1111 About To Really Die From Happiness!

Chapter 1111: About To Really Die From Happiness!
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In the empty corridor, that mournful sound of the child shouting "Mommy!" over and over again stunned Lu Tingxiao, Lu Jingli, Yan Ruyi, and Lu Chongshan...

Little Treasure had spoken...

He had called out for...Mommy...

Lu Tingxiao's first reaction was to press a few buttons on his phone without a change in expression.

Then, the doors of the emergency ward were pushed open and a doctor in a white coat walked out. "One of the patient's family members, please come in. Maybe you could awaken the patient's drive to survive!"

"Little Treasure! Doctor! Let Little Treasure go in!" Lu Jingli immediately pleaded.

The doctor quickly pulled Little Treasure by the hand into the ward. The door closed again and the corridor returned to silence.

At this moment, in the emergency ward, there was actually one more hidden room inside and Ning Xi lay there to sleep.

Suddenly, the door was flung open from the outside. Ning Xi thought that the doctor had something to say to her, but what met her eyes was the doctor leading Little Treasure in with the little bun's eyes all red and full of tears!

"Little Treasure?!" Ning Xi was surprised to see the little bun and she quickly climbed off the bed.

Before she could even walk over, Little Treasure had let go of the doctor's hand and dashed ove. He stuffed his face into his mother's embrace and started crying out loud in the next second!

Before this, even if Little Treasure was upset, he would only use teary eyes to look at you. He had never cried this heartbrokenly before and Ning Xi's clothes were drenched in no time.

As she watched the little bun cry till he was out of breath and listened to his heartwrenching crying, Ning Xi's heart was about to crumble.

At the same, she realized that she had forgotten about Little Treasure!

Damn it, it must be that Lu Jingli who had brought Little Treasure here!

"Baby, don't cry. Baby, don't cry, okay? Look at Mommy, aren't I just fine over here? I'm not missing an arm or a leg, I'm still jumping around and alive! I'm neither actually sick at all, nor am I hurt. I'm bluffing them! I didn't think that even my baby would be lied to too..." Ning Xi quickly explained to the little bun.

The little bun lay in his mother's embrace while his little hand held on tightly to her clothes, unwilling to let go. His little shoulders still shook from crying a lot.

"Mommy...Mommy is bad..."

"Yes, yes, yes! Mommy is bad! Mommy is the worst! It's all my fault! I should have told Little Treasure beforehand. At last, not only did I frighten the bad guys, I also actually frightened our Little Treasure too! Sorry! Sorry, sorry! Mommy is the...worst...uhh..."

Mid-sentence, Ning Xi suddenly realized something. Her eyes suddenly flew wide open and she stared hard at the little bun in her arms. "L-little bun...what did you just say? What did you say earlier? Quickly say it again! Quick!"

Was she experiencing an illusion? Did she really hear Little Treasure call her?

Little Treasure looked up with a resentful little face and frowned at Ning Xi unhappily. In a hoarse voice, he said, "Mommy is bad..."

When he finished, Ning Xi hugged the little bun tightly in her arms and tears fell immediately.

Little Treasure called me Mommy...

Little Treasure actually called me Mommy!

The little bun said I'm bad!

Oh! Little Treasure said Mommy is bad!

Oh my God! I'm really about to die from happiness!
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