Chapter 410 - Rather Die Than Marry

Chapter 410 - Rather Die Than Marry

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The doctor rushed in and he helped Wei Xingyue sit up on the bed.

Shi Lei held a glass of water and spoon fed her carefully as if he was taking care of his wife who just delivered a baby.

Although Wei Xingyue woke up, she was still weak. When she looked at Wei Puti, Wei Puti’s eyes turned red.

She opened her mouth but no sounds came out and Wei Xingyue panicked.

The sisters were close and Wei Puti knew what Wei Xingyue wanted to say. Wei Puti walked to the other side of the bed and whispered, “You were unconscious for six days. It’s the seventh today. Our brother was arrested by the police this morning for a crime he committed more than ten years old. The proof was concrete and he likely did it. Dad said that there is no one who can save him.”

Tears rushed out of Wei Xingyue’s eyes when she heard the news as she finally realized that it was impossible to keep her family safe.

“Dad received a call from your older sister and knew that you fainted at her house on the first of the New Year. He was ready to break the cauldrons and sink the boats…” Wei Puti looked at Shi Lei and hesitated for a while, but eventually, she thought that Shi Lei wouldn’t reveal anything she said. At this point, it didn’t matter whether it was known to the outside world or not.

“Dad told me to do it, but changed his mind and only told me to prepare for it. He then called this brat and he fought to come. Dad was worried that he couldn’t come in by himself and asked me to come with him. That’s all the changes at home, but I think that Dad is planning to give up. He didn’t tell me but he must’ve told this brat. I couldn’t make him say anything on the way here. Sister, ask him. He must know.”

Wei Xingyue shifted her vision to Shi Lei after hearing that. Her beautiful eyes reflected Shi Lei’s eyes and they were filled with eagerness.

In fact, Shi Lei didn’t plan to tell Wei Xingyue right now as she was still weak, but he decided to tell her at her desperateness, “Wei Ye should be planning to give up. He wanted to use all of his assets and his life in exchange for you and your sister’s life.”

Wei Xingyue’s face turned white and her eyes lost focus. She eventually spoke in a hoarse voice, “It’s useless. He won’t be able to exchange anything and the Yu family won’t stop like this.”

Shi Lei held Wei Xingyue’s ice cold hands, “Your godfather is only willing to save you. But for that to happen, will you marry his soon to be dead son?”

Wei Xingyue widened her eyes but couldn’t speak.

“Sister Puti told me.”

Wei Xingyue glared at Wei Puti and Wei Puti lowered her face which resembled Wei Xingyue very much.

Wei Puti stuttered in a small voice, “Sister, I know you like this man and I can see that he cares about you very much. If everything goes fine, I will kill him if he dares to do anything to you. But in the current situation, we can barely save our own lives. What’s the point of talking about this? If Dad gives up, I will fight them with all my might. But sister, agree, so you can live on. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to take revenge.”

Wei Puti knew that it impossible to talk about revenge. Even if both of them lived, the Yu family would reach the peak of the nation’s authorities and power. How would they take revenge?

She only hoped that Wei Xingyue could live on. She could give up on her life, but she didn’t want to see her sister sink with her. Out of the four people in the Wei family, Wei Xingyue was the only one who was truly innocent and clean. Everything she touched as a child was white and so was everything she did after growing up. Anyone could die in the Wei family, but Wei Xingyue couldn’t.

But how could Wei Xingyue possibly agree?

If the elder could agree to save the entire Wei family, Wei Xingyue would’ve immediately agreed. She even thought that after everything was settled again, she would find a place with beautiful sceneries and end her life. She simply wanted to use her life in exchange for the other three in her family.

But now that Wei Jingang couldn’t be saved, Wei Ye’s end was determined whether he gave up or not. How could Wei Xingyue survive alone in such a humiliating way like that? If she did that, she would look down on herself for the rest of her life. Did she have to wait for her brother to die and look for Shi Lei? If there was a day like that, Wei Xingyue knew that her pride would not allow her to go back to Shi Lei.

“I’m not marrying him. I’d rather die than marry him,” Wei Xingyue squeezed the words from her throat firmly and stubbornly.

Wei Puti was going to say something else but Shi Lei spoke, “Who told you to marry him? I’m here. Who dares to make you marry him? And who said you are going to die? I’m here. How can I possibly let you die?”

Wei Xingyue thought that Shi Lei was being childish and shook her head lightly.

Wei Puti felt like that too and yelled at Shi Lei, “What do you understand? You are a brat who hasn’t even gone through puberty. Do you really think you are capable of saving my sister? I know you have an extraordinary background. So use it! If my sister can’t live, I will kill you and make you wait for her down there.”

“Puti…” Wei Xingyue panicked.

Shi Lei pressed Wei Xingyue’s shoulders and suddenly smiled, “Aren’t you two both curious about my background? Crazy woman, didn’t you only come to me for the sake of it? Sister Puti, you must’ve investigated me in secret too, right? I remember that we walked past each other once at Wuwei. Honestly, I don’t have any special background. However, I indeed have a way to save you and your sister.”

Wei Xingyue froze for a second before remembering that her first encounter with Shi Lei was because Wei Changqing asked her to investigate Shi Lei. Although he took back the order, it was enough to arouse her curiosity.

For the longest time, she doubted that Shi Lei had a special background. Otherwise, why would Wei Changqing lend that mansion to others? To put it in simpler words, that mansion was for Wei Xingyue’s grandfather to stay at when he came back to Wudong. It was not allowed to be lent to others so easily. Even Wei Xingyue and her siblings weren’t allowed in.

However, Shi Lei said that he didn’t have a background. Then, he…

Shi Lei was now even more incomprehensible to Wei Xingyue.

Wei Puti never forgot about Shi Lei’s background. What she said was to make Shi Lei get worked up and force him to save her sister. But Shi Lei said that he didn’t have any background but he had a way to save Wei Xingyue. Why was that?

“Alright, you should rest. You just woke up and the doctor spent too much time checking. You should sleep. After you wake up and your mind and body are recovered, I will tell you how to save you.”

Wei Xingyue looked at Shi Lei’s crystal clear eyes without any impurities. She had fallen in love with his eyes not long after their encounter.

Wei Xingyue believed that Shi Lei unconditionally against his clear eyes. But she struggled, “Save my Dad…”

“I cannot achieve what your grandfather cannot do. The Yu family had prepared for so long and your father’s fate is already decided. Even if the Yu family breaks apart right now and all of his supporters betray him, Wei Ye won't’ be able to live either. Using Yu Banzhi, Brother Yu’s words, he and Wei Ye are merely pieces on the chess board. As long as they are moved, there is no stopping until they are in their new places. In this whole game, the only potential changes are you and your sister.”

Light ceased in Wei Xingyue’s eyes as she knew that all Shi Lei said were facts.
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