Chapter 81 - Furious Yi’Jie

Chapter 81 - Furious Yi’Jie

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Although Wu Haoyuan felt that he won the bet for sure, but chills still shot up his spine. As for that Aston Martin, he begged a bro of his for a long time and he finally agreed to drive his cousin’s car out secretly.

If it wasn’t for this three million car, Wu Haoyuan would really lose to Shi Lei.

“Shit, this guy really put a lot of effort into it. That Maserati GT with high configurations would be close to 3 million, with all the tax and warranty, it would be over 3 million. Even if it had low configuration, it would at least be 2.2 million. He must have rented it!”

Wu Haoyuan narrowed his eyes and said relentlessly.

The guy who stood next him, which was the guy who stole the car from his cousin, laughed in despise: “Isn’t that just a Maserati? Although it’s worth over 2 million, but he only has one car. Even without my cousin’s car, we have another five. Don’t tell me he could win one against five?”

Wu Haoyuan pondered about this logic, but he still felt that there was something wrong.

In this moment, Shi Lei drove the car in front of them. Without waiting for Shi Lei to step out of the car, Wu Haoyuan stormed in front of him and provoked him arrogantly: “Aiyo, you really did spend on this, it wasn’t cheap to rent this car for a day, wasn’t it? It’s not bad, but, too bad you only have one car. Wedding ceremony companies didn’t have that many luxurious either, right? Even if they did, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford the rent? One car is your maximum?”

Shi Lei didn’t bother to talk back, except he was confused why he said that. Don’t tell me Wu Haoyuan didn’t see those sevens cars behind him?

He turned around slowly. Holy, what happened? How come no one followed up? Oh lord, Black Card, Scepter, don’t you dare screw up at this crucial time!

But, Shi Lei pushed the door and got off the car as he thought that there shouldn’t be a problem. He stood in front of Wu Haoyuan and looked at the cars behind him.

“You have the nerve to put your Bumblebee in there? The rest of those cars don’t seem too good either!”

Wu Haoyuan was enraged and swore at Shi Lei whilst pointing at him: “Are you fucking blind? You think you are the best because you have a Maserati GT? Open your eyes more and check out my bro’s cars. Porsche, Benz, Lotus, Audi! You lost already with just these four cars. It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is, is it more expensive than all four of them together?”

Shi Lei shook his head steadily and said: “Wu Haoyuan, I realised that you really are shameless. Why don’t you find a taxi company and rent 200 taxis here? The total price for that would be 20 million or more. It’s also majestic. You can have them arrange it into an S, then a B(1), and you can even block the traffic here. Isn’t that great?”

Wu Haoyuan almost fainted from Shi Lei’s words. He couldn’t help but to turn around and glower at his friend. His friends were the ones who said that, Wu Haoyuan simply added onto his friend’s statement.

But fortunately, there was an Aston Martin DB11 there, and Wu Haoyuan was glad that he made his friend steal his cousin’s car out.

Wu Haoyuan said gloomily: “Nevermind, I don’t want to make a big fuss over your incorrect logic. Open your dog eyes and look at the car behind it carefully. Do you know Aston Martin? Same level as Lamborghini with the starting price of 3 million! Your car with top configuration would just meet 3 million! Shi Lei, how else do you want to compare them?!”

Shi Lei didn’t know those cars well. Out of the six cars behind Wu Haoyuan, he only knew about Audi, Benz and Porsche. As for Lotus and Aston Martin, he really didn’t know much about them.

But he believed that Wu Haoyun wouldn’t play tricks on this. Since he said that Aston Martin is over 3 million, then it must be real.

Shi Lei turned around and looked again. Those seven cars still haven’t appeared yet. Shi Lei thought, hurry up and come out, I’m getting slapped in the face hard right now and it hurts. Don’t be like this, it’s enough to have us argue verbally.

Shi Lei sluggishly said: “Oh my goodness, a 3 million car, I’m so scared. It’s so expensive. Does it use electronic ignition? Is it petrol efficient? Is it convenient to fix the chain breaks(2)?”

“Shi Lei!” Wu Haoyuan roared. “Stop pestering me with unreasonable logic! You are the one who rides a bicycle, your chain breaks! Even if I don’t compare the number of cars, your car is at most 3 million, and my Aston Martin’s pre-sale price is already 3.3 million. You also lost. What, are you going to drive yourself up the mountain and do the bet, or do you want me to escort you up to the mountain, strip you naked and throw you in the lake? Don’t blame me for not telling you, but if I have to do it myself, you are done. Your family probably doesn’t want to see you being unable to receive your graduation certificate after four years in university, right?”

Sun Yiyi was sitting in the car shaking like mad. It was enough to scare her just by listening to Wu Haoyuan talking about those cars which were worth a few millions.

She didn’t even know about cars as much as Shi Lei. She only knew that the outside of all those cars which she saw seemed very cool, and the only brands she could recognise were Benz and Audi. As for cars on Shi Lei’s side, she didn’t recognise a single one and naturally didn’t know their prices. In Sun Yiyi’s perspective, Benz and Audi represented the top tier cars, hence she thought that Shi Lei had lost for sure. Plus, she also thought that since Wei Qing let Shi Lei drove the car and go first, it was definitely the most expensive car out of all. The only reason why Wei Qing and the others hadn’t appeared was probably because Wu Haoyuan’s cars were too good and they were too scared to come out.

She panicked as she heard Wu Haoyuan’s words. She didn’t want to see Shi Lei swimming naked in the lake, and she would never want to see Shi Lei spend four years in university yet unable to receive his graduation certificate. And she knew that everything started because of her. With overwhelming emotions, she bursted into tears. She jumped off the car and blocked Shi Lei from Wu Haoyuan.

“Wu Haoyuan, this happened because of me. Don’t make things difficult for Shitou ge! Don’t you think that you are almighty because you are rich. Don’t bully people just because your family is wealthy!”

The dandy youngsters behind Wu Haoyuan all laughed and teased: “Yooo, the beauty is trying to save the hero!”

“Haoyuan, I’m not being mean, but shouldn’t you be ashamed to lose to a poor loser like this?”

“Cut the crap, just throw him in the lake!”


Shi Lei was overwhelmed as he saw Sun Yiyi used her thin body to protect him. He saw her shoulders shake from sobs and was in distress. He held Sun Yiyi lightly in his arms and whispered in a low voice: “Yiyi, don’t worry, we didn’t lose. Don’t be like this!”

Sun Yiyi raised her tear filled face and looked at Shi Lei, which made him feel even worse.

But Wu Haoyuan ferociously said: “Shi Lei, don’t try to pull out the sympathy card, it’s useless! I’m not a kind person. Since you agreed to my bet, you will do it. Bros, let’s teach this loser how to behave himself! And, I take it back. I don’t care whether you jump into the lake yourself or be thrown into it by me, you will never get your graduation certificate from Wu Dong university!” With his words, he walked towards Shi Lei step by step. Although Sun Yiyi was terrified, and her petite body was shaking, she stood firmly in front of Shi Lei and stretched her arms to keep Shi Lei behind her.

“Not letting me get my graduation certificate? You better worry about yourself!” Shi Lei was enraged as he turned around and howled: “What are you all waiting for? Waiting for the sun to go down?!”

1. SB: Abbreviation for idiot in Chinese
2. Chain breaks: A saying for when someone screws up something at the most crucial time
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