Chapter 409 - Waking Up

Chapter 409 - Waking Up

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As expected, Shi Lei was stopped by two soldiers outside the special ward.

They were rather polite and expressed that no one was allowed to go in without orders even if Wei Puti could prove that she was Wei Xingyue’s younger sister.

Wei Puti saw it coming and she called the older daughter of the family, the middle-aged woman. When the middle-aged woman heard that there was another man, she hesitated for a while. However, she still called the hospital and the two soldiers quickly received permission to let them in.

Wei Puti was still talking to the soldiers but Shi Lei had no intention of staying as he dashed towards the special ward.

He asked the nurse and pushed open the door to Wei Xingyue’s room.

The room wasn’t furnished in the distinguished hospital style. It was a standard hotel room. However, the medical technologies and the iv fluids on either side of the bed proved that it was still a hospital room. Of course, there was the strong smell of Lysol as well.

Wei Xingyue who was lying on the bed was quiet and elegant as usual. Her eyebrows and corners of her eyes were especially clean. But Shi Lei knew that as soon as she woke up, every smile and expression will betray her innocent looks as she would return to her bewitching and charming state.

Her thin lips were pursed tightly without redness, making her look unhealthily pale.

Other than that, Shi Lei couldn’t see that Wei Xingyue was suffering too much from her face. She seemed very peaceful as if she was only asleep.

Shi Lei sat next to the bed and held Wei Xingyue’s hand gently.

The back of her hand was pale and blue veins could be seen clearly. However, she seemed thinner than before.

Wei Puti didn’t go in but stood outside the door. She didn’t want to interrupt her sister’s private time with Shi Lei even if she was still unconscious.

Wei Puti called a nurse over and began to learn about Wei Xingyue’s situation.

Shi Lei’s face was filled with tears as he muttered, “Crazy woman. Why are you so crazy no matter what you do? Can’t you tell me about it? You went to my house the other day and pretended that nothing happened. Did you think that it may be our last time seeing each other? You didn’t have to turn off your phone. You are scared that I could find you and become involved. You thought I was a useless man who couldn’t help you, didn’t you? Hurry up and wake up, crazy woman! If you don’t wake up, how will I have sex with you? Fuck, didn’t you want to sleep with me? Wake up immediately and I’ll go to the hotel with you right now!”

Shi Lei seemed to lose control of his emotions. Tears streamed down his face and he looked up as he took out the pill that he didn’t know that the Black Card put on him.

“This thing can save you and your sister’s lives. However, if I make you eat it now, you will wake up immediately. Wei Xingyue, pick one!” Shi Lei choked with sobs and Wei Xingyue seemed blurry in front of his eyes.

However, Wei Xingyue didn’t move an inch as it was impossible for her to hear him.

Shi Lei lost even more control and yelled, “Crazy woman, hurry up and wake up! I’m ordering you as your boyfriend! The doctor said you are fine. Stop pretending!”

The nurse jumped in horror when she heard Shi Lei’s yelling. She pushed the door and was about to go in and stop him.

However, Wei Puti stopped the nurse and shook her head, “Don’t interrupt them. The one lying there is my older sister and he is the man that my sister loves the most. If he can’t wake my sister up, no one can.”

“But miss, this is a ward and he’s yelling…” The nurse panicked, “All the people who stay here are…”

Wei Puti cut off her words, “Isn’t it only dinner time? He won’t be noisy for long. I’ll take responsibility for any problems.”

The nurse eventually nodded. She didn’t know who Wei Puti was, but no ordinary people lived here. The majority of them were children and relatives of powerful officials. Wei Puti had a dominating aura and there shouldn’t be a problem if she promised to take responsibility.

“Then just for a while, he can’t continue like this for a long time.”

“Rest assured, it will just be a few more minutes.”


Shi Lei was still yelling furiously in the room, “Crazy woman, hurry up and get up! You are not the kind of person to be scared of things like this. What is there to be afraid of? Why are you scared if I’m here with you? Do you think that it’s useful to be unconscious like this? I’m telling you that your older brother is already in jail. He will be sentenced soon and unable to escape from the death penalty. Your Dad can’t help him and he will die. If you wake up, you can think of a way to keep you and your sister alive.”

Wei Xingyue didn’t have any reactions, but Shi Lei’s tears flooded.

“Oi! Crazy woman, hurry up and wake up. You know I’m worried about you. Do you need me to call that water deliverer over and kiss her in front of you to make you wake up? Wei Xingyue! You… If you wake up immediately, I’ll take you away. I’ll take you to my home, okay? You can live there for as long as you want. I’ll rent next door too and tell Yao Er to fill it with the wine you like. I’ll drink with you every day and have sex after that. Will you be happy if I did that? Hurry up and wake up already…”

Shi Lei yelled until his voice was hoarse. His voice disturbed the two soldiers who were on duty.

They exchanged a glance with each other and contemplated whether they should go and warn him. However, if orders were given to let these two in, it seemed like they didn’t have to do anything unless any accidents happen.

Nevermind. They’ll do something if other rooms complain.

All the other nurses had the same thought.

Shi Lei was tired from yelling. He sat on the edge of the bed and shook Wei Xingyue’s shoulders furiously. The tears in his eyes fell down continuously onto Wei Xingyue’s chest, neck, and her still, beautiful face…

A drop of a tear fell silently on Wei Xingyue’s eyelids. The tear was boiling and Wei Xingyue seemed to twitch lightly from the burn and her eyelids seemed to move. However, Shi Lei’s vision was blurred from the tears and he didn’t notice.

He stopped yelling but still talked, “Crazy woman. I replied to your WeChat message on the first day of the New Year. Why didn’t you reply? What Happy New Year? You are out of contact and I didn’t know if you were safe. How can I possibly be happy like that?”

Shi Lei wiped the tears on his face with his sleeve. Then, he lowered his head again to continue talking, but surprisingly, he saw a drop of tear at the corner of her eyes.

Shi Lei froze. He was about to jump up and call the doctor but suddenly realized that it may be his own tears which just happened to fall on her eyes. He quickly wiped it off… However, he could not wipe it dry. After his fingers touch it, her eyes were wet again. Shi Lei wiped more and bigger drops of tears escaped from Wei Xingyue’s eyes. Her eyelids moved again and eventually, she opened her eyes.

“You are awake, right? You are awake, right? Wei Xingyue, crazy woman, talk to me!” Shi Lei wiped the tears on his face furiously as he was afraid that it was just an illusion.

Wei Xingyue’s eyes opened and they were bloodshot. She looked at Shi Lei weakly with her lips slightly parted.

Shi Lei immediately stood up and yelled, “Doctor! Doctor! She woke up…”

But Wei Xingyue reached up and grabbed Shi Lei. She smiled weakly but brightly, “I heard everything. You said you want to sleep with me…”
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