Chapter 416 - Make Yu Family Unable To Reach the Peak

Chapter 416 - Make Yu Family Unable To Reach the Peak

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The elder nodded peacefully, “Say it.”

“I’ll give you the pill and you can give it to your son. After twenty-four hours, please use everything you have and give him a check. If it’s confirmed that your son’s genetic imperfections have been repaired and the leukemia was cured, then please at least save Wei Xingyue.”

The elder nodded, “If this pill can really save my son, I will definitely save Xingyue. But even if this pill is useless, I will save Xingyue as long as she’s willing to marry him.”

“Thank you, sir. However, Xingyue probably won’t have the chance to marry your son. But please also promise that you won’t think of this again in the future.”

The elder laughed, “Aren’t you scared of me changing my mind?”

“What identity do you have? Why would you change your mind on a brat like me? If you don’t want to keep your words, you can hire a few people and snatch the pill from me.”

The elder nodded, “I promise you.”

Shi Lei asked again, “Then, if I make the Yu family lose its chance to reach the peak, please save Puti too.”

The elder froze for a second before asking with interest, “How do you plan to do that?”

“I will make Yu Banzhi lose all of his wealth! You mentioned previously that with the Wei family’s wealth alone, it’s not enough for the Yu family to reach the final stage.”

“Brat, you sure talk big. Can the Eye of the Dark Night really make Yu Banzhi’s wealth disappear in an instant? Are they this powerful?”

Shi Lei shook his head firmly, “This has nothing to do with the Eye of the Dark Night. It’s related to human nature. I just happen to grasp that part and I know what to do.”

The elder laughed loudly, obviously in disbelief, but he grew more interest in Shi Lei.

He tapped the desktop with his finger lightly, “No matter what, I have a good impression on you. I hope that you can do what you are hoping to do. If you can make Yu Banzhi lose everything, you are freeing him too.”

Shi Lei froze, “You know that Yu Banzhi doesn’t want to be involved in this?”

“I also watched him grow up!” The elder laughed, “If Yu Banzhi is free, his family can only admit defeat. If that happens, I will promise you to save Wei Puti. However, Wei Puti must leave China and never return.

“Why?” Shi Lei couldn’t understand why.

“The Wei family has warrior lives and Wei Changqing tried his best for this too. If the Yu family doesn’t reach the top, Wei Puti will definitely take revenge for her father. It’s fine if she doesn’t succeed, but you wouldn’t want to see the outcome of her succeeding even if the chance is very slim. But if Wei Puti leaves, those warriors won’t make a move without seeing her… If I didn’t know Wei Changqing for so long, I wouldn’t have known this.”

Shi Lei took a deep breath and finally understood. No wonder Wei Changqing struggled so much to make the decision of giving up; he still had the power to fight back. But he wanted to die with the opposite side together. As for the chance of success, it was extremely low.

Shi Lei put the pill in front of the elder on the desk politely and bowed deeply, “I have taken too much time. Shi Lei believes that the chief will keep his words.”

“Is there any way I shouldn’t use it?” The elder picked up the pill with shivering hands as he was more or less excited.

Shi Lei shook his head, “He just has to take it, but it will take approximately twenty-four hours to reach its full effects.”

The elder nodded, “If my son is fine, I will save Wei Xingyue first.”

“Thank you, sir,” Shi Lei said goodbye and left.

The elder couldn’t calm down as he held the pill in his hands. As soon as his son took it, perhaps he could untie the guilt in his heart. Of course, it could just be a ridiculous joke and everything would just be like yesterday. The elder couldn’t help but laugh at himself. He knew that it was almost impossible, but he still had the hope of a miracle.

The elder sighed longly and thought, try, let’s just try.

After he convinced himself, he ordered the nanny to take his son over.

The nanny heard it and stopped for a second, “Chief, it’s very late, third…”

“Nevermind, I’ll go to his room myself,” The elder stood up, walked out of the study, went upstairs, and stopped in front of his son’s room.

The nanny helped him open the door and the elder walked in. Although he wasn’t loud, his son woke up from even a slight noise as his body was weak.

Seeing that it was his father, he forced a smile, “Dad, why did you come?”

The elder sat next to his bed with a smile and helped him up, “Nothing, I just came to see you.” He then picked up the glass of water and passed it to his son. He then gave the pill and the wax on the outside was taken off. After revealing the inside, he said, “Take this.”

“What’s this?”

“Don’t worry about that. Take it first.”

His son hesitated for a while for before nodding. He put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it down.

Looking at his father whose face was filled with kindness, the son pondered for a while before asking, “Dad, have you been forcing Xingyue to marry me these days?”

The elder didn’t answer his son but he looked at his son’s pale face. He was only thirty years old, but he looked like an older man who was about forty years old. His face was filled with exhaustion and weakness.

“I like Wei Xingyue, but I never thought of taking her as my own. Not to mention I… Dad, promise me, no matter what, the Wei family has their sins and it’s their problems. You watched Xingyue and me grow up and she never participated in any of it. Please help her. Don’t tell her to marry me. My sister has told me that Xingyue has someone she likes. In fact, I always wanted to let her in when she stood outside for the past few days, but…”

The elder touched his son’s hair and smiled, “Sleep. I naturally have my own considerations. Sleep more tomorrow during the day. I’ll send you to a more complete checkup at night.”

“Dad, isn’t there no need to check anymore? These years, I’ve always thought that it’s better for me to go…”

“Stop! Your Mom’s last wish before she passed away was for you to live healthily. Listen to Dad. There’s a specialist who studies genetic engineering. Perhaps he has a way to save you. Just rest and go check tomorrow.”

Because he had always been in bed due to sickness, his personality had always been weak and obedient. Seeing that his father said so, he had no choice but to lay back in bed under the sheets.

The elder pressed the sheet’s corners and turned off the light like an ordinary father. He cast one final glance at his son whose eyes were closed and left the room with numerous thoughts in mind.

After the elder left, he dialed a number, “Cancel all my work tomorrow. I need to take a break for a day.”

After returning to his room, the elder looked at the ceiling in the darkness and was unable to fall asleep.

But after Shi Lei walked out of the study, Wei Xingyue who was sitting in the living room immediately welcomed him. She held his hands but couldn’t get anything out of Shi Lei. Soon, they left the elder’s house together.

On their way back, Shi Lei touched Wei Xingyue’s face lightly, “He agreed to at least save you. As for Puti, I need to complete one more thing.”
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