Chapter 418 - Yao Er and the Champagne Girl

Chapter 418 - Yao Er and the Champagne Girl

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Shi Lei believed that Yao Er wasn’t asleep yet. It was impossible for someone like Yao Er to sleep this early as he usually slept after 3 A.M.

As expected, Yao Er picked up after two rings.

It was quiet on the other side and Yao Er’s voice was filled with the usual politeness and modesty, “Mr. Shi, did you run out of wine at this time?”

Shi Lei smiled, “Can you talk right now?”

Yao Er paused for a second but immediately replied, “I’m at home and I brought a woman back. If it’s Mr. Shi, I should be able to.”

“Your father hates the Yu family?” Shi Lei decided to point it out straightforwardly.

Yao Er completely froze.

It was the Yao family’s biggest secret but it did not mean that the Yu family never questioned it. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t see the hatred in Yao Keji.

But Yao Er couldn’t answer the question as his father’s identity was half publicated as the person acting on behalf of Yu Banzhi. And in most people’s perspectives, the Yu family has done a favor for Yao Keji.

“Where is Mr. Shi getting that idea from? My father only feels grateful towards them.” WIthout mentioning that Yao Er wasn’t close to Shi Lei, Yao Er wouldn’t admit it even if they were close.

Shi Lei smiled again, “My sentence wasn’t a question. It was an imperative sentence. It is much stronger than a statement and I already know the answer. Of course, I know it’s hard for you to admit it and your father will deny it too. Then, are you interested in discussing it with me?”

“Mr. Shi, it’s useless for you to probe me like this. If I say that I am interested, then I basically admitting what you said. But if I decline it, then I would feel diffident. Then, please have a guess. How would Schrodinger’s Cat answer this question?”

“Hahaha, Yu Banzhi wasn’t wrong at all. You are indeed very smart. Alright, I’ll stop beating around the bush. I’m in Didu. The war between the Yu family and the Wei family is close. Or in other words, the Yu family wants to get rid of the Wei. I need to save Wei Xingyue and hence, I need to see you. But I can’t leave Didu right now and I hope you can come tomorrow.”

This time, Yao Er didn’t reject but fell silent instead.

With his intelligence, he knew exactly what his silence represented. It meant that he completely answered Shi Lei’s question. However, he could also analyze easily that Shi Lei wasn’t trying to test him. He was certain that his father never thanked the Yu family and only loathed them.

Hence, he wasn’t afraid to reveal his real thoughts before Shi Lei.

But he had to consider Shi Lei’s words carefully. As soon as he went to Didu, it meant that all the tolerance that Yao Keji had stacked up in the past years may go to waste.

“Of course, perhaps you should discuss this with your father first,” Shi Lei added.

“Mr. Shi, I remember that you have a good relationship with Young Master Yu. There are even rumors that you may become your teacher…”

“Oh, Brother Yu mentioned it to me before. He told me to contact him after the New Year and he will introduce me to the circle of investment and teach me. But I haven’t replied to him yet. He’s probably busy right now and won’t be able to keep to his promise at this time.”

“One side is your woman, one side is your teacher, and this woman had an arranged marriage with your teacher but it was cancelled. Mr. Shi, don’t you think that what you are doing is hard to accept?”

“There’s nothing difficult to accept. In this incident, there is no side that is strictly wrong or right. My goal is to sacrifice no one, not only who gets the benefits. In my perspective, there is nothing more important than people’s lives.”

Yao Er smiled cleanly as he knew that he faced someone who was as clean as him.

He was right; there was nothing more important than lives in this world. Because of people’s lives, this planet could continue to shine or become devastated. Shi Lei’s words completely convinced Yao Er and made him decide to go to Didu.

“Okay, I will go to Didu by the earliest high speed rail. Maybe we should meet at the station. I’ll trouble Mr. Shi to pick me up. We can perhaps eat together and talk.”

Shi Lei replied without hesitation, “Ok,” and hung up.

Shi Lei took the first step out and he was relieved. No matter what, he was going to make further decisions upon reaching a conclusion after negotiating with Yao Er.

Shi Lei picked up his glass and finished drinking all the beers. He licked the beer foam off of his lips lightly and stood up.

When he was about to leave, a woman with the same face as all women who gained popularity on the internet and dressed revealingly came over from a nearby table. She held onto Shi Lei’s arms without a sound and pressed her chest on Shi Lei’s arms, shaking them slightly.

Then, she blew into Shi Lei’s ears before whispering next to his ears, “Sir, I saw that you sat there by yourself for a long time and I thought you were too alone. Do you want to have another drink in my room? I have a rather nice bottle of champagne there.”

Shi Lei was astonished; since when did I become so popular? Then he realized that this woman was there to catch men.

Shi Lei pulled his arms out and smiled, “I’m tipsy already, so, goodbye.”

The woman didn’t pester him and didn’t feel awkward. She shrugged, “Well then. Have a nice dream.” She returned to her old seat, picked up the color cocktail, and waited for the next target to appear.

Shi Lei shook his head and left. He didn’t notice that the woman’s glance followed him. The woman didn’t mutter to himself until Shi Lei disappeared, “Other than having good self control, I don’t see anything special. Am I not attractive enough today? Don’t men all like this kind of internet celebrity face?”

Wei Xingyue was still in a deep sleep. Shi Lei quietly went back to bed and fell asleep quickly with one arm below Wei Xingyue’s long and slim neck and the other on her plump chest.

When Shi Lei woke up in the morning, the first thing he did was pick up his phone. Yao Er already sent him a WeChat message. It was the series number of the high speed rail. Shi Lei checked and he was going to likely be here in another hour and a half.

He wasn’t far from the station and it only took half an hour to get there. But if he took the subway, it would only take seven or eight minutes.

He looked at Wei Xingyue who was in his arms. Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, meaning that she was about to wake up.

Shi Lei put his phone down and dropped a light kiss on Wei Xingyue’s cheeks. She woke up in this moment.

“Hmm, I had such a good sleep. You?” Wei Xingyue stretched her arms and hugged Shi Lei. She gave Shi Lei her lips and they kissed quietly.

Shi Lei replied, “Not bad. I need to go out and see someone today.”

“For Puti?”

Shi Lei nodded, “For preparation. I haven’t finalized the details yet.”

“Ok, you can go then. Lil’man, you are becoming more mysterious. I’ve known you for a while now but there are so many things I don’t know about you.”

Shi Lei smiled, “You don’t need to worry about any of these. I just want to see the old Wei Xingyue as soon as possible.”
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