1123 Mother!

Chapter 1123: Mother!
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At night, Yan Ruyi came over with a lot of bags. She had bought all of them for Little Treasure.

The moment she went in, she saw Lu Chongshan who had disappeared for the whole day, following Little Treasure around while handing pens to him and praising his drawing…

Yan Ruyi yelled irritatedly, "Lu Chongshan! You lied to me that you went to play golf with your friends, yet you’re here!"

Lu Chongshan coughed unnaturally when he saw his wife, "Can’t I come over? Do I have to report to you that I'm visiting my grandson?"

"If you’re just visiting your own grandson, why do you have to hide from me?" Yan Ruyi realized what his intentions were.

Lu Chongshan kept quiet.

Yan Ruyi pointed her finger at him, in anger and jealousy. "You stayed a whole day with him. Did Little Treasure call you 'Grandfather'?"

Suddenly, Lu Jingli popped out of nowhere, munching on an apple. He laughed, "Hahaha...Mother! Don't worry! Father’s unfair strategy didn't work! I asked the maid already. Little Treasure said nothing at all today!"

Lu Chongshan was frustrated. "Bastard! So what?! I spent some quality time with him!"

Yan Ruyi suddenly felt lighter when she heard that Little Treasure did not call him Grandfather!

Good thing he did not. If not, Lu Chongshan would surely have bragged to her!

Lu Jingli was even more gleeful. "Hahaha, I told you so, Little Treasure is my true love!"

Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were trying to get closer to Little Treasure these days, but their tactics did not work.

He was still the record holder!

The door suddenly opened. Lu Tingxiao returned with Ning Xi. They had a few bags full of vegetables and meat with them.

Ning Xi was surprised when she saw Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan there. She whispered to Lu Tingxiao, "Why didn’t you tell me your parents were going to be here?!"

Lu Tingxiao innocently shrugged. "I just found out myself."

"Oh! My sister-in-law! Are you making some dishes tonight? Are you? No wonder birds were singing outside my window today! Come in!" Lu Jingli quickly took the things from Ning Xi, then yelled loudly towards upstairs, "Little bun! Your mother is back!"

A quick patter of footsteps came from upstair. The little bun was summoned by the word "mother". He hugged her, then opened his arms wide and asked for a hug again, "I want a hug, Mommy!"

His expression seemed to be saying, "I’ve waited for Mommy the whole day long".

With Little Treasure’s touching words, Ning Xi forgot even about Lu Tingxiao, only the little bun filled up the space in her heart.

She quickly handed all her stuff to Lu Tingxiao and freed her hands to hold Little Treasure up. Her gentle tone made even Lu Tingxiao jealous. "My baby, what did you do today?"




"Did you do your training?"


"My baby is the best!"

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