Chapter 354 - A Relaxed Day

Chapter 354 - A Relaxed Day

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Because Shi Lei had been drinking for so long, he was still dizzy and didn’t dare to drive.

He could only go to Zhang Liangliang’s house in a taxi. She immediately ran down after his call. She first shoved her test papers in Shi Lei’s face, pleased with herself. “Dashu, I didn’t lie to you. My average is eighty-nine points; almost ninety.”

Shi Lei didn’t mind at all. He had never really been worried that Zhang Liangliang’s results wouldn’t be good. He was just looking for an excuse to take her out to play a few days later.

Then Zhang Liangliang glanced around for a while in disappointment. “Dashu, where is your awesome car?”

“I’m going back to my hometown tomorrow. My friend was sending me off and we drank too late into the night. I still have the smell on me and didn’t dare to drive.”

Zhang Liangliang walked around him once, shaking her head in disgust as she sniffed. “Aiya, you really do smell like alcohol. Ah, why can’t you drive? I thought I could go for a ride in your car today.”

“You can if you want. We can get a driver. I didn’t know what plans you have today, so I didn’t ask someone to drive it over.”

Zhang Liangliang giggled and skipped, even snapping her fingers as well.

“Bingo! It’s decided then! Let’s go! We’ll pick up Yi’jie first, then us sisters will eat lunch with you, the master! After lunch, we’ll get a driver and go for a spin.”

Shi Lei didn’t mind. He hoped that there would be fewer activities so he could close his eyes and rest for a while in the car.

They picked up Sun Yiyi in a taxi. Zhang Liangliang wanted to eat Sichuan cuisine, so they went to a Chongqing restaurant called Shunfeng 123 (personal recommendation; it’s tasty and not sponsored) and ordered quite a few dishes. She wanted spicy food, but couldn’t tolerate the spices very well and ended up fanning her tongue while repeatedly saying, “it’s too spicy.”

Spicy food definitely helped make Shi Lei more sober. It paired well with the rice, so he ate two bowls.

After lunch, they took a taxi back to Shi Lei’s apartment and found a designated driver. They booked the driver for half a day. No matter how long the trip was, he would be paid 800 yuan altogether until dinner time. The driver was willing to do so since Shi Lei’s car was a Maserati Quattroporte, something he could rarely drive.

They drove once around the city and, under Zhang Liangliang’s influence, Sun Yiyi seemed more open than usual. They didn’t feel it was exciting enough and strongly suggested speeding on a real highway.

Shi Lei didn't mind and the driver was eager as well. Hence, he drove the Maserati onto the airport highway and headed down. They turned onto another highway and arrived at a county that was famous for a dish with fish heads in ceramic pots. It was about one to one hundred and twenty kilometers away from Wudong. Because the two girls were extremely excited on the way there, the speed was maintained at a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty kilometers per hour, almost at the highway’s speed limit.

When they arrived in Liyang City, it was barely 2 PM and it wasn’t the time to eat the fish. Zhang Liangliang had already looked up on her phone that there was a place called Tianshui Lake, which was a famous hot spring location. They went to Tianshui Lake with the driver, found a hot spring inn, and soaked in the hot springs together.

Shi Lei said he could buy the tickets for the driver, but the driver said he didn’t want to bother them. Since Shi Lei and the other two were young, he felt too embarrassed to play around with them. Hence, he asked if Shi Lei trusted him or not. If he did, he could leave him with the key and let him rest in the car.

Shi Lei wasn’t worried that a properly-registered driver would take his car, so he gave him the keys while he took the two excited girls to the hot springs.

After they changed into swimming suits, they two girls went crazy. They played and chased each other between a few hot spring pools.

The other people in the hot springs saw that they were two pretty girls and didn’t think that they were noisy, instead looking at them in enjoyment.

Shi Lei lay in a hot spring pool and fell asleep a while later.

The two girls dragged him out of the hot springs after they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Shi Lei realized that he had slept for almost two hours and his skin was wrinkly.

Zhang Liangliang was eager to go to the spa and Shi Lei thought that it was just about the right time. One aspect was that he could catch up on sleep and the other was that his skin looked disgusting from staying too long in the water. Perhaps it would be much better after some time at the spa.

Naturally, Shi Lei took another nap. It was half-past five and his energy was restored as he led the two girls out of the holiday inn.

After he got into the car, Shi Lei said apologetically, “I’m sorry. We might go back a bit later. I will pay you extra.”

“You’ve trusted me enough to leave a two to three million yuan car in my care,” he replied straightforwardly. “It’s just an extra thirty minutes or one hour. It’s nothing. Don’t worry about paying extra. I already feel great about taking this order since I don’t have many chances to drive such an expensive car. It’s a rare experience for me, so it’s fine. Do you want to have dinner here or back in Wudong? You can try the ceramic potted fish head that’s a local dish. I’m not in a hurry and can tag along to dinner.”

Without needing Shi Lei to say anything, the two girls obviously supported the idea. They found a restaurant and had a meal of ceramic potted fish head with the driver.

It was undeniable that the fish was fresh. The soup was creamy white, thick, and delicious. Shi Lei had a great appetite and ate another two bowls of rice.

It was seven when they finished dinner, and when the driver took them back to Wudong, it was past eight.

Shi Lei was fine now, so he took over driving. As they agreed before, Zhang Liangliang urged them to go to karaoke. Naturally, they couldn’t go to the one they went before and Shi Lei didn’t want to see that idiotic Young Master Wang, so they went somewhere else. Shi Lei was the audience, watching Sun Yiyi and Zhang Liangliang sing and dance for the whole night.

At midnight, Shi Lei drove Zhang Liangliang home. Zhang Meimei came down to pick her up and naturally chatted with him for a while when she saw him.

“I’m sorry Er’jie bothered you for the whole day.” Although that was what she said, with her personality, she didn’t seem apologetic at all.

Shi Lei smiled. “It’s fine. Their happiness makes me happy.”

“As for Zhen Xu, I feel like there might be some problems. It’s not something wrong with him as a person. It’s his personality. It isn’t bad, but he may not be suitable to manage a company or own a business by himself unless he has an excellent manager. But how can they hire a good manager when their company’s estimated value is barely over ten million? Oh, Teacher Shi, I’m not blaming you. There’s nothing wrong with the project itself. Even if there was a small incident, the problem is Zhen Xu himself.”

Shi Lei nodded. “I was worried about this a few days ago as well. A lawyer went there. You should know about this, right? Zhen Xu couldn’t deal with it at all. He can’t even manage something like this and I regret dragging you into this. I really don’t know how this investment will go.”

“I’m not worried about that since the project is good. Even if it’s purchased in the end, we can just stop and leave. However…” Zhang Meimei wanted to say something, but paused.
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