Chapter 360 - Don’t Want to Be Wei Xiaobao

Chapter 360 - Don’t Want to Be Wei Xiaobao

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Shi wasn’t a popular surname and it was indeed destiny to meet another person of the same surname.

Shi Lei was slightly surprised. He stood up with a smile and raised his glass. “This is really a coincidence. Let’s drink.”

Shi Qiang nodded but seemed slightly aloof. Although he drank with him, Shi Lei felt like he didn’t want to do at all.

Shi Lei didn’t know what was wrong with this person and he didn’t bother taking it to heart as he took a seat.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao called the girl who had ordered songs for them and told her to bring the manager over. The manager quickly appeared with a group of girls. They stood in a line, placed their hands on the left side of their abdomen, bowed, and said politely and in unison, “Greetings, boss.”

Everyone told Shi Lei to pick first. He wasn’t really interested and randomly picked one out.

Jiang Yuanchao made a big fuss. “Today, Young Master Shi came back to our small Runzhou. How can you only pick one? We’ll make him Wei Xiaobao(1) today. Seven. Shi Lei, pick a few more.”

Shi Lei was speechless. “Brother Yuanchao, stop playing. I came out to drink and chat. What’s the use of so many girls? You can if you are interested, but I only need one to pour drinks for me. There is no space for that many to sit anyway.”

Hu Xiaohua also laughed. “That won’t do. Wouldn’t that show that we aren’t sincere? At least pick one more to have one on each side.”

Shi Lei didn’t have a choice but to randomly pick another girl. The others then picked their own. All of a sudden, the room was filled with people and it was much noisier than before.

Shi Lei noticed that everyone there was used to playing like this, including Shi Qiang. Since he was Jiang Yuanchao’s cousin and he had introduced him in particular, he shouldn’t be an ordinary person. However, when others picked their girls, they had obvious preferences and they at least had the process of picking. Shi Qiang was the only one who picked a girl randomly like Shi Lei did. If he didn’t like any of them, then he would be completely uninterested like Shi Lei.

Hu Xiaohua began to organize some sort of game which required card flipping. Put simply, it was for drinking. There were more than twenty cards on the table. Other than a few safe numbers, flipping the others meant that the person had to drink.

Shi Lei wasn’t accustomed to such games, but he didn’t want to lose face for Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao. They had particularly organized this for him, so Shi Lei forced himself to play.

After a few rounds, he was quite lucky and didn’t drink that much. However, that Shi Qiang seemed to be slower in this area and drank quite a lot.

Shi Qiang was a rough-looking man. Although he was Jiang Yuanchao’s younger cousin, he looked like he was slightly older. He had a square face, tall and buff, but he was rather introverted, which didn’t correspond to his looks. He didn’t like to talk, nor could he drink.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao were spending a lot. They ordered Louis XIII, which was around 40,000 to 50,000 for a bottle. They ordered two packs of six bottles, already costing them about 130,000 yuan. Western alcohol was strong, but it was only medium to low proof compared to China’s white wine. However, Shi Qiang began to blush after a few glasses, making his tanned skin even darker.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao asked for someone to take the cards when it was about time. They played music and everyone told Shi Lei to sing.

Shi Lei couldn’t turn down the offer and sang Ulaanbaatar’s Night. Then it was time for the rest of them to jump and dance around.

Perhaps seeing that Shi Lei didn’t feel comfortable, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao talked to the others and they all left at around 11 PM saying that they had other business to attend to.

There was only Hu Xiaohua, Jiang Yuanchao, and his cousin Shi Qiang left. Of course, there were still a few girls.

“Why don’t we let these girls off of work earlier and have a chat? We drank quite a lot and the music’s hurting my head.”

Hu Xiaohua immediately paid tips for the girls, including the one who had ordered the songs for them, and asked them to leave.

“Do you have something to discuss with us?” Hu Xiaohua picked up a glass of alcohol, took a sip, and asked Shi Lei with a smile.

Shi Lei nodded. “I actually do have something I need to bother you two with. The situation is that I want to find a professional manager whom I hope is familiar with internet products, especially mobile products. It’s the best if he has experience in starting businesses. I don’t need a pretty resume. To be honest, the company is small and I can’t afford an excellent manager.”

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuanchao exchanged a glance with each other. Then Hu Xiaohua said, “Yuanchao is more familiar with this. I’m just following my dad’s work. Yuanchao, see if you can help Shi Lei.”

“If the situation isn’t too complicated, then I can even go and help you for a while. I started a business overseas and have some experience. I’m familiar with people in Jiangdong Province, especially the north, so I more or less have some connections in each area. The only downside is that I’m not too familiar with internet products. But if it’s the early stages after the product is already developed and is going into the promotion and growth stage, I think I should be able to help.”

Shi Lei quickly waved his hand. “I don’t dare bother Brother Yuanchao personally. I can’t afford it. And I’ll say something that you may not like. I’m looking for a manager, not a prince. If you go, the company’s female workers are in trouble. I don’t want a few months to pass and them all becoming pregnant…”

Hu Xiaohua laughed loudly. “Too accurate. Yuanchao just can’t control his third leg…”

Even Shi Qiang, who was more blunt, smiled as well. Naturally, he knew that what kind of person his cousin was to women.

Jiang Yuanchao laughed awkwardly and shook his head. “You are all framing me. Am I that kind of person? How would I make them all pregnant? I care the most about protection, alright?”

Everyone laughed even harder and all four of them raised their glass to toast.

“Shi Lei, when did you start a company? How come you’ve never mentioned it? And why do you need a manager for it? You’ve graduated now and can do it yourself. If you have any problems, Yuanchao and I will help you.” Hu Xiaohua said after he placed his glass down.

Shi Lei waved his hand. “It’s not my company. I just invested in it. Ten percent, angel investment round.”

“Hey, why do you care so much if it’s not your company? It’s a company only in the angel investment round, so it’s normal to encounter some problems. I’ll also say something you don’t like to hear. If you care so much about every investment, then you should quit as early as you can. You should either start your own business or invest in a big company and stick to it. Big companies have stable achievements. Although the profits aren’t as high, the risk is relatively low. If that won’t work, then I can talk to my family and invest your money in my company if you want. You can at least have fifteen growth points every year, among other things.”

Shi Lei knew that Jiang Yuanchao was giving him benefits, but it was impossible for him to have this kind of investment. With the scale of Jiang Yuanchao’s family, he didn’t dare to open his mouth without ten million yuan. Where could Shi Lei find ten million yuan?

Shi Lei decided to explain it to them after thinking about it.
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