1035 I’ve Always Been A Cute Little Bunny

Chapter 1035: I’ve Always Been A Cute Little Bunny
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It was a strange woman.

The woman wore a dark, tight-fitting bodysuit and she emitted a similar aura as Third Senior Sister Feng Xiaoxiao did, the kind of aura a killer possessed.

"Bro Xi, Elder Feng wants to see you," the woman looked at her and spoke expressionlessly.

Ning Xi was caught off-guard. She actually met a baddie on the way home! She was just out that night to buy some soy sauce and did not expect to meet Feng Jin's underling!

And the only weapon she had on her right now was a bottle of soy sauce.

The woman opened the car door. "Please."

Ning Xi's brain worked fast as she sucked on her lollipop and tilted her head. "Miss, who are you? I think you've got the wrong person! I'm not Bro Xi!"

The woman was a little taken aback. "You're not Tang Xi?"

Ning Xi continued sucking her lollipop and shook her head innocently. "Miss, my name is Little Bunny!"

The woman looked at her, then she glanced at Ning Xi's apartment and said coldly, "I saw you coming out from 701."

Ning Xi scratched her head. "I know the girl from 701. I always visit her but it's a girl, not a guy staying there!"

The woman was confused by Ning Xi's innocent expression.

Although she knew that Tang Xi was actually a woman and she had seen her pictures in a female outfit before, this girl in front of her did not look like Ning Xi either.

Could she have made a mistake?

"Oh my, it's really late already! I'm going home now! If not my mother's going to give me a good scolding! Goodbye!" Ning Xi then walked away quickly.

The woman who was left behind was perplexed.

A voice came through the woman's Bluetooth earphone, "Did you get her?"

"I'm sorry, Elder Feng, I think I followed the wrong target!"

"Wrong target?"

"Yes, I've sent a picture to your phone. Please check if the person is Tang Xi."

Feng Jin then spoke to her through the Bluetooth earphone, "The person in the Tang Xi."

The woman was speechless. Had she been fooled by Tang Xi?

Tang Xi was her idol! Not only did she find out that her idol was actually a man, she even turned out to be a stupid little bunny!

"I'm sorry, Elder Feng! It's my mistake!"

Feng Jing coughed, "It's's not your fault, continue your mission!"


The woman moved swiftly after she ended the call. She climbed over the walls and went towards Ning Xi's direction.

A short while later, just when Ning Xi thought she had finally gotten away from that woman, a dark shadow appeared right in front of her.

Ning Xi almost cursed out loud when she saw her. She need not ask, her disguise was found out.

The woman stood before Ning Xi with a cold expression. "Bro Xi, your disguise was really amazing, I was almost fooled!"

Ning Xi kept quiet.

That was not a disguise at all! That's who I really am! I've always been a cute little bunny, you stupid humans!
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