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom? If you are going to include it, then make it clear. F*cking hell! You didn’t write about how Yao Keji had sex with his wife or Yao Fujia hooking up with so many girls and omitted all the details. You didn’t even say that “fifty thousand words were omitted here”! Can’t you be like that author called Xiao Se Liang(1)? At least he would note that the details were censored. But you? Where are your morals?! You made it so I couldn’t finish reading all the information. There was only a little bit left!”

Shi Lei didn’t really believe that all his swearing was censored with beeps. Even if it was, he didn’t care as he must out let out all the anger in his chest.

The Scepter remained calm. “Level Two Employee, the noble me will warn you once more. Be polite. I will also remind you again that the information was prepared as per your request. Think about what you said.”

“What? I wanted all the information on this family…All…What the f*ck! Is this what you mean by “all”? Including when they used the toilet?”

“It was done as you wished!” The Scepter sounded indifferent, but Shi Lei could feel the ruthless mockery in its tone.

“I don’t know if I should continue cursing or not!” Shi Lei spat, almost dying from anger.

He reminded himself again that he had to be mindful when dealing with an arrogant b*tch that had dirty tricks up its sleeve. However, he had never imagined that it would so shamelessly trick him because of some seemingly insignificant detail.

This was a pitfall. Both the Black Card and the Scepter had set all kinds of traps and pitfalls of all sizes. What Shi Lei had encountered was a pitfall within another pitfall, or a “sky pit” (special thanks to the fan Tiankeng(2)). It was too f*cked up.

Shi Lei understood that he couldn’t talk reason with the proud Scepter. If it could do such a thing, then that had to be allowed by the rules. What he hated the most was that the Black Card set all the rules, yet he didn’t know most of them.

“I want to use the Millionaire Card again!” Shi Lei fumed.

“How would the Level Two Employee like to use the Millionaire Card?” the Scepter asked professionally.

“Are you pretending to be dumb? I need all the information again.”

“The Eye of the Dark Night does not know that all the information has been destroyed,” it answered in the same professional manner. “Hence, it’s impossible to ask for all the Yao family’s information again as the Level Two Employee has requested.”

Shi Lei immediately went on a rampage and swore without caring for his image. “You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Why, who do you think you are, huh?! You need to pay people to do things. I’m using the Millionaire Card, making me a top-tier millionaire. I like buying two copies of the same information, one for burning and one for reading. If I haven’t finished reading it, then fine! But if you need to get rid of it, why did you do so in a such an exaggerated way? It scared me to death! If I didn’t know you as well as I do, I would’ve jumped out the window!”

“The noble me believes that you are calm enough. Based on your performance in the past six months, such an accident won’t happen. The Eye of the Dark Night is an organization with strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities. Are you sure you want to use the Millionaire Card twice to do the same thing? I can tell you that the so-called delivery man last afternoon is actually a disguised member of the Eye of the Dark Night. They are already curious about this. All three uses of the Millionaire Card are under my name as the top VIP, but the services are always for you. Are you sure you want to gain the Eye of the Dark Night’s attention this early? They are only curious about you now and might see you as a substitute to handle VIP requests for me, but, if you want to use the Millionaire Card to do the exact same thing, then that won’t be curiosity anymore. It would be doubt. Level Two Employee, think about it carefully.”

Shi Lei froze. The delivery man who came in the afternoon was a member of the Eye of the Dark Night?
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