Chapter 408 - The Way To Help

Chapter 408 - The Way To Help

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Shi Lei drove to Wudong’s South Station and it was a newly built station for the new high-speed rail. He left the car in the parking lot and ran to the ticket box.

His phone rang and it was a call from Wei Puti.

“I’m at the station. Where are you?” Wei Puti’s voice was ice cold, which was completely different from her sister.

Shi Lei replied, “I’m at the ticket box…”

Wei Puti obviously started to speed walk and replied quickly, “Okay, I see you!”

Then, Shi Lei saw Wei Puti who was dressed in fire red clothing appear at the door. Her body and waist were alluringly attractive but her face was so cold that no one dared to approach her.

“ID,” Wei Puti said concisely.

Shi Lei passed his ID to her and Wei Puti quickly bought the soonest ticket on the self-service ticket machine, which was departing in fifteen minutes.

Wei Puti asked as they walked to the great hall together, “Do you know everything about what happened to my sister?”

Shi Lei nodded, “Wei Ye told me.”

Wei Puti nodded and remained silent.

When they walked to the ticket gate, the checking almost ended. They quickly walked down the stairs and boarded the train the second before it closed its doors and moved forward.

Wei Puti bought business class tickets and after they found the area, there were the only two people there.

Because it was from Wudong straight to Didu without stops in between, it meant that no one else was going to come in.

The crew came in to check the tickets and gave them their drinks and snacks before asking politely if they had any other requests.

Wei Put replied coldly, “I have some business to attend to with this man. If no accidents happen during the whole trip, please don’t come in and disturb us.”

The crew smiled and nodded in agreement and left.

After both of them settled down, Wei Puti picked up the water next to her hand and asked after taking a sip, “You like my sister?”

Shi Lei froze for a second. Even now, he didn’t know how to answer that question.

He thought about it carefully and decided to follow his heart.

“Yes, I do. I didn’t feel that before, but after Xingyue disappeared, I finally realized how important she is in my heart.”

“My sister also likes you. She likes you so much that she won’t marry anyone else other than you. You must save her and she must live. If you dare to bully her, I will not let you go even as a ghost.”

Shi Lei looked at Wei Puti in shock and his heart sank. He knew that Wei Puti was ready to die. As soon as the Wei family was destroyed, she wouldn’t have any hope of escaping. However, she was wishful that someone could keep Wei Xingyue safe.

“I will try my best,” Shi Lei took a deep breath.

Wei Puti glanced at him and spoke again, “I don’t care whether you will try your best or not. I only know that if you can’t save my sister in the end, I will kill you first and make you wait for her down there.”

Shi Lei was speechless. His sister-in-law seemed to be a bit too ferocious. He could see that she must’ve physically trained before. Otherwise, she could only defeat a martial arts master in her dreams.

Of course, Shi Lei wasn’t in the mood to discuss that, “Tell me more about your sister’s recent situations.”

Wei Puti drank another mouthful of water again as she seemed to love drinking water, “When my sister left to go to your house that day, she knew that the Yu family was going to touch us. She actually went to bid farewell to you. Then, she went to Didu as she has a grandfather there…”

Shi Lei cut Wei Puti’s words off, “I know everything before she went to Didu. Skip it and tell me what happened after that.”

Wei Puti looked at Shi Lei in astonishment as if she was wondering why Shi Lei knew so much about it. However, she did not ask and continued, “After my sister went to Didu, she went straight to her grandfather’s house. However, they didn’t even let her in. She stood there from sunrise to the middle of the night. After her grandfather came back, he didn’t even glance at her. This happened day after day. On New Year’s Eve, everyone else gathered together with their family at home and that small building was also filled with laughter, but she left silently when that family’s lights turned on. She stayed in the hotel by herself without even eating. Then, on the first of the New Year, she went to give her grandfather greetings as a tradition. It was a habit that formed after she became his granddaughter and it had never changed for ten years. Finally, that superior grandfather finally let my sister into the house under his daughter’s persuasion and talked to her.”

“What did he say?” Shi Lei straightened his back in his seat.

“He said that the Wei family asked for it. Without the Yu family, there would be the Zhao, Qian, Sun Li families, and more. Hence, he wasn’t going to help. Then, he said that his third son liked my sister for many years and he will keep my sister safe if she agrees to marry into his family. My sister was forced to agree. She said that she would marry his son if he helped my whole family. But that powerful person said he can at most save only me. Humph! Who cares?!” Wei Puti clenched her teeth tightly.

Shi Lei felt a stream of hot air gush into his brain as he fumed, “He asked Xingyue to marry his third son? Isn’t he taking advantage of her at a time like this?”

Wei Puti’s glance towards Shi Lei finally warmed up a little as she sighed, “Not really. This is actually a good intention.”

“Taking advantage of others is a good intention?”

“He said that he wanted to help but there was no good reason. Also. my father and older brother committed too many sins to be saved. A small move may impact everything else. What he meant was marrying his son was only for the sake of covering others’ ears and eyes. In other words, it was an excuse to protect my sister. If that’s the case, whether it’s the Yu family or any other family, whoever participates won’t be able to say anything. After two or three years when his son passes away from illness, my sister will still be his family’s daughter-in-law and won’t intervene her from remarrying.“ ”

Shi Lei fell silent.

Although this was f*cked up, he couldn’t deny that the elder was indeed good willed.

He didn’t really understand the details of the schemes and competitions for power and authority at a social level like this. However, he could understand that if the elder stubbornly tried to save the entire Wei family, it was the same as offending everyone who participated in this. He would bring himself an unerasable stain and it would damage his family’s benefits greatly.

Just like how the Yu family wasn’t exactly bad or good to the Wei family, and regardless of whether it was good or bad for the Wei family to run around, the elder’s decision was always based on his profits. This way of thinking was neither good nor bad; it was logical.

It wasn’t an easy question like one plus one.

However, Shi Lei found the way to solve the question from Wei Puti’s words.

He could at least prevent Wei Xingyue from marrying the elder’s third son and still be able to receive his help. The so-called excuse that Wei Xingyue’s identity as his granddaughter wasn’t good enough was not very strong. If he wanted to help, who wouldn’t give the elder face?

Saving the Wei family was impossible. Saving Wei Xingyue was not that hard.
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