Chapter 92 - The Almighty Organization

Chapter 92 - The Almighty Organization

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The elder’s eyes were still closed as he replied: “Mhm.” The displease on his face was obviously seen as his thoughts were interrupted. He couldn’t remember what he was about to write and he needed to concentrate again.

“Dad, the news is all over Wu Dong city. You…… Can I say that you are monkeying around?” The person who spoke was a woman about 25 or 26 years of age. The dissatisfaction was obvious under her delicate makeup.

The elder finally opened his eyes, placed the calligraphy brush down and said: “It’s my house. Do I need to inform anyone about whom I’m lenting it to?”

The woman quickly lowered her head. Although the old man favoured her, but she could hear the irritation from his voice and she didn’t dare to be impudent due to his favouritism.

“I didn’t mean that, but…… What do you see in those children? Who wanted to borrow the house from you?”

“An old friend……” The old man raised his head and his vision’s focus fell on a hollow point. “Someone I would never reject. He said to give it to a child for a cocktail party, so I did! Don’t mention letting him borrow it, if that old friend likes it, I would give it to him.”

The woman was astonished and cried out: “What old friend? Don’t tell me, it’s those people?”

The old man knew what the woman meant but shook his head: “How could they make a request like this to me, and how would they let their children to be so absurd.”

“Then, who was it?” The woman picked up the tea cup on the side, opened the lid, blew the tea leaves aside and passed it to the elder.

The elder took a sip of the tea and shook his head: “You don’t need to know. This old friend will not make any request to any of you now that I left.”

The woman was rather confused but didn’t dare to voice out her doubts. She stared at her father strangely as it was the first time in her life to see such helplessness on her father’s face.

“Alright. None of these are related to you and you can just let the news spread in the city. But those children who went to the mansion today, you can have some contact with them. Since their children walked into my house, then I shall find a chance and work with them again.”

As the elder spoke, his expression was as if he was a sovereign who had descended the world, and only in this moment, he displayed his dominance as the top tier billionaire in the country. During the day, the fuerdai, including Wei Qing, the less wealthier people had no less than 50 billion worth of asset, with 350 billion for those wealthier. But in front of this elder’s asset, they were not even worth mentioning. Even the Forbes rank didn’t dare to reveal his background, how could he be measured with a few hundred billions? Although it was only one digit more, but this one digit made all the difference.

The woman didn’t dare to say anything else. She nodded and bowed: “Ok, Dad, I understand.”

“Go. When I’m writing, no one can come and disturb me. Not even you!” The elder waved his hand and the woman quickly left the room.

Picking up his brush again, the elder closed his eyes once again but the overwhelming emotions in his heart forbade him to calm down. Eventually, the elder threw the calligraphy brush on the snow white calligraphy paper. The brush tip which was filled with ink was out of shape and the paper was tainted with ink splatters of different sizes.

“Shi Lei……” The elder leaned against the wooden chair, narrowed his eyes and said a name.

“Are you from that organization? From Old Qin and Dai Qian’s report, you don’t seem like it. They said you were rather reserved. Although you didn’t display any traces of fear, but you couldn’t mask the perplexity in your heart. If you are from that organization, you shouldn’t be like this. I can’t even compare to anyone’s imposing manner from that organisation. Then, who in the world are you? How did you ask the organisation to make the request to me for you?”

It turned out that the old friend the old man mentioned was not a single person, but an organization.

An organization which even the elder looked up to, what kind of existence would that be?

After pondering for a while, the elder pressed a bell on his side. Someone quickly came in and spoke: “Master.”

“Call Pu Ti over.”

“Yes, master.” That person left the room and after a while, a woman who looked rather similar to the previous one but seemed younger came in.

After she closed the door, the woman who was Pu Ti spoke: “Dad, you wanted to see me?”

The elder pointed at the chair on the side and said: “Sit.”

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Pu Ti asked.

“Have you heard about what happened during the day?”

Pu Ti smiled and said: “I didn’t leave the house today. I didn’t know at first but after my older sister came back and made a big fuss, it was hard for me to not know.”

“That’s just Xing Yue’s personality. She doesn’t know how to hide her emotions. Are you curious too?”

Pu Ti smiled again and said: “I’m lying if I say that I’m not curious. But you always have a reason for doing things like this, so we don’t have to worry about your decisions.”

“Hmm…… That mansion was borrowed by an old friend to a child called Shi Lei. Old Qin and Dai Qian reported to me that only the kid from the Wei family knew Shi Lei and it was his first time meeting the others. From my old friend’s style of doing things, I don’t think any of those children would remember the details and they would probably only remember that they went to the house. But the child of the Wei family might have some memories left……”

These words were rather fantasy-like, revealing the meaning that someone was strong enough to wipe out a certain part of one’s memories. But this woman called Pu Ti didn’t show any traces of doubt or surprise.

She simply nodded and replied: “Ok, dad, I understand. I’ll talk to my sister that I will be responsible for following up to the Wei family. I will also keep my eyes on that person called Shi Lei.”

The elder nodded and warmed again: “Don’t be too obvious. My old friend hates it when people try to dig everything up. But I, on the other hand, became more and more curious now that I’m older. Be cautious.”

Pu Ti was shaken slightly at the elder’s solemnness.

“I know, I’ll be extra careful. I won’t make any direct contact with Shi Lei.” The elder nodded his head slowly and closed his eyes. Pu Ti saw this and left the room quietly. The elder opened his eyes again and his eyes shone brightly.

“I had earned such a big family property for you guys. Without the organization’s help, I hope you can last for a few more generations.” With that, the elder finally displayed the tiredness and sleepiness that an elder should have. His breath became steady and calm, as if he fell asleep on the chair.

But the person called Shi Lei whom was mentioned by the elder, was sitting in a street side barbecue stall, sweeping through the skewers and beers. Although he had some proper food during dinner, but it wasn’t enough and he was starving.

Shi Lei didn’t know that in that moment, someone was watching him in secret, and he didn’t know that his name was circled again on an organization’s list.

The organization which the elder looked up to also held a sense of fearful respect towards Shi Lei. This organization which was known to very few people in the world had put Shi Lei under the list of noble guests whom they wouldn’t touch easily, and even hoped that Shi Lei would one day contact them himself.

This almighty organization knew nothing about Shi Lei too.
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