1036 Ears Were Heating Up

Chapter 1036: Ears Were Heating Up
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Ning Xi's eyes turned chilly. "We were once colleagues, after all. I don't want to hurt you, don't make me do it!"

The woman grinned. "Had it been the last time, I might not have been able to win, but now...I heard that you can't even face Feng Xiaoxiao for more than a few minutes!"

Ning Xi had nothing to say.

How did she even know about this?

"Bro Xi, follow me. If it's possible, I don't want to hurt you either," said the woman.

Ning Xi took a glance at the gun strapped to the woman's waist and she understood the woman was trying to be polite.

Not only did Ning Xi not have any weapons on her, even if she did, she would not be able to handle someone who was sent by Feng Jin.

Ning Xi got into the car in the end.

There was also a man in the car, designated to be the driver, and the woman sat at the back with Ning Xi.

The woman searched through Ning Xi's outfit and even checked the small black hair clip on her.

Ning Xi tilted her head and glanced at the woman busy examining her. "You can stop now, baby, I just came out to get some soy sauce. I didn't even bring my phone. Do you really expect me to possess anything dangerous now?"

The woman stopped as she heard Ning Xi's voice. She felt her ears heating up…

That was Tang Xi's voice...Tang Xi's tone…

Although Ning Xi looked like an underaged girl now, her tone matched the old Tang Xi.

The woman shook her head and came back to her senses, then she tied Ning Xi's wrists tightly to ensure that she could not escape.

"Pretty lady, can you tell me why Strategist Feng has invited me over?" Ning Xi asked.

"I'm just executing my orders, I don't know anything else," the woman answered expressionlessly.

"You're also working for Satan but why have I never seen you before?"

The woman stopped answering her questions and ignored her.

Too bad. Ning Xi just closed her eyes and got some rest.

What surprised Ning Xi was that although the woman had tied her up, she did not blindfold her. It seemed like she did not mind her knowing where were they heading to.

The streetlights and cars outside were getting lesser and lesser as the car headed towards the outskirts...

Where were they bringing her? Any further would be going into the wilderness...

As Ning Xi was running through the possibilities in her mind, the car stopped in front of an old European villa.

When she clearly saw where they were, Ning Xi's face went pale!

Gosh, this…

Was this not the infamous haunted villa?!

Rumor had it that a pregnant woman hung herself inside. Ever since then, the house was haunted and many mysterious things happened. A resident was even scared to death here and no one else dared to take over this house after that…

What was happening!?

Of all places, why here!?

The thing she was afraid of the most was ghosts!

"Bro Xi, please let go."

Ning Xi's hands were tied together but she clung on to the car door with her fingers. She even crawled back into the car upon realizing where they were.

The woman looked at the driver and they both dragged Ning Xi out.

A gun was pointed at Ning Xi's back and she could only walk towards the scary haunted house slowly…
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