1071 New Threa

Chapter 1071: New Threat
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She only took on a few supporting character roles and attended some variety shows that did not pay much…

Ning Yaohua had a flashback. He remembered when Lu Jingli had come to pick Ning Xi up.

Could Ning his mistress? Did he buy her the house?

That did not sound right…

He investigated after what had happened the last time and found out that Ning Xi and Lu Jingli only maintained a professional relationship. However, if they were really affiliated, how was it that Ning Xi had not gotten any huge roles yet?

At Peachwood.

"Thank you! Please have a drink!"

As she finished her sentence, a metallic robot came out with few glasses on a tray, imoving towards the workers.

"Alright, thank you! Ah...this!" The workers were surprised when they saw a robot approaching them.

Ning Xi smiled. "Don’t worry, this is a robot. It’s pretty smart."

The robot scanned the three workers, then gave them a glass of water each. To their astonishment, it was able to deliver the water into their hands accurately.

The three of them were impressed. The moment they stepped in, they actually realized that the house was equipped with high technology.

So, this was how the rich lived!

The workers left after they were done.

Ning Xi started to unpack her things. "Steamed bun, play a song for me!"

"Master, my name is Andrew, not steamed bun. Master, what song would you like to listen to?"


A short while later, inside the high-tech house, a song belted out, "Ah! Today is a good day! Whatever you think could happen, tomorrow is a good day! The moment you open the door, the spring breeze will arrive…"

Ning Xi almost fell down when she heard the song.

Well, this song...hit the nail on the head…

"The song is pretty good. Thanks, steamed bun!"

"Master, my name is Andrew, not steamed bun. Glad to be of your service!"

Little Treasure really loved his robots. He usually put them in a room exclusively for them in Platinum Palace. When he found out that Ning Xi was moving, he gave her his most prized butler robot to her.

As Ning Xi was arranging her things, the doorbell rang.

She just moved here. Who could it be?

Ning Xi took a glance at the security camera. It was Lu Tingxiao, so she quickly opened the door in surprise. "Boss? Why are you here!? Come in! I thought you said you were going to be busy today."

"I have to be here to set up our matrimonial home no matter how busy I am."

"Okay...then why don’t you key in the password to come in?"

"I'd like to see you open the door for me."

Ning Xi stayed silent.

Could their conversation stay happy?

Well, actually, she was being flirted with quite jovially.

The moment Lu Tingxiao stepped in, he heard the high-pitched "Today Is A Good Day" song and he clearly found it good., "This interesting."

" think it’s nice too? Steamed bun chose it! It’s so cute! Especially when it said 'my name is Andrew, not steamed bun!'"

Lu Tingxiao stared at the robot, suddenly feeling like it had become another new threat to his love…

With Lu Tingxiao’s help, Ning Xi finished setting up her room. She stood in front of the bed and looked at her new home with satisfaction. "That’s about it. I just need to get something for you and Little Treasure…"
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