1159 Become Someone Like Sis Xi

Chapter 1159: Become Someone Like Sis Xi
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"Keer! Go away! I’ll surely kill this bastard today!" Zhuang Liaoyuan was totally blinded by his rage. "I shouldn’t have let you go the last time! And now you made your sister…"

Why did he not kill this bastard last time!? Why!? Zhuang Liaoyuan drowned in his feelings of guilt. He blamed himself for how useless he was!

If his wife came back, how could he be responsible for this? And his father…

He wanted to kill himself right away!

Zhuang Keer yelled loudly as she realized her father had gone berserk. "Father! I’m alright! I’m okay! Nothing happened last night!"

Zhung Liaoyuan did not believe her. With his eyes wide, he roared, "How could nothing have happened!? Why would he kneel in front of me now!? Go away, Keer!"

"I’m telling the truth, Father! It’s true that I was almost violated by the bad guys last night, but then Xiao Xi came and saved both of us! We stayed for the night at Xiao Xi’s place last night and only came back this morning! You can ask Xiao Xi if you don’t believe me!"

"Xiao Xi…?" Zhuang Liaoyuan was shocked.

"Yes! Father, the three druglords you discussed with your friends today was probably the three from last night! Xiao Xi killed one of them with a gun she took from them and another one passed out from fighting. As for the last one, his face was almost destroyed because when Xiao Xi reached the scene, she saw he was bullying me, so she beat him up really badly... It should be the three of them in the news…" Zhuang Keer explained to him as fast as possible.

Zhuang Liaoyuan’s uncontrollable anger cooled off a little. "What you just it true?"

"Yes! Father, if something really happened to me last night, would I still be here today?" Zhuang Keer explained logically.

Zhuang Liaoyuan’s tensed up expression softened a little as he finally believed his daughter.

Zhuang Keer then told his father about what happened last night in detail. She then asked worriedly, "Father, will anything happen to Xiao Xi? She killed a person after all! I’m really worried that she might be charged!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan replied coldly, "What can happen? Even if something were to happen to her, I will ensure her safety!"

Zhuang Keer felt assured now. Xiao Xi would definitely be safe since her father gave her his word.

Now, Zhuang Liaoyuan understood why the gang had lied and said they drank too much and fought among themselves. They wanted to save their face and not admit that a little girl had defeated them!

As for the henchmen, they had probably gone along with the lie after they saw how powerful Ning Xi was last night.

"Get up! You should be grateful that your sister is okay. If not, I’d have killed you no matter how regretful you feel!" Zhuang Liaoyuan said coldly.

Zhuang Rongguang covered his bleeding shoulder. With Zhuang Keer’s help, he stood up slowly.

"So, this is why you suddenly changed?" Zhuang Liaoyuan asked.

Zhuang Rongguang nodded. "I want to be someone like Sis Xi…"

"If you become a hundredth of her, I would be extremely grateful!" Zhuang Liaoyuan sneered at him.
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