1197 Intense Bidding

Chapter 1197: Intense Bidding
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"Bro Yan, I told you that Sis would have her own arrangements! Her bracelet fetched a pretty decent price, and it shouldn't be too far from the original price!" Ning Xueluo looked innocently at Su Yan.

Su Yan could not help but feel slightly relieved that he had not presumptuously bid earlier, or else, the person who would be humiliated now would not be CEO Sun, but him...

Xiao Xi was still not experienced and careful enough in dealing with these things.


Xiao Tao still felt indignified all the way till the celebrity donation auctions had ended. She almost wanted to leave the banquet and rush to see who the troublemaker number eight was. At last, she was stopped by Ning Xi. If Xiao Tao had walked to number eight now, it would only further prove that that person was someone they had arranged.

Next up, the second round began.

The second round was the auction of ten items that were considered the climax of the event. These few items were the treasures collected from the elite members of society. The margin of the bid price that exceeded the original price would go to charity

There were many public figures from the political and business scene aiming for these rare treasures. The entire atmosphere became lively again. The bids were unstoppable and the final prices of the items were all very impressive as well.

Ning Xueluo had bid for a pure gold pen, intending to give to her father as a gift. She won praises from the crowd for being such a filial daughter.

As for Su Yan, he had not bid for anything all the way up to the ninth item, so the crowd was curious and started to question.

"What's up? There're so many valuable babies today, but none that have caught Master Su's eye?"

"There is something. I'm waiting for it." Su Yan looked at Xueluo beside him and smiled.

Ning Xueluo smiled shyly back at him.

As soon as he said that, the host's voice was heard from the stage. "Now, we will exhibit the final item. It's also the rarest treasure in this auction. It's called Queen, and it is a crown that is embellished with 12 Colombian pear-shaped emerald gems. The gems weigh 600 karats, which is an astonishing weight. It was specially customized by Country Y's King Charles for Queen Eugenie to represent his faithful love for the queen. It was once sold as a private collector's item by an anonymous person for $ 30 million. This time, we are auctioning it off for the anonymous person for charity..."

Once the introduction was heard, the crowd all realized that this was the item that Su Yan had been waiting for. The couple's wedding was happening soon, and this crown was clearly meant to represent a token of their love that he wanted to get for the happiness of his belle!

"Sigh! My wife took a fancy to this too and told me that I must bid for it, but it looks like I don't have a good chance!" One of the rich lads glanced at Su Yan with a helpless expression.

The other few rich public figures, who were aiming for this crown, laughed too. "No matter what, I must at least try!"

Many people were interested in this item. All of them were eager to give it a try while Su Yan maintained a calm expression, his determination clear on his face.

With the Ning and the Su families joining hands strongly together, their business expanded greatly, especially for the latter. Their business had grown to the overseas market and they were astonishingly strong in terms of their finances, so it was no wonder why he was this confident. Of course, there were many others with the same capabilities in the auction room too. The fight for this item would probably be extraordinarily intense...

Even the auctioneer's tone was abnormally emotional. "Now, the auction begins! Everyone, please place your bids!"

"$ 20 million!"

"Okay! Now, CEO Zhao of number 31 opens with $ 20 million! Anyone else?!"

"$ 21 million!"

"Number 56 bids for $ 21 million!"

"$ 23 million!"

"CEO Sun has bid $ 23 million! Everyone knows that this crown of ours is very rare and precious. There's still some time to continue bidding... Would anyone like to place their bids?"

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