Chapter 87 - He Really Came

Chapter 87 - He Really Came

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Next to Lake Cui.

The yellow Bumblebee was quite attention catching despite the person sitting in it was out of his mind. There were more visitors in the area as there was sufficient sunlight on the mountain to provide warmth. Many people were looking at this Bumblebee. Although they knew that it was not a super expensive sportscar, but the price of 500,000 yuan was still an enormous amount of money to them. Especially this car had the logo of the Transformers on it, which was extra catchy.

If it was before, Wu Haoyuan would’ve rolled down his window and shooed everyone away. No one would like having people surrounding him and discussing about his car when he was sitting inside the car.

But today, it seemed as if Wu Haoyuan did not see any of the visitors who walked about the car in circles. He didn’t even realise that theere were people watching him.

Wu Haoyuan was starving as he didn’t eat breakfast and it was already noon. Wu Haoyuan seemed even more dispirited as he was in the cold water for a few seconds, then lost all of his reputation, even the air-conditioner in the car could not warm him up.

Staring at the grand mansion which was not far from him, of course Wu Haoyuan knew who the owner of the house was. If Shi Lei shocked him today, then, how Shi Lei had borrowed that mansion for a cocktail party shocked Wu Haoyuan immensely.

Who was Shi Lei?

Because of a legend like this, people were saying something like “Hanging out in that mansion is worth dying for,,” when boasting, yet this person lent the mansion to Shi Lei.

Although, it was not that it had never been lent to others before, but what kind of people was it lent to? Before, the secretary of the U.S came here before, and a world class millionaire, Rockefeller, as well as some of our country’s leaders.

Again, it was lent to people with status and identity.

But today, the house was lent to Shi Lei. How could Wu Haoyuan not be shocked? Or, perhaps Shi Lei’s background was on the same level as those people?”

The more he thought about it, the more scary it became.

After hesitating for a while, Wu Haoyuan decided to see it for himself. Afterall, it was a place he dreamed of visiting and deep inside his heart, he still didn’t want to believe that Shi Lei could really borrow the house.

Who knows if he just mentioned it? Perhaps it was because Shi Lei thought that he didn’t have the guts to go so he boasted and lied to him?

Of course, this was just an excuse. The real reason was that Wu Haoyuan could not control his curiosity and wanted to explore the house himself.

Even if it’s just one glance, just one glance…...

After he made up his mind, he stepped on the accelerator and dashed towards the grand mansion.

He thought, I already lost all my face, could things get any worse?

In an instant, he was almost there. Upon his arrival, the thick and heavy metal gate was gradually closing. Through the gap of the gate, Wu Haoyuan could see 7 or 8 cars driving slowly on the road, but they were definitely not the cars he saw previously. These cars had a modest outer appearance, but they were actually extravagant business cars. The modesty was for the outer appearance and colour, and the extravagance was the interior and price.

Without further thoughts, Wu Haoyuan drove over. The butler inside the gate saw that another car was coming, but he frowned slightly.

Today’s attendants were either the wealthy or the noble as seen through the cars, but what was a Bumblebee doing here? The gate stopped. It didn’t continue close, but it definitely didn’t open either.

Wu Haoyun could only stop the car in front of the gate. The butler walked towards the Bumblebee and Wu Haoyuan knew who he was. He didn’t dare to give him the cold shoulder, so he quickly got off the car and smiled: “Hello, Shi Lei…… Shi Shao said that I could go in.”

After the butler heard this, he nodded and said expressionlessly: “Please wait for a moment, I need to ask.”

Wu Haoyun could only wait patiently as the butler entered the small room next to the gate and called.

Dai Qian picked up and said: “Please wait.”

Then, she found Shi Lei, whispered to him and as Shi Lei nodded, Dai Qian picked up the phone again and told the butler outside to let the Bumblebee in.

Wu Haoyuan finally gained the permission to enter this mansion, where his father had never came in before. Although he was a fuerdai with over a billion asset, but inside this mansion that’s as big as a park, Wu Haoyuan was also like Shi Lei, who were like villagers who came to the city for the first time.

Inside the enormous living room with the size of a small hall, Shi Lei laughed and said to Sun Yiyi: “I didn’t think that Wu Haoyuan would actually come.”

Sun Yiyi panicked slightly and she avoided his gaze. Shi Lei smiled again and said: “Don’t worry, he’s not the almighty young master Wu here. Here, he’s not even good enough to lick our boots.”

Sun Yiyi finally relaxed and became more relieved as she glanced around the well-dressed youngsters around them.

“If he knew that these are all help from your friend, wouldn’t he look for trouble again?” In the end, Sun Yiyi could not help but to worry.

Shi Lei smiled: “Even if he was certain that I’m poor, but I have friends like these and they would all help me, then he would never dare to bark at me. He would never take the bet to guess whether Wei Qing will help me a second time or not.”

Sun Yiyi half understood what Shi Lei said and nodded.

At this time, a group of around 20 people walked in. Wei Qing was naturally the person to greet each of them passionately.

Then, Wei Qing found Shi Lei and introduced him to the crowd.

After Shi Lei greeted them, he walked into the living room and stood on top of the stairs, raised his wine glass whilst holding Sun Yiyi’s hands and said: “Thank you all for attending this cocktail party which Wei Shao organised for me. I also thank Wei Shao for contacting and letting me make so many new friends. Cheers!”

With that, Shi Lei emptied his whole glass of wine and thought to himself that this wine wasn’t much better than those 100 yuan cheap wine.

Then, he said: “I’ll stop talking. Treat yourself to anything you would like to eat and drink. I prepared three bottles of 1996 Conti today, no one leave before drinking that!”

Everyone laughed in unison: “Even if you leave, we won’t. We definitely need to drink that.”

“We should thank you. We’ve heard of this place before and I wanted to come in and take a look a long time ago, but I never had the chance to do so. If it wasn’t for Shi Shao, how would we feast together here?”

Of course, only Wei Qing would have said this.

Then, Wei Qing raised his wineglass and emptied it with Shi Lei in celebration.

As for the others who saw this, they were not stupid enough to only take a sip of it as they all emptied their glasses too.

But Shi Lei felt slightly butthurt. Although he didn’t have to pay for this, and Lafitte only cost about 3,000 yuan for a bottle, but with this many people, at least three bottles were needed to provide them with a glass each. In other words, 10,000 yuan was already gone.
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