1072 Break His Leg

Chapter 1072: Break His Leg
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From the back, the man’s warm chest closed in on her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder.

Looking at the large man clinging on to her like a lost puppy, Ning Xi was a little confused. "What’s wrong?"

The man kissed the tip of her ear, then held her up and put her on the bed. He looked into her crystal clear eyes from above. "I feel very lucky to have met you…"

Ning Xi ran her fingers through his hair lovingly. "Me too…"

The man closed in and kissed her lips, deeper and deeper…

Suddenly, there was a clattering of things falling and rolling on the floor, making a pretty loud sound.

"What happened?"

Ning Xi pushed Lu Tingxiao away, then saw Lu Jingli standing there with vegetables and fruits all over the floor. He covered his eyes with one hand and Little Treasure’s eyes with the other. He kept saying, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m’s my fault! Please continue! I’ll take Little Treasure away now!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "Stop messing around! How did you come in?"

Lu Jingli cried out , "Little Treasure knows the password!"

"Oh, dear Little Treasure! You’re back! Come here!" Ning Xi hugged Little Treasure.

Little Treasure was a little unhappy that his uncle had covered his eyes suddenly, but after a hug from his mother, he forgot all about it.

Lu Jingli went up to the annoyed man, looking regretful. "Oh! My brother, I’m sorry! My future niece or nephew! I’m sorry!"

It was all his fault that they could not come into this world…

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi were speechless.

As it was Ning Xi’s first day moving in, she invited a few friends for a housewarming party.

Soon after Lu Jingli and Little Treasure came, Zhuang Keer and Jiang Muye arrived as well.

Lu Xinyan had somehow known about it as well and came bearing gifts. She probably wanted to take this opportunity to get on Ning Xi’s good side.

"Xiao Xi, your place is really pretty and the air around here is great as well. There’s even a big peach garden on the way here! The interior design looks so refreshing, I like it!" Zhuang Keer gushed.

"Come here more often then!"


"Oh, how’s your brother recently?" Ning Xi asked.

Zhuang Keer looked like her head hurt when Ning Xi mentioned Zhuang Rongguang. "Still the same, he started sneaking out every night again. His exams are coming soon, but at his current level, he'll probably fail…"

"What does your father have to say about it?" Ning Xi asked.

"My father and grandfather discussed and they are considering letting him join the army immediately. He’s at the best age to join as well, then he can attend military school after joining...but my brother doesn’t want to!"

"If he doesn’t want to, what does he intend to do then?"

"I spoke to him in private, and he said…" Zhuang Keer almost laughed. "He said that the world is so vast and that he wants to go out and explore. He wants be an adventurer and leave his footprints everywhere! He sounded pretty determine. I’m really afraid that he might leave without a word…"

Ning Xi was annoyed. "That idiot...break his leg! We'll see how he can go on his adventures!"

Zhuang Rongguang was just a teenager who liked to act tough with his family’s prestigious name. He had never failed before. Compared to the regular person, his life was way too peaceful.

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