Chapter 43 - End of Newbie Training

Chapter 43 - End of Newbie Training

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\Shi Lei didn’t know what the person who spends money with the least pressure in the world is like, but the person before him really let him experience that.

Although the food and drinks weren’t too different to normal seafood buffet, but Zhang Liangliang chose the tallest building in Wudong, as well as the second tallest building in China.

Perhaps because the building was quite tall, the price was rather expensive too.

Shi Lei would not lose himself over food which costs over a few thousands as he had seen a lot. But a middle school student about 16 years old wanted to spend this much and didn’t treat money as money made Shi Lei sigh with emotions.

When they were getting food, Zhang Liangliang was talking to Shi Lei about this building, such as if they start measuring the building from the garage, and purely compare the height of the building, it would be the tallest building in China. But because usually they only calculate from the ground and up, it ended up as the second tallest. And, even though it might not be the tallest restaurant in the world, but it would no doubt be the tallest buffet in the world.

Shi Lei didn't know what was the point of Zhang Liangliang telling him these information, so he asked: “So this means that Wu Dong people like to show off, right?”

Zhang Liangliang didn’t understand Shi Lei so she gave him a surprised look.

Shi Lei explained: “You see, the tallest building in the world isn’t here, right? Even the tallest in China isn’t here. Even if they compare the restaurants alone, obviously this one isn’t the highest either. But, this is the tallest buffet in the world. This is saying that compare to other people from other regions or countries, they think that at a high-rise place like this, they should eat something more fancy. They think highly of it and the restaurants they have are all fancy. But for us, we only used it as a buffet. Although the price is pretty expensive, but if citizens spare some money for it they would be able to afford it. It’s not like the restaurant in the tallest building in China located in Shanghai, you can’t even afford it even if you eat steamed buns for a whole year. So, Wu Dong people just like to show off, a bit of a fuerdai like you, you don’t treat good things as things!”

“Hey! Dashu, what are you saying? I thought it was rather interesting, why did you bring me into this?” Zhang Liangliang was extremely dissatisfied.

“You probably never earned a cent in your life. This cost more than a thousand for one person. But in reality, look at these things, they aren’t much better than those that cost two or three hundred dollars. If it wasn’t for you who doesn’t treat money as money, who would come all the way here to get ripped off?”

“That’s easy. If you pay for the bill, there won’t be a problem.”

Shi Lei waved his hand in a hurry. It’s not like he didn’t want to spend those two thousand bucks, but because firstly, he wasn’t sure whether Zhang Liangliang was considered as his friend. Shi Lei couldn’t do anything about this point as the Scepter was the one to judge. The second point was more deadly as Shi Lei was almost out of money.

Shi Lei had spent this week’s quota already according to his calculations. Even if he didn’t count the quota, he only had about a hundred left on him. The 120 yuan was the fees for tutoring Zhang Liangliang.

“As a man, I need to act according to the situation. Paying for the bill, especially such an expensive one, it’s better to let you, a fuerdai, to handle it.”

“I’m not a fuerdai, my Mum doesn’t have much money either.”

“If you really think that your mother doesn’t have much money, you should save some for her. It’s just a simple dinner, you can find a random restaurant and deal with it with a hundred bucks.”

Zhang Liangliang suddenly became angry. She slammed the plate full of food on the counter and walked away. Shi Lei didn’t know how he had pissed her off, and he chased after her quickly with two plates in his hands.

Good thing that Zhang Liangliang didn’t plan to leave, but walked to the seat she chose carefully before and sat down angrily. Her body was facing the window, looking down at Wu Dong city which has nothing to be seen but lights.

“What the hell? Aren’t you gonna eat?” Shi Lei put the plate down in front of Zhang Liangliang and asked.

“Eat my ass, I’m already full thanks to you!”

Shi Lei laughed. He shoved a small abalone in his mouth and said: “It cost more than a thousand bucks, it’s a shame if you don’t eat it!”

“Is money all you care about?” Zhang Liangliang glared at Shi Lei angrily.

Shi Lei was still laughing and said: “That’s better than you who knows nothing about money!”

“Eat, eat, eat, I hope you die from eating!”

“Eating to death is better than starving to death!”

“……” Zhang Liangliang was speechless. After they finished eating, Shi Lei wanted to send Zhang Liangliang home, but she ignored him. She called for a taxi and went in the car without Shi Lei. Shi Lei quickly called for one and followed after Zhang Liangliang to make sure that she went home and not go to the bar, then he returned to his school.

As soon as he got off the car, his phone rang. Shi Lei checked and the messages were from Zhang Liangliang.

Er’jie: Did you go back to school?

Three stones: I just got off the car, going in now.

Er’jie: I’m hungry. Eat supper with me.

Three stones: Are you crazy? You just finished eating and you are hungry again?

Er’jie: Obviously. You ate everything just then and I only ate some fruit.

Three stones: Buffet over a thousand bucks and you only ate fruits. Are you dumb?

Er’jie: ……

Er’jie: I don’t care, you have to get supper with me.

Three stones: I’m sleepy and I want to sleep. Just eat some biscuits or instant noodles. Oh, or some chocolate. You don’t seem to be in a good mood. Chocolates can make you happier.

Er’jie: ……

Er’jie: Not cool! Really not cool!

Shi Lei had a thought and decided not to respond. As he walked into the dorm building, his phone rang again. Shi Lei took it out and it was still Zhang Liangliang.

Er’jie: Look at my Moments.

Shi Lei frowned and opened his WeChat Moments. As expected, he saw Zhang Liangliang’s newly posted photos. There were four altogether. The first one was the night view outside the building and the lights were rather mesmerizing. The second photo was the environment of the restaurant. Anyone who has went to the restaurant would recognise the exaggerated furnishing of the restaurant. The third photo was a plate full of food with lobsters and abalones. The fourth photo was a selfie of Zhang Liangliang. She was pretty even with no makeup, plus her face was filled with collagen, it was better than using filters.

Three stones: Pretty pretty.

Er’jie: Is that it?

Three stones: What else?

Er’jie: Go die!

Shi Lei scratched his head, thinking that it was rather hard to get along with beauties in their rebellious period.

When it was almost midnight, Shi Lei wandered out of the school gate. Looking at the time, there was one minute until midnight and he walked into the self-service bank.

He inserted the black card into the ATM and the familiar scene appeared in front of him once again. The Scepter gradually spun from a gold dot into a full Scepter.

Before Shi Lei opened his mouth, the Scepter’s asexual voice sounded.

“Congratulations, my slave. Through your hard work in the past four weeks, you have passed the newbie training period. Now, you are officially my slave.”

Shi Lei felt something was wrong and asked carefully: “What do you mean by officially?”

The Scepter laughed freakishly in satisfaction: “Hahaha, exactly what it means!”

“What about the four weeks before?”

“Idiot! Didn’t I just tell you that you passed the newbie training period? Obviously the four weeks before was training!”

“What’s the difference, I will still be punished if I don’t finish spending the money!”

The Scepter laughed oddly again and Shi Lei was freaked out by it. At the same time, he realised something.

“The punishments during the training period won’t take your life, hehehe.”

“Don’t you dare tell me I could quit any time during the training period!”

“Lowly slave, looks like after these four weeks’ training, your IQ has increased noticeably!”

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