Chapter 42 - Foundation of a Study God

Chapter 42 - Foundation of a Study God

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After the awkwardness, Shi Lei finally rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Shi Lei wanted to stand but he sensed something was wrong. Wouldn’t he be exposed if he stood? So, he remained sitting down as he moved his butt forward to pull away from Zhang Liangliang.

Zhang Liangliang was also in a daze. Everything happened too quickly and an idea flashed through her mind. She thought that Shi Lei would take advantage of the situation and kiss her, so she was ready to follow up with it. Except she was slightly scared and afraid after being touched in the boobs as she wasn’t really that type of bad girl. She was only at a rebellious age and changed due to her family’s situations.

Zhang Liangliang was relieved as she felt Shi Lei rolling to the side. But she was too scared to move as she was afraid that Shi Lei will show his brutish side, so much that this girl was pondering whether she should resist or go with it if Shi Lei jumps on her again.

“Dashu is more than 20 years old and almost graduating from university, so he should have experience in this area, right? If I don’t fiddle too much, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? But isn’t it bad to have a relationship with dashu in that way this early?! Maybe I should resist a little. But if I resist, dashu shouldn’t be the forceful type…… Aiya, hold on, even the mafia people are afraid of dashu. Would he tie up my hands? Then…… Maybe, I’ll just resist a little symbolically, and then half push him…… Oh my god, what am I supposed to do!”

As she was lost in her fantasies, Shi Lei had already calmed down and stood up.

He looked down at his crotch. Good, it’s not obvious anymore. Shi Lei sat back on the chair.

Seeing that Zhang Liangliang’s eyes were closed, frowning, and still laying on the bed, Shi Lei coughed lightly and opened his mouth awkwardly: “Ahem, Er’jie, uh, stop laying down. That was an accident and you scared me. Why did you sit on me?”

Shi Lei was still a child in his bones. At times like this, he even thought of pushing the responsibility onto Zhang Liangliang.

Zhang Liangliang heard that Shi Lei’s voice was not from next to her, she opened her eyes in slight terror. Seeing that Shi Lei was sitting on the chair, she quickly pulled her legs back, hugged her knees as she sat at the innermost corner of her bed.

Feeling safe, Zhang Liangliang also looked at Shi Lei curiously as she secretly thought that he didn’t even do anything to her. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m not good looking enough?

It could not be ignored that this girl’s imagination was really vivid and wild.

“It was you who touched my chest, and you are you blaming me……” Zhang Liangliang rolled her eyes as she complained.

Shi Lei was even more awkward. He thought and said: “If you didn’t suddenly sit on me, how would I…… I said it was an accident. Uh, Er’jie, you won’t tell your mother, will you? I didn't touch you on purpose…… Uh, I just wanted to get up, you know?”

“If you didn’t do it on purpose, then you plotted to touch me?” Zhang Liangliang saw that Shi Lei was feeling awkward, she was no longer scared. On the contrary, she thought teasing Shi Lei was extremely interesting.

Hence, she stuck out her chest and no longer hugged her knees, but straightened her legs.

Shi Lei’s face was bright red and could not say anything.

“Come! You didn’t touch enough just then, did you? You can touch as much as you want now!” Zhang Liangliang’s craze came back. She did not only stick out her chest as much as possible, she even touched Shi Lei’s legs lightly with her toes.

Although she was a child, but she had long legs. What a disaster! ——Shi Lei was on the verge of crying. Nowadays, you can’t tease perverts, but even worse, you can’t tease female perverts!

Shi Lei pushed Zhang Liangliang’s feet aside and said with a straight face: “I’m your teacher. Although I’m the one receiving the money and you are the paying, but I, as a teacher, only sell my skills and not my body, okay?! Be more respectful!”

Helplessly, Shi Lei could only use an internet slang against this girl pervert who was not scared of anything.

“Wow! So outdated!” Zhang Liangliang moved her legs back.

Shi Lei turned around. He took the textbook from the table and pretended to flip through it, but he was not taking anything in.

But there was a surprise discovery as Shi Lei saw two pieces of paper on the table. They were filled with writings and corrections. The content was rather familiar and it seemed like the questions he gave to Zhang Liangliang last week.

He put down the textbook and held up the two pieces of paper. Shi Lei had a close look and it was really the questions from last week. He scanned through them and it was not bad as she basically gave correct answers.

“Your foundation isn’t bad, you even had correct answers for the questions I gave you!” Shi Lei finally found a way to solve the awkward situation, and it was to go back on the track of normal tutoring content.

Zhang Liangliang knelt on the bed and crawled up. She stuck out her head and had a look: “I was a study god before. I could do this kind of question when I was in middle school first year.”

Shi Lei glanced at her. The way she looked now really did look like someone who was good at studying. The way she looked last week, was the style of the worst students who sucked at studies.

But it was not too strange. Zhang Meimei was definitely an elite. Lawyer, and a female lawyer at that, it even sounds high-class and she must’ve had good grades before. With IQ like this, her daughter wouldn’t be anywhere far from her either, so it wasn’t really a surprise that Zhang Liangliang was good at studying. Except that the drastic changes her family has had in the past year, and severely lacking attention and care from her parents on a long term, Zhang Liangliang acted so rebelliously. Even if she was really bad at studying, Zhang Liangliang was definitely one of those who would re-join the study god in a short time.

This was definitely good news for Shi Lei. Obviously, Zhang Liangliang’s problem was not studies itself, but psychologically. If she could feel the family’s warmth, everything will be solved.

“Don’t be arrogant, these questions were only basic knowledges and represents the bottom line. I’ll give you harder questions to see where your limit is!”

With that, Shi Lei took out a few practice booklets for every single subject, picked out some difficult questions, circled them and passed it to Zhang Liangliang.

Zhang Liangliang pulled a bitter face and said: “Dashu, don’t be like this. We are always doing these questions, why can’t have a chat?”

“If you can do all these questions, I’ll chat for a bit with you!”

“Keep your words! Don’t regret it. If I can do all of them, can you eat dinner with me?”

Seeing that Zhang Liangliang was begging him, Shi Lei could not bring himself to reject so he said: “If you can get everything correct, I’ll eat dinner with you. Oh right, isn’t your mother coming back for dinner?”

“Dashu, you can say things, but don’t scold me!”

“Since when did I scold you?!” Shi Lei scratched his head.

“Just then!” Zhang Liangliang laughed and jumped off the bed. She stood next to Shi Lei and looked at him with a faint smile.

Shi Lei escaped in a hurry and sat on the bed, leaving the chair for Zhang Liangliang.

Zhang Liangliang had already started doing the questions, but Shi Lei was still pondering. What the hell, when did I scold her?

He couldn’t think of the answer but Zhang Liangliang had already finished doing the questions. Shi Lei checked through them and they were surprisingly all correct. Shi Lei changed his views on Zhang Liangliang completely; she was really a god of studying. Although they were only middle school questions, but Shi Lei haven’t done these for a long time. If he was asked to do these, he couldn’t even promise to get all of them right.

She could have relied on studying to get red flowers(1), but she just had to fight against the world with her good looks. Shi Lei sighed and stood up: “With your level, you don’t even need a tutor. Even I can’t do this.”

“You only need to accompany me to eat dinner! I want seafood buffet!”

“Deal! You pay for the bill!”

“Heh, stingy!”

(1) Red flowers: Students in China often get rewarded with red paper flowers for achievements
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