Chapter 64 - Investing Is Hard

Chapter 64 - Investing Is Hard

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Wang Kaiming still thought that Shi Lei was kidding him, he then said: “Sir, stop joking, how is there any online booking for cars over 1,000,000 yuan? And he politely opened the door for you too.”

Shi Lei was confused: “Isn’t that a Cadillac? How is that over a million?”

“That's an Escalade, start-up price is 1,600,000 yuan!”

Shi Lei widened his eyes and his jaw dropped: “1,600,000? Is that almost as much as an S level Benz?”

Wang Kaiming was speechless. He didn’t think that Shi Lei seemed to be faking it either. He then asked with doubt: “Your suit……”

Shi Lei saw that Wang Kaiming’s glance fell on his new clothes and thought that he could even tell without the logo? So, he asked: “You know what it is?”

“Armani’s new design, the blazer by itself is more than 10,000 yuan.”

Shi Lei thought he could really tell, so he said: “High imitation goods, you know? The whole set is only 800.”

Wang Kaiming’s face dropped and he swore silently, thinking that he was really blind today?

Shi Lei suddenly remembered and said: “Oh, right, that car. I thought it was more comfortable than the normal Cadillac, so I asked. The driver said that he just drove his boss to the airport so he just took my order, and it was purely for some extra money……”

A string snapped in Wang Kaiming’s brain and he scolded himself from head to toe. His attitude towards Shi Lei also changed.

But it wasn’t that bad as he was the manager for major clients, he wasn’t one of those who immediately changed their expressions. Although his attitude changed, but it was only slightly colder.

“It was my misunderstanding. Sorry about that. Just wait here for a while, I’ll ask them to open an account for you. Have some water and wait for a few minutes. Did you bring your ID and those things?”

Shi Lei thought that Wang Kaiming was giving him an out as Wang Kaiming probably wasn’t thick-faced enough to chase him out. He took out his ID and bank card and said: “Just ID and bank card, right?”

“Yes. I’ll get someone to do it for you. I’m busy, I’ll leave first!” He walked a few steps but turned around and pointed at the water on the table: “I opened the water anyway, have a drink because I won’t make you pay for it!”

At last, he couldn’t hold back but to mock Shi Lei. Shi Lei didn’t care at all as it was a misunderstanding from the beginning. After Wang Kaiming left, Shi Lei looked at the expensive water and took a sip. He mumbled to himself: “Somehow, it really tastes different, it’s a bit sweet?”

Not long after, a girl in a dress suit came in and passed the account card and politely said to Shi Lei: “Hello, Mr. Shi, this is your contract for your account. Please have a look. If you don’t have any problems, you just need to sign it. The contract is the same for every client so rest assured.”

This girl didn’t seem to know Shi Lei’s situation either. He was only opening an account, why was he taken into the meeting room? Even the manager himself greeted him, and ordered her to quickly get this done for him. The girl thought that he must be some wealthy person who wanted to open an account to play with.

Shi Lei signed the contract earnestly. Since all the contracts were the same, he didn’t really look through it. The girl then handed over a card and explained: “This is your account card, please keep it somewhere safe. I’ll introduce the simple procedure for you to follow at home. First, you need to download……”

The girl talked for more than 10 minutes and Shi Lei knew that it was because of the misunderstanding, which made her polite. But if it was already like this, he enjoyed it and understood the basics.

It was enough for Shi Lei as with the golden thumb investment card, he would only earn!

It’s just that he didn’t have too much start-up funds. If he really had 10,000,000 or 20,000,000 yuan, he would become the Buffett of China, the god of stocks!

As Shi Lei imagined him conquering the stock market in the future, he almost bumped into the glass door as he headed out.

He called for a car and returned to school, he already had the idea of conquering the whole stock market and was restless. Shi Lei downloaded the app for the stocks and as soon as he logged on with his account, he was astonished.

There were thousands and thousands of them, which ones do I have to check? Just pick a random one? But I can only check three times a month, how would he earn if he checked the not so good stocks all three times?

The illusion of becoming the Buffett of China and a CEO, marrying a pretty and rich woman and reach the peak of his life was shattered by reality.

It seemed like even the golden thumb investment card was not almighty. Shi Lei needed to have a basic understanding of the stock markets. He needed to know how to pick out the stocks that would give him the most profits, then use the golden thumb card to check on the returns.

Shi Lei thought that his ideal was rather plump, but reality was bony. Don’t tell me that he had to cram some basic knowledge of investment stocks first? He heard about the candlestick chart before, he wondered if it had any connections with the engineering fabrication drawings. Shi Lei was troubled and realised that investing may not be a good fit for him.

But other than investing, what else can he invest in? Open a shop? He only had 9,300 yuan, he could only sell hair ties and that kind of things by the street. Plus, have you seen an idiot who squats next to his street side shop and munching on lobsters and abalones?

As if daydreaming, Shi Lei returned to the dorm. As soon as he went in, he was surrounded by Zhang Mo and the rest.

“Holy shit, I thought you weren’t gonna come back!”

“Bullshit, Shitou doesn’t go back on his words. Do you think he’s like you? He said it was party day today and he will do it.”

“Can you two be any politer? You need to have basic respect towards rich people. Your highness, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Shi Lei glanced at them unhappily: “School canteen, as many steamed buns as you want!”

The three were shocked as they didn’t know why Shi Lei seemed so down.

“Never mind, just pick anywhere you want. I’m gonna drink till I’m drunk!”

The three of them became excited again at this. They yelled: “Drink till drunk!”

“I want to lose my virginity! I want to indulge myself with women across the whole street of bars!”

Seeing that those three were shouting, Shi Lei became slightly happier and threw the idea of investment at the back of his mind for the time being.

They agreed that they were going to go to the bar at night, Zhang Mo and the others didn’t rip off Shi Lei too much for dinner. They found a nearby restaurant next to the school and rushed towards the bar street in a car.

They were rather familiar with the bars now. As soon as they sat down, Shi Lei’s phone rang. He checked and it was Sun Yiyi.

Xu Yi had sharp eyes and saw the alias for the phone call. They already figured out Sun Yiyi’s name and Xu Yi said: “Damn, Shitou, a date with the beauty! Tell her to come here!”

Shi Lei ignored him. He went outside and picked up the call.
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