1239 Defeated Terribly

Chapter 1239: Defeated Terribly

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Recently, following "Dream Chaser"'s huge counterattack, Ning Xi's popularity increased at a terrifying pace. Ling Zhizhi had regained her prime as a golden manager, while Chang Li continued to be insulted for her bad judgment. All of these whispers and comparing just made her agitated. She was one step away from losing her mind!

If Ning Xi was still her artiste this morning, if she had not chased Ning Xi out of Starlight back then, all of this glory would have been hers!

The one people would be envious of and worshipped would have been her! Her career would have taken a huge step, and most importantly, she would have gained this money tree!

Sadly, now, she could only watch as what should have been hers fell into the hands of Ling Zhizhi. In fact, she had delivered it over herself.

Most ironically, Ning Xueluo had decided to act in some art house film to win awards and be cool, but at last, the box office performance had been tragic. She did not earn any good reputation and the show had even embarrassed her through and through...

Now, she had to suffer that lady's temper too!

Ning Xueluo looked at the silent Chang Li and mockery filled her eyes as she caressed her nails. She sneered, "Why? Now that you see Ning Xi blowing up in popularity, you're regretting it, aren't you? Regretting that you terminated her contract back then?"

In this Internet war, Ning Xueluo had not been idle. She had been quietly helping Liang Biqin by paying astroturfers to suppress "Dream Chaser". After her plan failed, she tried to use "Mountain" to replicate "Dream Chaser"'s pathway to popularity as a counterattack, but who knew that she would be defeated so terribly?

The thing she hated most was that not only did the bitch step all over her with the movie, she even promoted Spirit endlessly. That way, even History was hugely affected. Clearly, she was intentionally going against her...

When she heard Ning Xueluo speak, no matter what Chang Li thought in her heart, there was no way she could admit it, so she bucked up and replied, "Xueluo, what are you saying? Why would I not be visionary?! Many people gain popularity overnight in the entertainment industry. How many can really go far? It's just temporary! So what if a melodramatic comedy does well in ticket sales? Wait till our movie gets awarded. We'll still defeat her the same!"

However, the reality was that even though their movie was directed by a famous director, the reviews within the industry was not fantastic. If they really wanted to get a worthy award, it was quite unlikely. It all depended on how strong Ning Xueluo's connections were, and whether she could get through to the judges over on the other side...

She was probably quite satisfied with Chang Li's answer, so Ning Xueluo did not act out for now. She just scoffed, "Let her climb. The higher she climbs, the quicker she dies..."

When Chang Li heard her, she rolled her eyes as she knew that Ning Xueluo meant that Su Yimo's team would take action...

Ning Xi was quite demonic. She could actually rise up despite being suppressed by both Su Yimo and Liang Biqin. They heard that the last time, Liang Biqin had intentionally stolen the main role in "I Only Like You" and let Ning Xi get Chen Mian's small production. Who would have thought that this very production would have gone viral?

This woman's luck was just excessively good, was it not?

However, Su Yimo did put her support back there. If she really wanted to mess with her, it would be easier than killing an ant, whether or not she was popular!

Ning Xi's smooth-sailing days was about to come to an end...


At the same time, at Glory World Entertainment, Ning Xi wore a new gown from Spirit that had yet to be released on the racks. She donned sunglasses and had Xiao Tao beside her, causing quite a commotion the moment she stepped into the company.
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