113 Three Months To Make Her My Wife

After dithering for a while, Ning Xi went to look for Lu Tingxiao after dinner.

On the quiet balcony, Lu Tingxiao wasn’t in a hurry, and just stood there waiting patiently for her response.

Ning Xi took a deep breath, turned to the man next to her, and finally said determinedly, "Lu Tingxiao, that thing you talked about, I’ve thought about it. I promise I’ll stay for another three months, but I really will have to leave after that."

Even if there was nothing going on between them, it would be suspicious for an unmarried woman to stay in someone else’s house, and would easily create unnecessary misunderstandings.

"Thank you." Lu Tingxiao breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, a dark light flashed unnoticed in his eyes.

"You have filming tomorrow?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi gave a long sigh and nodded. "Yes."

Seeing her uncomfortable expression, Lu Tingxiao asked concernedly, " What’s wrong, is tomorrow’s scene very difficult?"

Ning Xi cradled her chin, leaned against the railing, and said, "I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, it’s just a kissing scene, but with Jiang Muye. I’m really worried that I won’t stay in character! What if halfway through acting, I can’t take it anymore and I hit him? It could also turn into a blooper!"

"Kissing scene…" Lu Tingxiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even though he knew there would be kissing scenes in the film, he had been painstakingly trying to avoid this issue, for he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control himself from doing something that would make her despise him.

At this moment, Ning Xi suddenly thought of something, and patted her head. "Ah, right, Lu Tingxiao, there’s something… I need to thank you for."

"What?" Lu Tingxiao asked a little distractedly.

"I just found out that it was Second Young Master Lu who invested the additional amount into the movie, so you were the one who privately instructed that I should be the second female lead, right? So, thank you." Ning Xi thanked him sincerely.

"I’m glad you don't blame me for doing that."

"I’m not that ignorant, I know when to be thankful!"

"You’re welcome, it was just convenient." The truth was, he had done it all for her, the one for whom it was convenient was Jiang Muye.

Ning Xi tried her best to convey what she wanted to say. "Even if it was just convenient, it was a huge gain for me. It’s not enough for me to just say thanks. How about next time I’m free, I’ll cook for you and Little Treasure? Normally I’m too lazy to cook for myself, but I’m actually a good cook. If I hadn’t entered the entertainment industry, I might have already become a chef!"

Lu Tingxiao smiled. "I look forward to it."

The next day.

When Ning Xi arrived at the movie backlot, she saw in the distance a large group of girls near the film set. There was one particularly eye-catching golden head in their midst. With one glance, she knew it was Jiang Muye and his female fans.

Ning Xi instinctively was about to make a detour, but she didn’t expect that just as she was about to slip away, someone in the crowd screamed —"Ah! It’s Ning Xi!"

In her heart, Ning Xi thought she was done for, and was about to protect her face. She never expected the group of girls to line up in rows, bow, and speak in unison. "We’re sorry —"

After apologizing, the girls all looked at her with stars in their eyes, and talked all at once:

"Miss Ning Xi, we’re sorry, we misunderstood you! Please don't hate us, you must keep playing the role of Meng Changge!"

"That’s right, that’s right! Your acting is really amazing, we all love you and Muye acting together!"

"I played that ten-second scene of you and Muye on repeat for a whole day at home!"

Dazed by these girls’ actions, Ning Xi looked instinctively at Jiang Muye.
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