Chapter 366 - Arrival of the Prince

Chapter 366 - Arrival of the Prince

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The driver named Wang Peng froze.

Without mentioning how Jiang Yuanchao drove a Passat and dared to damage his BMW 730, he didn’t put anyone in his eyes from the very beginning. The fact that he said the name Wang Peng clearly and knew what his job was proved that Jiang Yuanchao knew everything about him without putting him in his eyes.

From Jiang Yuanchao’s tone of voice, he didn't even care about a driver of a government official.

No matter what, Wang Peng survived by hanging around the leaders of the city. Perhaps he wasn’t as skillful in other areas, but he had basic observational skills. Otherwise, surviving alone was a problem in that kind of environment.

When Jiang Yuanchao called his name, Wang Peng’s heart beat furiously. He didn’t dare to talk back.

However, Wang Peng’s son, Wang Xiaoyu didn’t consider this as much as his dad. He was knocked to the ground. He lost face and suffered a loss. Seeing that Jiang Yuanchao was disciplining his dad, he immediately jumped up and launched himself at Jiang Yuanchao again.

Jiang Yuanchao wasn’t in a defensive mode and he wasn’t as skilled as someone who was possessed by a martial arts master. He was only slightly stronger than an average person and he couldn’t possibly defend against an attack from behind.

Jiang Yuanchao hit his car after he was pushed heavily from the back. His head hit the window and he felt slightly dizzy.

Wang Xiaohua followed up with a punch after seeing his sneaky attack, landing his fist on Jiang Yuanchao’s cheeks.

This punch made Jiang Yuanchao wake up. When Wang Xiaoyu waved his fist again, he grabbed Wang Xiaoyu’s wrist and twisted it with all his strength.

Wang Xiaoyu was a useless guy. He relied on his father’s reputation of working as a driver for government officials. It wae why he was arrogant around the area, but in reality, he was as thin as a bean sprout and he obviously couldn’t beat Jiang Yuanchao.

He clenched his teeth in pain but he could only turn to the direction of his arm. But Jiang Yuanchao used so much strength that he pushed Wang Xiaoyu down onto the ground and stomped on his back. Wang Xiaoyu laid on the floor as his face pressed against the concrete ground and his mouth filled with blood.

Wang Xiaoyu didn’t have any capabilities but he was very short tempered. Even though his mouth was filled with blood, he continued to curse without caring about anything.

Jiang Yuanchao ignored him and continued to step on his back with all of his strength. He had never been put at disadvantage ever since he was a child and he loathed Wang Xiaoyu for pushing and punching him.

Wang Peng finally reacted. The more fierce Jiang Yuanchao became, the more Wang Peng knew that he probably couldn’t afford to offend him.

He couldn’t watch his son continue to be beaten. Wang Peng could only brace himself, “Sir, we can talk. Can you let go of my son first? He’s going to lose his life at this rate.”

“Lose his life? Your son just pushed me onto the car and my head is still dizzy. Am I not losing my life? So I deserve that but we can talk when he’s getting beaten?”

“That was his fault. Everything was his fault. Don’t lower yourself to his level. You can punch me a few times. He’s not even making a sound anymore. He will really lose his life as this rate.”

Indeed, Wang Xiaoyu was quiet. He didn’t faint, but he realised that it was pointless to clamour as it would only make him suffer more. He was thinking that once he climbed up from the ground, he would definitely call people over and teach this brat who drove the Passat a lesson.

Jiang Yuanchao finished letting out his anger. He glanced at Wang Xiaoyu who looked like a dead dog and spat on his head disdain. He kicked him and Wang Xiaoyu rolled to the side.

Wang Peng couldn’t bear to see his son rolling on the ground. Still, he held it back and forced a smile, “Sir, who’s your surname?”

Jiang Yuanchao laughed coldly, “Why? You want to check whether you can afford to offend me or not?”

Wang Peng’s heart skipped a beat and he quickly shook his head, “That’s not what I meant… I…”

“He’s called Jiang Yuanchao. His family owns Jiangyang Property. Without a surprise, this district’s property also belongs to him.” A voice sounded behind Jiang Yuanchao. Wang Peng looked up behind Jiang Yuanchao and saw that it was Shi Lei.

Shi Lei didn’t pay attention at first as he thought that Jiang Yuanchao would at least notify him when he first arrived. However, chaos arose again and people were discussing that something awesome was happening. Then, people were shouting that there was a fight. Shi Lei knew that something was wrong and he rushed over.

Shi Lei’s head hurt from the scene in front of his eyes. He didn’t think that this was how Jiang Yuanchao was going to solve the problem. He intentionally did some research when he was waiting for Jiang Yuanchao and found out that this property belong to Jiang Yuanchao. It was the type of project that supported the government but couldn’t really earn any money. Shi Lei thought that Jiang Yuanchao would use his identity as the prince and order the property manager to say that he didn’t promise Wang Peng anything. This would have made Wang Peng’s argument be completely unreasonable. Even if the police station wanted to side with him, they would have to consider more evidence as Jiang Yuanchao was present.

However, he never imagined that Jiang Yuanchao would be so violent and pushed the car with his car.

Seeing that Wang Peng was trying to probe, Shi Lei revealed Jiang Yuanchao’s identity. They couldn’t hide it anyway and Jiang Yuanchao obviously didn’t plan to hide it either.

Wang Peng didn’t question that Shi Lei was lying. His heart sank as he knew with Jiang Yuanchao on the Lin family’s side, the property here would definitely help the Lin family. Then,the police station wouldn’t be able to side with him so obviously now.

Jiangyang Property was a rather big business in the city. It covered almost the entire Runzhou and they had many branch companies in the nearby regions. Although Wang Peng didn’t know the details, the owner of Jiangyang Property was definitely a guest to leading people such as a person at the vice mayor level who was someone Wang Peng could never offend.

At this moment, Jiang Yuanchao seemed to remember something. He yelled to the gathering crowd, “Where are the people from the property when something this big is happening? Why is no one here? Why are you all just standing here and watching them misbehave? I’m Jiang Yuanchao. Hurry up and call your manager over. If he doesn’t come within two minutes, never come again.”

The crowd clamored. In fact, there were staff who camouflaged in the crowd. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to take part in it but that they didn’t dare to. They could only watch the drama from the side and hope that the families solve it between themselves. After all, they didn’t earn much from this and all the staff were only there to earn money to live. Who would want to make trouble for themselves?

But Jiang Yuanchao came. The prince of their company came and the staff couldn’t just sit there anymore.

Someone ran and notified the manager. The manager also jumped after picking up the call and thought, what the hell happened that made the prince come here? He quickly ran towards the entrance anxiously and he was worried whether he could keep the job or not.

At the entrance, Shi Lei patted Jiang Yuanchao’s shoulder and spoke in a low voice, “Brother Jiangyuan, the way you solved this is really…”

He then turned around to Wang Peng, “Mr. Wang, I want to know. Who do you think is the problem that made the chaos here today?”
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