1017 My Love

Chapter 1017: My Love
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At night, the production crew organized a simple celebration dinner at a restaurant. Because there were no investors or journalists around, the environment was relaxed.

"You guys aren't my first batch of newbies, but will probably be my last. Thank you for your faith in me!"

"This is my first movie ever and I'm really glad to have worked with such a professional team. Thank you for selecting me, Director! I've been really happy throughout the shoot. Thank you, everyone!"

"I'll make a toast here as well, especially to Bro Xi. I've got to be honest with you...I was actually the one who set up the snake because I was jealous that you got all the girls' attention...but you're the best! I'm impressed!" Qi Fang announced and finished his drink.

"But, Bro Xi, you look much better in a female outfit. Stop dressing up like a guy already!" Qi Fang stared at Ning Xi today as he spoke.

"Nonsense! Bro Xi should wear more male outfits! You're just afraid that she might be more manly than you, aren't you?!" Ji Yumeng talked back and a few others agreed as well.

After a few rounds, people started speaking what they really thought deep down in their hearts. Even then, the atmosphere was harmonious.

At the end of the night, most of them waited for their cars outside of the restaurant.

People started leaving one after another. In the end, there were only Ning Xi, Chen Hanchen, and Ke Mingyu left.

Chen Hanchen looked at Ning Xi again before he gathered his courage and said to Ning Xi, "Senior, I...I hope we can still collaborate in the future! Your acting's really superb!"

"Thank you." Ning Xi, of course, realized the special feelings Chen Hanchen harbored for her, so she kept her reply short. Especially when the devil was right beside her!

Young man, stop giving me trouble!

Obviously, Chen Hanchen could not read her mind and was a little disappointed with her curt reply. He then took out a name card from his pocket. "Su Yimo's dominating Glory World Entertainment, especially after Leng Manyun left. You have almost zero chance there to become more famous...if you need anything, give this contact a call!"

Chen Hanchen handed her the name card of his own manager.

Ning Xi took a glance at the name card but did not take it. "Thank you for your concern, but I don't think I'll be needing it."

Awesome! Chen Hanchen is scouting me right in front of my boss…

Chen Hanchen frowned. "Why? Speedy Multimedia is one of the biggest firms in the industry. It won't treat you any poorer than Glory World Entertainment and my manager is the best in Speedy Multimedia! I've told him about you before. If you'd like to, our company is willing to settle the penalty for violating the contract for you!"

Ning Xi coughed, not even daring to turn around and look at the devil's expression. She then said in a proper tone, "I'm sorry, Glory World Entertainment holds a special meaning in my heart. It's my dream, my hope, my love, and there's nothing that can replace it, so I'll never leave!"
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