Chapter 388 - Little Spy Collie On Mission

Chapter 388 - Little Spy Collie On Mission

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Bai Shu walked over in shock and made a big fuss, “Brother Shitou, are you professional in breeding dogs or something? Damn. We tried to catch it for so long yet it came over when you said so?”

Shi Lei smiled without talking. He stood up and waved at the collie. It followed Shi Lei into the room tamely.

Shi Lei gave a simple order of telling it to stay in the room without going anywhere. The collie entered the room, found a chair, jumped on it, and stayed there without moving.

Those children probably had never seen such a tame dog and they were all curious as they surrounded it and tried to play with it. On the other hand, Shi Lei spoke, “I heard someone say that there was a miniature camera installed outside. I don’t think that’s good. It can record us coming in and out for parties.”

Bai Shu nodded first in agreement, “Right. I didn’t think of it just then. Damn, Little Lin, you shouldn’t have done it.”

The boy addressed as Little Lin walked out gloomily, “I just thought that it might be safer to have a security camera here.”

“You are safe, but we are in trouble. Hurry up and get rid of the camera,” another person spoke up as it seemed like he didn’t like it.

Little Lin didn’t dare to say more as he quickly ran outside. When he went past Shi Lei, Shi Lei patted his shoulder, “I’m not doing it on purpose but I really think that it’s not good. Let’s go, I’ll help you. You guys keep an eye on this dog. Someone send it back later.”

There were four cameras in total which covered the entire front of the house. There was a ladder in the yard and Little Lin climbed up to uninstall them.

He threw the first uninstalled camera at Shi Lei and proceeded to the next.

Shi Lei held the cameras in his hands and as expected, they were only slightly bigger than the nail from his thumb. There was a small antenna on it which was most likely for wireless reception.

He pretended to ask for advice, “What do we do about these?”

Little Lin continued to uninstall them as he spoke, “Brother-in-law, just step on them and break them in any way you like so that they won’t be worried that I’ll take it back and install it somewhere else.”

Shi Lei secretly kept on and broke the rest.

“By the way, how do you use this? Can you buy these online?”

“This is what my family does. If brother-in-law wants some, just call me. What do you need it for? Oh, right, the dog listened to you well. Do you also have a pet at home? It’s great for monitoring your pet in the living room. Just install one on two opposite ceilings and it can cover the whole room. There’s also a type with a small speaker and it’s just slightly bigger. You can talk into the phone and you can keep your pets in control.”

Shi Lei, “Mhm, I was thinking of installing one at home.”

“It’s easy to use. Download an app online and connect it to your phone. Connect the thing with your home wifi and no matter how far you are, you can check through your phone as long as you have internet. It’s in high definition and is very smooth.”

Little Lin climbed down with the last one in his hands. He threw it onto the ground and stomped on it, “Brother-in-law. Testify for me that I took down all of them.”

“You didn’t install any inside, did you?"

“How can I? I don’t dare to install it inside. When this bunch of people gets drunk sometimes, they will be hugging and running around inside. If that’s recorded, we will all be in trouble,” Little Lin scratched his head with an awkward smile. He took out his phone and showed it to Shi Lei, “Look, this is the app. My family developed it and it’s great. I’m not boasting but my Dad said that it’s a Russian military technology. Although the daily life version can’t be compared to the real military ones, it’s definitely the best amongst the normal use models. On Runzhou’s streets, six or seven out of ten security cameras are from my family business.”

Shi Lei looked at the app and remembered its name. He downloaded it as they walked back.

“This is your house?” Shi Lei asked casually.

Little Lin nodded, “Yep. Isn’t there a lounge at the front? My Dad thought that we can build one here too. But after the building was built, the people from the lounge came over saying that it was not good. They have more connections and even Brother Bai Shu spoke for my family, but they still disapproved. My Dad couldn’t convince them so he just left the house here. Luckily, that land was cheap at the time so it was fine. After that, it became the venue for parties. The lounge saw that we were all kids and they didn’t say anything about it.”

“So you are familiar with people from the lounge??

Little Lin shrugged as he pulled the door opened and let Shi Lei in first, “Not exactly familiar, but they know me. I don’t go home after parties often since I have to come over the next day. I went to the lounge a few times for food and there isn’t even a restaurant around here. The owner of the lounge is quite nice. He saw that I went to eat and specifically told the staff to not take my money, haha.”

“Then you should take the dog back to them.”

“I can, but you have to go with me. I’ve been scared of dogs ever since I was small and I’m too scared to take it there myself.”

His words were exactly what Shi Lei wanted. He walked inside and called the collie over. Shi Lei pretended to squat down and stroke its fur, but instead, he installed the miniature camera on the collar. The collie’s fur was rather long and it hid the camera well.

Shi Lei told Bai Shu and walked towards the lounge which was 200 meters away with Little Lin. A few minutes later, they arrived at the door. Shi Lei thought that the time for the Animal Language Card was almost over. He squatted down while pulling the collie back and spoke to Little Lin, “Go and tell the people at the door. I’ll wait here for you.”

Little Lin nodded as he ran to the guards while Shi Lei took out his phone and showed the photo of Vice Mayor Bai he found online to the collie, “Can you remember this person?”

The collie barked softly saying that it was smart and that there was no problem.

Shi Lei patted its head and complemented, “Good boy! After you go in, find this person and stay close to him no matter what. It’s the best if you lay on the floor and face this person.”

The collie barked softly again in understanding.

“After this person is gone, run out and it will be the best if you can come to find me.”

The collie barked clearly this time.

At this time, the security guard came over with Little Lin and immediately called out as he saw it, “Aiyo, it’s really you, Bei Ta. If you don’t come back, I’m going to be fired. Thank you, thank you, you two!” The security guard continued to thank them and Shi Lei smiled as he saw the guard take the collie named Bei Ta in.

When they parted, Bei Ta barked twice at Shi Lei again but Shi Lei could no longer understand what it was saying.

After Bei Ta returned to the lounge, it wandered upstairs and the guard didn’t mind since Bei Ta was tame and didn’t cause any trouble.

It wandered around in a big circle and successfully found Vice Mayor Bai. Yu Banzhi was sitting opposite to him and they were both smoking cigars. Bei Ta jumped next to Yu Banzhi and settled on the couch next to him with its head facing Vice Mayor Bai.
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