Chapter 93 - It’s Only Cute If A Beauty Acts Cute

Chapter 93 - It’s Only Cute If A Beauty Acts Cute

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After Shi Lei woke up and discovered that all of his roommates were gone, he realised that it was already Saturday and the other three had returned to their families.

It was Saturday! Already!

Shi Lei rapidly checked how much money he had left. Except for the 1,500 yuan of living expenses which his Dad transferred him monthly. Minus the 9,300 yuan of reward, Shi Lei realised that he had about 3,000 yuan left to spend this week.

Merely 3,000 yuan should be relatively easy to spend and Shi Lei was relieved.

Shi Lei’s phone rang and Shi Lei saw that it was a WeChat message from Zhang Liangliang. He opened it and Er’jie said: “Dashu, it’s tutoring day again, don’t forget.”

Shi Lei looked at the time and it was already past 12. He was really tight on time.

Shi Lei rolled off his bed, brushed his teeth, and washed his face in a rush. He had been rather busy and forgot to shower he thought he was rather stale. He wanted to have a quick cold shower, but considering that the temperature outside was barely 7 degrees, he couldn’t help but shudder. Nevermind, he’ll just endure it a bit more.

There was still 3,000 yuan left. If he was sick and didn’t spend it all, he was screwed.

Shi Lei put on the new Nike clothing he bought last time and ran out of his dorm energetically.

He ordered two dishes in the restaurant in front of school and it was already 1:30PM after he finished eating. Luckily Zhang Liangliang’s house was not too far from there. He only needed about half an hour to walk over and he could even use that time to exercise and digest the food. Shi Lei really began to worry about his health as he had being shoving whatever he could into his stomach recently.

Hmm, as for next week’s quota, Shi Lei had already planned on how to spend it. He will rent a house. He wasn’t scared that it would be expensive, but he was worried that it would be too cheap. The furnishings definitely needed to be luxurious. It didn’t need to be too big so that the Scepter wouldn’t say that he didn’t finish his quota as he didn’t need such a big house all for himself. Shi Lei had originally thought that it was much easier to spend money if he lived in a hotel. But if he moved out from his dorm and lived in a hotel, even if his roommates didn’t think it was strange as he was a fuerdai, but if any friends, such as Sun Yiyi, wanted to visit him, how would he explain it to them?

Other than that, Shi Lei planned to sign up at the gym. He heard that wealthy people usually pay a lot of attention on exercising and health. As a fuerdai who didn’t have any asset, company and income, he really should put health on his priority list. It was too corrupted for him to live a life where he had to spend all the money he had. If he didn’t exercise, he would soon be someone who’s well fed but never used his brain. It was too hard for Shi Lei to imagine himself as someone who was as fat as a pig.

Of course, he would find a high class fitness center. He could also find a personal coach so that he could finish spending next week’s sum easier.

At the thought of him successfully planning the week ahead, Shi Lei became extremely happy. His footsteps also became lighter and even started humming.

Originally, Shi Lei wanted to find a bank and ask the Scepter about this week’s spendings. Although there shouldn’t be a problem, but since he had a chance to do so every week, he shouldn’t waste it. But he was a bit short on time at the moment. He will wait until he finishes tutoring Zhang Liangliang at night…… Or more accurately, accompany this prince, no, princess to finish her homework, then he would have plenty of time to ask, not to mention that there were no problems in the first place!

At five minutes before 2, Shi Lei stood in front Zhang Liangliang’s house and knocked on her door light heartedly.

Zhang Liangliang opened the door as soon as she heard the first knock, as if she was waiting behind the door for Shi Lei to knock.

“Aren’t you fast?!” Shi Lei retracted his hands as he was about to knock again.

Zhang Liangliang tied her hair into a ponytail today. Her forehead was bare and it looked rather fresh.

Shi Lei subconsciously nodded and thought that she looked really nice. His nodding was captured by Zhang Liangliang and the little girl was rather pleased with herself. She could grasp Shi Lei’s taste better now, but it was because she had the chance to meet Sun Yiyi last week. Sun Yiyi grew up with Shi Lei so she knew well what his likes were. She was also very naive as Zhang Liangliang simply said a few sentences and Sun Yiyi told her everything.

Shi Lei didn’t know about this though. If he did, he would definitely call Sun Yiyi stupid as this little girl was up to no good. She wanted to win your man over and you told her everything?

“Dashu, you are so on-time today!” Zhang Liangliang didn’t really have much to say but she spoke for the sake of speaking anyway. After Shi Lei walked in and closed the door, she even held onto Shi Lei’s arms naturally.

Shi Lei slapped her hands off and scolded with a stern face: “No manners! Does anyone act like this to their teachers? Your Mum left already?”

Zhang Liangliang wasn’t unhappy and laughed, and she hugged Shi Lei’s arms again: “My Mum left early. She seemed really busy today and she didn’t come back till late night yesterday. As to this, hehe, you are dashu and I’m the loli, isn’t it normal for me to hold onto your arms?”

Shi Lei didn’t bother to waste his time to talk back and asked: “You didn’t go out and play secret in these past few days, did you?”

“Nope. Ever since I agreed to you, I’ve been going to school everyday and doing homework after I finished school. Sometimes I wanted to bother you for a while and ask you to eat with me, but I was scared that you’ll be annoyed so I didn’t.”

“Hmm, not bad, keep it up!”

“That’s it?” Zhang Liangliang widened her eyes.

Shi Lei was confused and asked: “What else do you want?”

“I thought you would say: don’t worry, I won’t be annoyed. You can send me all the WeChat messages you want and bother me anytime, I just happened to need someone to eat with too.” Zhang Liangliang pouted and made a face whilst speaking. Although she was purposely acting cute, but Shi Lei couldn’t deny that it was only cute if a beauty did it. If an ugly person tried to act cute, it would just be a grimace.

Shi Lei shook his head seriously: “No, not this.”

“Yes!” Zhang Liangliang continued to act cute.

Shi Lei’s lips twitched and said: “Have you been eating by yourself everyday?”

“Yep, I’m so sad.” Zhang Liangliang was obviously addicted to acting cute. She pouted and her lips were pink and plump.

Shi Lei was slightly annoyed and said: “Tell the truth!”

Zhang Liangliang laughed again and said: “Well, not everyday. Mrs. Zhang Meimei comes back and look after me sometimes if she has the time to so, but she didn’t do it to eat with me, she was just scared that I would run away to play. But after another week or two, she should believe that I’ve changed for good. When that time comes, I would never see her and no one would eat with me. Right now, I would eat by myself for at least five days per week. Let me think, it’s like this week. She’s definitely not coming back today, she wasn’t home either last Sunday, so she only ate with me this Wednesday.”

Looking at Zhang Liangliang who was acting cute and pretending to be happy, Shi Lei suddenly felt sympathetic towards her.

Normally speaking, Zhang Liangliang was pretty, smart, and studying wasn’t even something she needed to worry about. Although she had a single parent family, but out of ten children, at least two or three children come from a single parent family, so it also wasn’t something too new. The main point was that Zhang Meimei’s income should be rather high. Shi Lei estimated her annual income to be above a million as she could afford all the expenses when Zhang Liangliang was rebellious. Even a new lawyer would have half a million a year, an annual income of over a million wasn’t really strange.

With conditions like this, Zhang Liangliang shouldn’t have anything to do with the word ‘sympathy’.

But, under the glorious surface, who knew that to Zhang Liangliang, a 16 year old girl, even having a meal with her mother became such an extravagant wish?
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