Chapter 97 - Mysterious Organization

Chapter 97 - Mysterious Organization

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Taxi fee, it must be the taxi fee.

Shi Lei was sure that only the taxi fee would be as low as 38 yuan.

He immediately opened the online booking app and checked all the spendings on Wednesday.

On Wednesday at about 12PM, there was a consumption of 38 yuan, and two hours later, there was another 38 yuan.

Shi Lei remembered that Wednesday was the so-called party day by his three shameless roommates and when they went out for lunch that day, they called for a taxi. After they finished eating at about 2PM, the same 38 yuan should be the taxi fee from the restaurant going back to the school.

Thinking about it, Shi Lei’s heart sank.

He really neglected that.

Shi Lei now remembered that he called for a car to send them to the restaurant. After they finished, he said that he had to do something else as he went to the stock exchange office to open a new account and even made a small joke out of himself. When they left the restaurant, Shi Lei called the car for himself, but before he could get in the car, it was seized by those three. Because the stock office and his university weren’t on the same line, Shi Lei wasn’t in a rush to go to the stock office, so he went and bought a new set of clothing in the nearby shopping mall.

After he finished shopping, he used the app again and paid the 38 yuan for those three. He didn’t think about it too much as he subconsciously thought that he even subtly treated them to a few thousand worth of food already, it shouldn’t be a problem to pay for their taxi fee. Except, he never thought that it was the problem.

What a neglectance!

Shi Lei blamed himself.

He was lucky that it was only 38 yuan, took 0.038% of this week’s sum so only his foreskin was gone. If the sum was slightly higher, he would be missing one or two parts of his body.

Chills shot up his spine as he was drowned in fear. Shi Lei warned himself secretly that he cannot be so careless again and he must record down every single consumption and its purpose. Otherwise, if he neglected a tiny amount every time and lost his foreskin bit by bit, what would he still have left a few times? Not to mention that the Black Card won’t pity him, and the Scepter won’t be kind to him either. If there was going to be any sort of tiny punishment like this, perhaps he would be losing important body parts like his eardrums or cornea.

He would really be disabled!

From observing Shi Lei’s expressions, the Scepter knew that Shi Lei remembered what happened to those 38 yuan. Its voice became arrogant: “Do you get it now? You stupid hamster……”

Hey, wasn’t I still a marmot a few minutes ago?

“Did you finally remember why that amount wasn’t counted into the sum? A careless guy like you should be punished harsher, such as cut off one of your balls.”

Shi Lei’s expression abruptly changed. How vicious was this Scepter to cut off one of his balls?

Although his balls were still there, but Shi Lei felt extremely butthurt.

Since he knew that he misunderstood the Sceptre, Shi Lei didn’t mind to apologise to it.

“I’m really sorry. It was really me that spoke like that without clarifying things. My attitude was bad. I sincerely apologise to you, my noble master Sceptre. Please forgive me!”

Although apologizing won’t do much, but the Scepter seemed to enjoy them. He hummed in satisfaction and became even more arrogant: “I’ll forgive you this time, but I don’t want there to be a next time. If there is, don’t blame me for giving you extra punishments.”

Shi Lei twitched his lips in disbelief.

“Great Scepter, there are a few questions i would like to ask you.”

The Scepter was rather impatient and asked: “Why do you have so many questions to ask?”

Shi Lei laughed and said: “Great Sceptre, you have the ability to see the future so obviously you would think that my questions are annoying. But for me, I understand nothing and know nothing. When I bump into new questions, I can only seek answers from a great prophet like you!”

It was another subtle flattering which the Scepter enjoyed. It laughed and said: “Fine, seeing that your attitude isn’t bad, you may ask.”

“I used the millionaire card yesterday, I want to know that if all the memories of the people related to the event would be wiped out at midnight?”

“That’s not a bad question because this is related to the core of any cards like this. Wiping memories off people is something that’s related to a wide range of areas as there’s too much that needs to be changed. Hence, we mostly blur the memories of all the attendants of the events and focus more specifically on your interactions with them. They will have the impression that they had contact with a certain stranger, but they won’t remember you easily. If they don’t come in contact with you within a short period of time, that memory will become more blurry as time passes, until they forget.”

Shi Lei nodded and thought that it wasn’t as amazing as what he expected. Even if the Black Card had great powers, this supernatural wasn’t capable of modifying human memories on a big scale.

“What about Wei Qing? He should be the most important person during the process of my activation of the millionaire card, and when I was interacting with him, I had the feeling that something wasn’t right. It was as if he knew my real identity and knew what was going on yesterday.”

The Scepter felt odd and asked: “Why do you think that? Did he act strangely when interacting with you?”

Shi Lei didn’t tell the exact truth, but he made it very ambiguous just like how the Black Card made those people’s memories blurry.

“I can’t really tell what exactly was strange. But sometimes, I just felt like that he was different from the others. The others knew nothing about me yet he seemed like he knew me very well. I just don’t understand whether he really understood my real situation or it was just a memory that you forcefully planted into him.”

The Scepter fell silent and didn’t speak for a long time. It was supposed to be spinning on the screen and yet at this moment, it was completely motionless. Even the galaxy-like background seemed to stop.

Shi Lei waited patiently for the Scepter to speak again as he knew that even if he asked, it wouldn’t reply any sooner.

“About the millionaire card, we made it happen through sending a command to a mysterious organization in this world, and to that organization, the orders we sent are oracles and they must follow it. That Wei Qing person who you mentioned should be organized by them and that organization addresses this kind of person as the agent. But during the process, the situation you mentioned should be impossible. The agent starts the mission after they have been forcefully planted with memories and after he finishes the mission, those memories will be wiped away and replaced by similar memories from yesterday.”

Shi Lei briefly understood. He originally thought that the millionaire card was only under the control of the Black Card, but he didn’t expect it to be related to an organization. Especially that the organization was so strong that they could manipulate with black technology such as planting and wiping away human memories. Even Wei Qing was their agent and it was enough to demonstrate how strong this organisation was.

“So the mansion was also organized by that organization?” Shi Lei asked again.
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