Chapter 383 - Wei Family’s Power Of Fighting Back

Chapter 383 - Wei Family’s Power Of Fighting Back

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Song Miaomiao was analysing as Shi Lei listened attentively while trying to ignore the beauty in front of him.

“Rather than money, the Yu family wants the ferry ticket to reach a higher level, at least to the level of what my grandpa was at that year. After defeating the Wei family, the people who could have a share of it will all become stairs for Yu Banzhi’s father to step higher. He wasn’t far from it and if he can cut the Wei family into pieces reasonably, then the Yu family can reach the position which they’ve also desired in two years. This is the most important information of all.”

Shi Lei nodded and cut in, “But Yu Banzhi’s father is old. He can only serve for one term. Is it that attractive to him?”

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes, “Is one term not enough? How many people were there the last term? If they sit in the position those people reached, the next three generations of the Yu family don’t have to worry. Shi Lei, you need to know that although things that Yu Banzhi are doing now can’t be revealed to the outside, they are all legal investments. However, he is indeed violating certain rules. The Yu family knows about this and that’s why they need much greater protection. It is the so-called legal but unreasonable actions. As soon as the family succeeds, there is no problem for Yu Banzhi to transfer over and his wealth can even be used for the next generation.”

Shi Lei half understood it and hoped that Song Miaomiao could explain more.

“And what you said about Yu Banzhi’s father being quite old, they are in more of a hurry because of this. If they can’t reach the position after two years, he will almost certainly lose all his chances to advance. The next round is five years later. So from my perspective, Yu Banzhi or the Yu family didn’t pick the most appropriate time as the Wei family can still fight back. However, the Yu family doesn’t have time and they must finish arranging everything this year. Because of this, the Yu family needs to pay a great price in order to defeat the Wei. Of course, all the price are worth it in their eyes. Rather than having mountains of gold that they can’t show, they are determined and are giving it a shot. With Yu Banzhi’s ability, they can take everything they end up losing for ten years.”

“It’s for the sake of letting the next generation use the wealth righteously?”

“Is that not enough? This is such a sensitive topic and if they lose their focus once, they may lose the whole game. If they want to win or be in an undefeatable position, they must make the others too scared to have plans against them. Shi Lei, I’m not boasting, but as long as my grandpa is alive, my Song family is as strong as a golden wall. This is because he served one term in the position. The Yu family isn’t giving themselves room to back off because they want Wudong to return to the state of contesting between two families. Three families are too stable and it’s not beneficial for them. When they defeat the Wei, although it will look like their family got severely wounded, Yu Banzhi can earn it back within ten years. As for the other aspect, they will at the position that no one else can reach two years later. No matter how much heritage the Bai family has, Wudong will be the Yu family’s when Old Bai past away. You should know that Old Bai is old, even older than my grandpa. His body isn’t as well as my grandpa’s.”

Shi Lei’s heart skipped a beat and he couldn’t help but frown.

So the Yu family acted with considerations of their position in Wudong in the future. Speaking of this, the Bai family may indeed help the Wei family. Old Bai isn’t too ambitious as he only wanted to maintain the current situation. To the Bai family, having three families opposing each other was better than two families fighting for the top.

Since Song Miaomiao could think of this, it was impossible for Old Bai to be blind to the Yu family’s ambition. Hence, if it was done appropriately, he may really help the Wei family to find the helper of the Bai family.

However, Song Miaomiao seemed to see through Shi Lei, “Don’t think so nicely of it. The Bai family definitely won’t help the Wei even if they know that the Yu family wants to stand on top of them in the future. They will definitely not jump out at a time like this to oppose the Yu family. I don’t know how many people the Yu family dragged in this time but as long as my Song family is still here, Old Bai must consider carefully whether it’s worth it to offend so many families just to maintain the current situation. The Bai family had been alive for centuries. Hibernation and tolerance are the most important principles to why this family is so long-lived. They rather sit below someone else than sticking out for one.”

“So what you are saying is that the Wei family is dead for sure?” Shi Lei spoke at random but realised that something was wrong as Song Miaomiao said that the Wei family could still fight back.

“What do you mean by the Wei family can still fight back?”

Song Miaomiao smiled, “Looks like you are not a complete idiot…”

“Crazy woman, you are stupid!” Shi Lei was unwilling to always be called stupid, especially since he felt like he was winning the battle between him and the Black Card because of his high IQ.

Song Miaomiao laughed. She moved her legs from the tea table to Shi Lei’s legs and kicked him lightly, “That depends on Wei Xingyue herself.”

“This situation is so severe and unstable that even Wei Ye can’t do anything about it. What can Wei Xingyue do?”

“When Wei Xingyue was young, she had an official in Wudong as her godfather. They were giving each other benefits and helping each other. The official and the business aspects fitted well together. You said Wei Xingyue is missing. I assume that she’s probably in Didu and seeking help from her godfather. However, that man is already in the number one company and of course, he can see the situation in Wudong where he started with greater clarity. If my Song family doesn’t join, perhaps Wei Xingyue’s godfather may suppress the Yu family a little. However, if my Dad decides to join with Yu Banzhi, then Wei Xingyue’s godfather has to consider it. Of course, even so, it’s not certain that he won’t help as it depends on how much the Wei family is willing to pay.”

Shi Lei pushed Song Miaomiao’s legs off of him, “What price can they pay? They can’t make Wei Xingyue serve that old guy, can they?”

Song Miaomiao looked at Shi Lei in surprise and shook her head, “I didn’t know that you are so perverted. He’s seriously her godfather and not what you think it is. Even if Wei Xingyue is the most beautiful person in your eyes, he’s in such a high position. Why would he still care about looks? Not to mention that he took Wei Xingyue in as his goddaughter because the two families could receive benefits from each other. It’s nowhere near what you think.”

Shi Lei was silent before he forcefully explained, “I wasn’t thinking pervertedly. I’m just saying that he’s a teammate who fought along. Now that his old friend is in danger, wouldn’t he be inconsiderate of their friendship if he just watches from the side?”

“Friendship? Haha, Shi Lei, you really are naive, stupid and sweet. But that’s the kind of person I like.” Song Miaomiao spoke and put her legs on Shi Lei’s legs again, kicking him lightly.

“Although they fought together at that time, he’s at the top there now. Plus that, they were just using each other. Didn’t the Wei family also receive benefits from that person’s reign? Look at things simpler without involving emotions. They had a deal; one needed help in reign and one needed wealth. They took what they needed from each other.”

Song Miaomiao touched Shi Lei with her feet everywhere and suddenly spoke, “Huh, you really don’t have any reactions. Am I that unattractive to you?”
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