Chapter 40 - Rip Off

Chapter 40 - Rip Off

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As to how Shi Lei suddenly had a pretty loli as girlfriend, the people from Shi Lei’s dorm obviously expressed their dissatisfaction.

They complained to Shi Lei for the whole afternoon and the saliva they spat out were almost enough for him to take a shower. To this, Shi Lei just ignored them.

The point was that he really wanted to use violence, but the opposite party had three people, plus Zhang Mo had so much fat that he could tank all the damage for the other two, Shi Lei could only hold himself back.

Looking at those three feeling righteous and spitting their saliva all over Shi Lei, he cried and mumbled repeatedly: My heart is bitter but I’m too scared to say it. Eventually, it ended with those three united together and wanted Shi Lei to treat them to a meal.

Shi Lei was relieved from the burden: “Isn’t it just a meal? Just say it, did you really need to trash talk me for the whole afternoon?”

Three of them panted from tiredness. Zhang Mo straightened his waist, which was thicker than his shoulder and attempted to make himself look more righteous and virtuous. He said: “You think it’s gonna be a simple meal? We want seafood, big seafood, don’t you dare just give us clam with vermicelli.”

Xu Yi also said extremely righteously: “Yea, we want lobster, big lobster, Boston, no, Australian lobsters! The blue ones.”

“And abalone, with eight heads…….”

Before Luo Ming could finish his sentence, Zhang Mo’s meatball like hands slapped him on the back of his head: “Are you crazy? We need two head abalone. Fighting against a rich person like Shi Lei, you won’t have any satisfaction from eating eight head ones!”

Luo Ming looked at Zhang Mo foolishly and said: “Isn’t eight head ones more expensive? Eight heads, it must be big!”

Xu Yi threw a kick and swore: “Are you dumb? Your abalone has eight heads? You think it’s Yamata no Orochi(1)?”

“That what does eight head and two head mean?” Luo Ming seemed so innocent and he was filled with curiosity towards the unknown world.

Originally, Zhang Mo and Xu Yi had the match point with what they said, but with Luo Ming acting like this, it was as if punching on cotton. They didn’t even want to talk to him as they looked at him in disdain.

Shi Lei was speechless and shook his head: “Looking at your eagerness in learning new things, I’ll tell you. After the abalone is dried, its size is separated into two head, three head, four head, so on and so forth. In this case, it’s saying how many abalones there are in 500g. 500g with two abalones is two head, 520g with four abalones is four head……”

Luo Ming’s jaw dropped and he was in shock: “So that’s what it is? I thought the more heads the abalone has, the more expensive it is and more tasty! Then I want a two head one, no, one head!”

Even Shi Lei couldn’t hold it anymore as he lifted his leg and stepped it on Luo Ming’s face: “One head? Cut off your head and dry it, and see if that’s one head. Don’t even think about two head, I can’t afford it. Even if I could afford it, it’s hard to find. Do you really think it’s everywhere on the street?”

“Cut the bullshit, big seafood, yeah or nah?” Zhang Mo asked forcefully.

Shi Lei said lazily: “It’s just a meal. I said you don’t need to make such a big fuss over it. It’s such a nice afternoon and I wasted it. I’m gonna go wash my face, then let’s go get lobster and abalone……”

With that, Shi Lei took out his towel, swung it over his shoulders and walked towards the washroom.

When Shi Lei led Zhang Mo and the others into that seafood restaurant, the waiter jumped up and ran towards the counter without saying ‘welcome’.

As he ran, he yelled: “Manager, that lobster crazed person is back…….” Shi Lei was speechless.

But the manager was rather composed. It didn’t matter how odd Shi Lei’s inquiries were, but at least Shi Lei was giving him money. Plus, although they were weird inquiries, they didn’t make things hard for him at all and Shi Lei never hesitated to pay. The manager greeted him with a smile and was so close to bowing: “Mr. Shi, you are here again?! You haven’t been here for a while, I thought you were sick of it. So, do you have another new way of eating it today?”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes and thought, do you really think I want to eat that much? The protein is so high that he’ll get sick if he ate too much? The manager just happened to mention what he didn’t want to recall as Shi Lei’s face gradually heated up.

Especially that Zhang Mo and the others’ glances towards him was weird. Zhang Mo said meaningly: “Quite familiar with them, aren’t you? Looks like you came here quite a lot without us, huh?”

Shi Lei smiled bitterly and shook his head. Zhang Mo was angry: “Hey, you are denying it? Uh, manager, you are the manager, right?” Zhang Mo turned towards the manager of the restaurant. The manager was still looking at Zhang Mo’s physique, but as he saw that he was asking him a question, he nodded hurriedly. Zhang Mo said again: “Does this guy come to your restaurant often? And he’s always by himself?”

The manager glanced at Shi Lei and nodded in silence.

Zhang Mo shook his at least 15kg head and sighed: “This guy, I thought you were someone who liked women more than bros since you hid your pretty girlfriend away from us. Now I know, you are nothing like that, but a moneygrubber! Oh, no, to be more accurate, you are a miser. Man, look at you. You have so much money, what’s wrong with treating us, bros, lobsters once in a while? Did you really have to come here by yourself secretly? Tsk tsk, the wealthier you are, the stingier you are!”

As he said that, Zhang Mo walked towards the glass tanks where the seafood was and pointed towards the lobsters: “Ahhh, this really makes me sad. I’m so tired from lecturing you the whole afternoon and my energy won’t come back unless I eat two lobsters. Uh, manager, get us two Australian lobsters first, I’ll call for more if it’s not enough.”

The manager looked at Shi Lei and Shi Lei was speechless. He waved his hands and said: “Two! Also give us four of the biggest abalone you have, and one shark fin for each one of us…….”

“Can I have two? Shark fin is a good thing.” Luo Ming butted in.

Shi Lei looked at him and sighed: “Then they can have two each, one is enough for me. Do you also want two bird nests each?”

Luo Ming and Xu Yi nodded furiously together. The manager recorded it down but secretly thought, what kind of friends do this Mr. Shi has? Didn’t people say that the rich usually make friends with the rich? But what’s up with these ones?

They ordered a few more dishes and they weren’t being courteous with Shi Lei at all. After they finished ordering, the three of them were still wandering around the tanks as their eyes shone in green. It looked like if it wasn’t for them having limited space for stomach, they would really take away the entire seafood restaurant home.

The bill was more than 8,000 yuan. Zhang Mo and the others touched their stomach which was so heavy that they could not stand up, they finally felt kind of sorry.

“Uh……” Before Zhang Mo opened his mouth, he burped and it was filled with the smell of seafood.

“Uh, Stone, did we go overboard?”

Luo Ming and Xu Yi also blushed as they looked at Shi Lei. Shi Lei laughed and said lightly: “It’s fine, it’s understandable to have it your way occasionally.”

Zhang Mo’s small eyes turned and said happily: “Occasionally sounds good, but not too often. Once a month? No, no, no, that’s looking down on him. To our wealthy Shitou, let’s do once a week! After this, every Wednesday would be our dorm’s day. How does that sound, wealthy Shitou?”

Shi Lei was also concise with his words: “Fuck off!” He also accompanied his words with the middle finger.

Yamata no Orochi(1): Translates to Eight-Forked Serpent, a legendary eight-headed serpent. Here is the link to the story is anyone's interested :D
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