Chapter 402 - The Details Of Levels Of Intimacy

Chapter 402 - The Details Of Levels Of Intimacy

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After clicking the details of the levels of intimacy, a small menu didn’t appear. Instead, a page similar to a pop-up ad showed up.

On the page, the different values were clearly arranged from zero to one hundred.

Shi Lei looked at it and he was extremely delighted. It didn’t only include the details of the different levels, but it also included actions that could be achieved at different levels of intimacy. It meant that Shi Lei didn’t need to inquire about the level of intimacy for everyone as he could clearly know which stage he was at with a certain individual based on the intimate actions listed above.

Zero points: no interactions.

It was the simplest one.

One to ten: walked past each other, asked about directions, or polite body touches.

It meant that Shi Lei would have a certain level of intimacy with every person he walked past. However, it was extremely low and Shi Lei assumed it would only be around one point. Asking about directions would probably be worth two or three points since they would’ve talked. It meant that if Shi Lei went to a small supermarket and bought a packet of tissues, he would have two to three points of intimacy with the owner as they would have spoken to each other. Polite body touches meant normal greetings such as shaking hands and it would likely be more than five points.

Eleven to twenty points: exchanged each other’s name, communicated with each other and remembered each other.

It was simple to explain. The two were in the stage of introductions. They perhaps met on the internet and communicated once or twice. If they saw the ID somewhere else, they would recall each other.

Twenty-one to thirty points: more in-depth communication.

This was more ambiguous and Shi Lei needed to figure it out himself.

Thirty-one to forty points: they have a partial understanding of each other’s attributes and some information.

This was rather ambiguous too, but it was easier to comprehend compared to the previous one. The so-called attributes and information were characteristics like height, age, horoscope, blood type, and even hobbies. In real life, it would count as a good friend already and online, it would be a close online friend.

Forty-one to fifty points: has each other’s contacts including social media accounts and more.

This meant that the two people had a more stable contact. Of course, it may just be a like on one’s WeChat post or replies to a message on Weibo, but it had to be two way, not one way.

Fifty-one points to sixty: knows some of their friends and family and their social attributes.

Knowing their friends and family was becoming part of their friendship circle. As for social attributes, it was most likely from work or school, as well as the roles they played in the society.

Sixty-one to seventy points: more body languages with consistent contact over two years (you are allowed to check with allowance for participating in the consumption of the Black Card’s money).

Shi Lei smiled at this one. It was inevitable to holds hands and drape arms over friends’ shoulders amongst friends. However, they had to know each other for a long time. This level was the level between him and others like Zhang Mo.

Seventy-one to eighty: kissed and confirmed a romantic relationship. Intimate body touch and constant communication over five years or related by family (you are allowed to check with the rules of gifting others).

Shi Lei froze and he almost cold-sweated.

He gifted Wei Xingyue presents before and luckily, they kissed after they were drunk. If they only hugged each other to sleep, he would only achieve one of the requirements.

Shi Lei didn’t realize and didn’t think about what “allowed to check with allowance for participating in the consumption of the Black Card’s money” meant. But compared to this, the answer was obvious. It was obviously referring to Shi Lei treating others to food, drinks, and other activities. He could only participate and he could not accept any gifts.

Luckily, Shi Lei hadn’t given Zhang Mo and the others any gifts. Otherwise, those consumptions wouldn’t be calculated within the total.

He was really lucky. Without him knowing, Shi Lei haven’t violated any of these rules. Otherwise, he would be a corpse right now.

Sun Yiyi’s side was fine too. They had constant contact over five years and it was the same as Sun Yiyi’s mother. Not to mention that there was also the slave agreement which Sun Yiyi gave to Shi Lei. With that agreement, Sun Yiyi was Shi Lei’s in the Black Card’s perspective and there was no problem with how much money Shi Lei spent on her.

However, Shi Lei also gave Zhang Liangliang something, but er’jie…

Shi Lei recalled that he accidentally touched Zhang Liangliang’s chest and perhaps that was considered intimate body touch.

Shi Lei couldn’t help but feel scared. It was too close. He was too close to dying.

Eighty-one to ninety points: confirmed to be a couple for a year or longer with constant touching. Others include family and blood-related with constant contact over ten years.

In other words, two people had to be in a relationship for over a year. They could also be like Shi Lei with Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao. They kissed multiple times, hugged, and slept together. The only thing they didn’t do was have sex.

The content in the brackets was more interesting. It meant that Shi Lei could gift others cash from the sum. However, it was only limited to favors and connections such as marriage, celebrating newborn children, and situations where he needed to give red pockets. There were no details of how to handle it exactly and didn’t explain any further. Shi Lei warned himself to not mess with it. If he accidentally gave too much money out, something was going to happen. Shi Lei had to use his own money since he didn’t need too much for these kinds of occasions.

Ninety-one to ninety-nine points: soul mates who had a constant contact for over twenty years or blood-related (the amount cannot exceed ten percent of the Black Card’s total sum).

Soulmate was a rather ambiguous word. It was easy to comprehend friendships over twenty years and it was more interesting to hear that he was allowed to gift ten percent of the sum. Shi Lei was sure that he could give ten percent of the Black Card’s money to his parents, but of course, they would then have to finish spending it before the calculation day.

Shi Lei thought that with the current sum of a million, he could give his parents 100,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan each. However, Shi Lei didn’t believe that they would spend it all before the calculation day unless something big happened that made them buy a new house or a new car. But if that was the case, Shi Lei could just buy it and give it to them. Then, it would be a gift, and he would not be gifting them money from the sum itself.

Hence, this point was rather meaningless.

One hundred points: create a contract and complete it (allowed to spend the sum together).

Shi Lei was astonished. Could one hundred intimacy points be achieved through a contract? Of course, it included oral contracts, which meant that as soon as Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi had sex or he slept with Song Miaomiao, he could reach full points with these two. It also meant that these two could take Shi Lei’s money and spend it.

Of course, Shi Lei believed that it also had to be spent before the calculation day.

It was forcing Shi Lei to constantly make contracts and complete it with others. In that way, more people could spend money for Shi Lei and it didn’t seem to be that difficult when he was at ten or one hundred billion.

However, he had to be careful with it too. First, he had complete the consumption before the calculation day and second, the person who helped to consume had to also obey the Black Card’s rules strictly. It was a small problem but it should be solved.

However, did Shi Lei have to continuously create a contract before having sex with women and then do it? Was it a Black Card or a Yellow Card? It was so perverted.

Quickly, Shi Lei realized that he was affected by his usual way of thinking again. The contract didn’t have to be about having sex. It could be other be about other things too. There were many ways to it.
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