Chapter 377 - The Person Song Miaomiao’s Most Afraid Of

Chapter 377 - The Person Song Miaomiao’s Most Afraid Of

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Shi Lei felt ridiculous. Because someone she was unwilling to see went to her house, she gave up on eating and drove more than 200 kilometers to devour skewers in the car?

Alright. As expected, he couldn’t analyse a crazy woman’s thinking in a normal way.

Shi Lei was speechless as he watched Song Miaomiao who yelled that she was going to die from the spice and still continued to eat. Occasionally, he kindly passed coke to her and Song Miaomiao chugged it down without hesitation.

“What’s fun to do in Runzhou? There were so many people last time and I didn’t get to hang around,” Song Miaomiao was almost done with eating. She asked while chewing on the last cartilage.

Shi Lei shook his head, “You can go to the place where Madame Snake bathes during the day. But where can you go at this hour? Bars and Karaokes. It’s the same in every city and Runzhou’s bars and Karaoke equipment are definitely not as good as Xixi.”

“True. Then let’s go to a hotel and have sex…” Song Miaomiao looked at Shi Lei pervertedly as if she wouldn’t give up until she does it.

Shi Lei glared at her, “Just try…”

“Just because you are better at fighting than me… Ah, I wasn’t scared of anything in my whole life and even my Dad couldn’t control me yet you can. Well, that’s fine. Since you are my love, I’ll let you do it. But… Ah… That guy… Tell me. Why am I always scared whenever I see him since I was a child?”

Shi Lei heard Song Miaomiao talked to herself and his heart skipped slightly faster.

The person Song Miaomiao didn’t want to see…

The person Song Miaomiao was scared of…

Shi Lei remembered that his second encounter with Song Miaomiao was at Wuwei Lounge and that was a coincidence.

When they were there, Shi Lei and Wei Qing were sitting in the hall together waiting for Yu Banzhi. Then, Song Miaomiao appeared. Of course, Song Miaomiao acted like a total, young master at that time and Wei Qing’s legs almost turned to jelly from her strong aura.

However, Wei Qing also had his way of handling Song Miaomiao.

When Song Miaomiao was about to request to join their meal, Wei Qing lightly said that they were waiting for Yu Banzhi and Song Miaomiao left immediately.

At that time, he felt like Song Miaomiao seemed scared of Yu Banzhi.

But now, Song Miaomiao said that the only person she was kind of scared of other than Shi Lei could be Yu Banzhi.

Perhaps the person who appeared in her house today was Yu Banzhi?!

He related that Yu Banzhi was currently dealing with the Wei family. The possibility for him to appear in the Song family house was high.

Shi Lei abruptly slapped his leg and made Song Miaomiao jump.

“The person you are hiding from is Brother Yu Banzhi?”

Song Miaomiao nodded, “I thought you guessed it a long time ago. There is no one else who can make me hide other than him. I don’t know what the hell he’s up to. When it was my Grandpa’s birthday, he only sent over a present without showing up. But today, he came without being invited and knocked on the door without telling us ahead of time. My Dad wasn’t home at that time. He came in and ordered my family’s nanny as his own to call my Dad. When Dad received the call, he really threw aside all his business and came home.”

Shi Lei narrowed his eyes again. Was Yu Banzhi trying to completely destroy the Wei family? It wasn’t enough for him to contact the people from the same province? He even had to contact people from the next province?

And if Song Miaomiao’s father could leave his business aside and go home to meet Yu Banzhi, it was most likely because he had heard something about this already. Perhaps he was one of the participants from the very beginning. At the very least, going back immediately to see Yu Banzhi showed his attitude that he was probably interested in destroying the Wei family.

Wei Ye, Wei Ye, how on earth did you offend so many people?

In fact, Shi Lei understood that many things weren’t based on whether people were offended or not at that level. As soon as it was connected to their profits in all areas, they would kill you whether or not you offended them.

As for what method they used, it wasn’t important anymore. No one in this world who could reach a position like that was completely clean. There were always something that could be used by others.

The reason why these dirty people were safe was because no one wanted you dead. But if someone wanted to and they had the capability to, the things you did many many years ago came with a price. And those things would put the last nail in your coffin shut.

Shi Lei briefly knew that when a war erupted at Wei Ye and Yu Banzhi’s level, as soon as they tried their hardest, one side would perish. And they weren’t fighting for whether who was more unclean. It was about who could take the initiative and find more helpers.

This was like a battle between two martial arts masters. The complicated attacks were useless and the only useful thing was that the two masters use their palms and fight, competing for stronger internal forces.

Connections and authorities were the internal forces of Yu Banzhi and Wei Ye.

Yu Banzhi was seeking the Song family for help. Wei Ye was definitely seeking others for help too.

Of course, they will pay the price for it, but paying the price was better than getting destroyed by the opponent.

Although the current situation put the Wei family at a greater disadvantage, it was impossible for him to annihilate the military-like Yu family completely no matter how ambitious and fierce it was.

Hence, the current situation was that Yu Banzhi was attacking and Wei Ye was defending.

As the attacker, Yu Banzhi could give what he gets after defeating Wei Ye without even have to sacrifice anything himself. But as the defender, Wei Ye was facing difficulties. Even if he could keep the family alive, he must cut a giant piece of meat off himself and it would be unbearable to see the bloody flesh.

Of course, Shi Lei didn’t care about these. Yu Banzhi was rather close with him but Shi Lei didn’t know why Yu Banzhi had to target the Wei family. What Shi Lei cared about was Wei Xingyue, who was going to be dragged into everything when it all starts. If something happened to Wei Ye, Wei Xingyue must live.

Wei Xingyue’s disappearance was the best proof. Wei Ye said that she was fine but Shi Lei didn’t believe it at all. She was most likely forced by Wei Ye to find a certain someone who was powerful enough to protect their family. Shi Lei didn’t dare to imagine what price Wei Xingyue had to pay. Someone like Wei Ye would definitely not mind using his daughter to exchange for the safety of the family.

Marriage(1)? It was the only possibility Shi Lei could think of.

But it was unreasonable as the miss of the Wei family was about decline in wealth and power. They no longer possessed value for the marriage. If they talked about beauty, there were girls who were prettier than Wei Xingyue in the world. At this point, what could a woman sacrifice other than herself?

Shji Lei thought that he didn’t have enough brain cells as every single possibility he thought of was denied.

He froze for a long time, unable to figure out anything.

Perhaps he should really talk to Chen Yanv. Not to ask for any help, but to ask her to analyse it and at least let Shi Lei know what Wei Xingyue was doing!

“Oi, isn’t Yu Banzhi your brother? He seems to be close to you. Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost when you hear his name?” Song Miaomiao pushed Shi Lei hard and Shi Lei smiled bitterly, Yu Banzhi is even scarier than a ghost in my heart right now.
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