Chapter 69 – 10,000 Yuan Collectables

Chapter 69 – 10,000 Yuan Collectables

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Although Wu Haoyuan got a clear answer, but it was still hard for him to understand this. From what he knew about Shi Lei’s background, even if he saved some money from part-time jobs, it would be no more than 10,000 or 20,000 yuan. If he wanted to turn it into 200,000, theoretically, it wasn’t impossible.

But the so-called leverage stock was either the security company was willing to provide it for you, or you need to have some sort of connection with it.

But obviously, Shi Lei didn’t have either of it. If he wanted ten times profit, he must have joined before that stock reconstructed and stopped at just before the last raising point, but it was impossible.

But either way, Wu Haoyuan was sure that the only way why Shi Lei had plenty of money recently was from stocks. As to why he earned that much, Wu Haoyuan decided to filter that out. Everyone has their own ways. Perhaps Shi Lei’s idea was to gather 40,000 or 50,000 yuan start-up funds and leave after earning 4 or 5 times of profit?

“What an ignorant guy! He only has this much money and he’s so ignorant! Even if you earned from stocks, you would’ve spent all of it by now. So, a poor kid is a poor kid. If it was me, I’d use the first 200,000 I own wisely and turn it into 500,000 yuan, 1,000,000 or even more.”

Wu Haoyuan thought silently and was filled with disdain. But he seemed to forget what his father said before hanging up. A guy who haven’t even earned 200 before, how could he think that he could earn 500,000 or more? He was joking himself.

He casually transacted 1,000 yuan to the guy opposite him. As he found the answer, there was no need for him to follow Shi Lei anymore.

As the boy received the message for the transaction, he immediately accepted and asked Wu Haoyuan with a smile: “Thanks. Do I still need to follow him tomorrow?”

Wu Haoyuan waved his hands and said: “No need. Go back. Oh, don’t mention this to anyone else.”

“Don’t worry, I have my mouth zipped. But, Yuan ge, why did you want to gather information on Shi Lei? From what I know, he has no sense of presence. Did he offend you?”

Wu Haoyuan was unhappy that the boy had so many questions. He hesitated for a while but still covered the truth: “I’m doing it for a friend. I didn’t bother to ask for the details.”

This was subtly scolding the boy that he shouldn’t ask what he didn’t need to know. That boy laughed in embarrassment and stood up: “Then I’ll leave first, having dinner with someone tonight.”

Wu Haoyuan didn’t even lift his eyes. After the boy left, he pondered for a while, took out his phone and talked to himself: “Should I call that girl back? Nah, that girl asks too much. She really thought she’s a diamond? Chanel? Pfft. It’s almost dinner time, let’s see if there’s any girls around the art department.”

Wu Haoyuan paid the bill and drove his yellow sports car to the art school a few kilometres away.


After Shi Lei left the stock exchange hall, he didn’t go back to school as it was still early. He took a stroll along the streets.

It didn’t take him long before walking to the Lian Xi river of Wu Don city, which runs through the entire Wu Dong city. A long time ago, it was considered to be outside the city when people passed the river and it was used as a natural moat for the city.

Back then, a section of the river was the red-light district and many famous prostitutes were born there.

Today, there were no more businesses like this, but due to the natural sceneries on the bank of the river, it provided other businesses for people. Wu Dong city was a city with profound culture. Plus, the art school was next to it, many companies saw this point and combined Lian Xi river and Wu Dong city’s culture together, and constructed a street full of antiques on the river bank.

Shi Lei walked aimlessly and reached this antique street.

Although it was an antique street, but it was almost the same as the antique market in Beijing. There’s not much real ones, almost 99% were fake. But in the modern society, people were very conscious about these things and it was hard for sellers to sell those fakes. So, a lot of the shops on the antique street turned into selling bracelets or sculptures of some sort from the precious rosewood. A few shops sold traditional paintings and calligraphies on the street, which made the street seem prosperous overall.

As Shi Lei didn’t have anything to do, he walked along the shops and checked up each one.

The small items in the displaying glasses all seemed similar to Shi Lei as he didn’t know anything about it, but the price had huge differences. Even though two bracelets looked extremely similar, one shop’s price was 5,000 or 6,000, then the next shop may only be 300 or 400.

Suddenly, Shi Lei had some interests in it. Not for a particular reason, but because he discovered that this might be a good way to spend money,

He saw that many of the owners of the shops had a chain of beads on their neck, another chain wrapped around a few times on their left hands, another shorter chain but bigger beads, and one in their right hand as they fiddled with it non-stop.

The people in the shops weren’t as passionate as those in the shopping malls who seemed like they would introduce every single thing in the shop to every client that came in. But in these antique shops, when Shi Lei walked in, people acted as if they didn’t even see Shi Lei. Some drank tea, some did calligraphy, and some were playing on their phones as if they didn’t care whether you wanted to buy things or not.

After walking in a few shops, Shi Lei saw that the most expensive bracelet costed a few 10,000 yuan. At first, he thought he saw it wrong. Aren’t these just bracelets with patterns and made from slightly special wood? How come there were so many zeroes on the price tag? Shi Lei checked them repeatedly and finally accepted the truth that it costed a few 10,000.

If it was like this, it seemed easy to spend 100,000 in shops like these. So much that when Shi Lei walked into a shop which had nice fragrances coming out, he found out that the lowest bracelets costed a few thousand. The higher ones were of 6 digits. And a few were up to 1 million.

“Holy shit, that’s so expensive!” Shi Lei couldn’t help but to blurt it out.

The owner sat behind a big table and was enjoying his kongfu tea. As he heard Shi Lei’s exclaim, he did not show any traces of unhappiness, but put down his tea cup and stood up. He said to Shi Lei: “Youngster, this is your first time here, right?”

Shi Lei scratched his hair and knew that his exclaim disturbed him. He was embarrassed and asked: “Sorry to disturb you, But, how do you know?”

The man was about 30 years old, dressed in a light blue Tang dynasty clothing. The front of the garment was open and he was wearing a smoke grey Chinese styled shirt with frogs inside. He wore a pair of cloth shoes and he had a rather historical feel to him.

“I don’t only know that it’s your first time here, I know that you have no interests in antiques and you are only here to kill time.”

Shi Lei was even more surprised as he asked: “Don’t tell me you are a fortune-teller?”

That man laughed and waved his hands. Shi Lei just realised that he also bad a bracelet on his hands, but it was huge and the number of beads it had was also different to what he saw previously. He couldn’t wrap it around his hands, but it was also not enough to be worn without wrapping it around.

“I don’t need to know how to tell fortune to know these.”
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