1011 This Is Our Family's Child!

Chapter 1011: This Is Our Family's Child!
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"What is it?" Zhuang Keer asked, unsure what Ning Xi wanted from her now.

Zhuang Keer wore a white dress and had a white lace ribbon on her wrist. Ning Xi gently took it off. "This."

"Sure...but, Xiao Xi, why do you need this?" Zhuang Keer was confused.

Zhuang Liao Yuan's expression changed into one of suspicion. This child...could it be…?

Zhuang Guangrong was irritated. This bastard was flirting with his sister even in a situation like this!

Under everyone's attention, Ning Xi geared up and tied the white lace ribbon around her head, slipping it over her eyes, then she pointed the gun ahead and released three shots.




After ten rounds, the score counter displayed the score: 100 points!


Zhuang Rongguang was shocked. He could not say anything and just stood frozen there in disbelief…

This bastard was blindfolded...and still got a perfect score!

How was this possible!? No way!

He had only seen his father achieve such a feat before!

How could he do it? Who exactly was this guy?

Zhuang Keer did not expect Ning Xi to borrow her lace ribbon as a blindfold and she screamed excitedly, "Ah! Oh my gosh! Bro Xi, you're amazing!"

That was really cool.

Zhuang Liaoyuan was impressed, his hawk-like eyes were full of passion and excitement.

This child...surprised him more and more every time…

Hitting all 10 points on a stationary target was difficult, but it was not impossible; veterans with sufficient training could achieve it. However, under a blindfold, training would not be sufficient. One would need enormous talent and an extremely sharp sense.

Many talented snipers hit the bottleneck because they lacked that sort of acumen. Especially in real fights, in chaos and with targets running all over the place, sharp senses became vital to stay alive…

Suddenly, Zhuang Zongren's voice came from the back. "This...this child…"

Zhuang Liaoyuan was surprised. "Father, why are you here?"

"I heard Rongguang picked up a gun. How could I not come!?" But at that point, his attention had shifted to the young man beside Zhuang Rongguang. "Liaoyuan, whose child is this? Superb marksmanship! Is he your subordinate?"

Zhuang Liaoyuan laughed bitterly. "If this was my subordinate, I'd have sweet dreams every night."

"Then, this child is...?" Zhuang Zongren was confused.

"Actually, you know this person too. This child was the girl who saved you beside the river the other day. She's just dressed in a male outfit today," Zhuang Liaoyuan replied.

"What?! This is that girl!? The one who saved me?"


Zhuang Zongren was astonished and became even more curious. "What an amazing girl! Whose family's is she from?"

"Ours," Zhuang Liaoyuan replied.
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