1241 It Belongs To The Devil!

Chapter 1241: It Belongs To The Devil!

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Countless programs had invited Ning Xi to attend their show in a male outfit, but Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi both thought it might affect her future career if she made too many appearances in a male outfit, so currently, she had only agreed to two shows.

With Ning Xi persistence, Ling Zhizhi thought it did not matter if there was just one more, so she listened to Ning Xi's request and contacted the person-in-charge of the program.

On the phone, when the director Wang Shaoyuan heard Ling Zhizhi say that she hoped for the male guest to be Ke Mingyu, he felt a little troubled.

He had a good time working with Ning Xi before, so he made an early arrangement for her to appear in the next show.

Now that Ning Xi had become famous, he was worried that she might not come, but she had approved pretty quickly. What surprised him even more was that Chen Hanchen had agreed to come as the male guest as well. He was overjoyed that he got to invite the most-discussed on-screen couple in town.

But now Ning Xi wanted Ke Mingyu to be the male guest. Compared to Chen Hanchen, Ke Mingyu's popularity was much lower…

"Can I speak to Ms. Ning directly?" Wang Shaoyuan asked.

Ling Zhizhi passed the phone to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi took the phone. "Hello, Director Wang!"

"Hello, hello, Ms. Ning. I heard that you want the male guest to be Ke Mingyu?"

"Yes." Ning Xi nodded. "I remember you promised me that if I were to join your show the second time, I could pick the male guest."

Wang Shaoyuan felt a little awkward. "Well, I did promise you, but Ms. Ning, if the male guest this time is Chen Hanchen, it's a win-win situation for us. I'm sure that the show ratings would skyrocket! So, how about we don't change the guest? I put in quite a lot of effort to invite him. I'm afraid that it's difficult for me to tell him about changing guests now…"

So, what Wang Shaoyuan meant was that he was going to break his promise to her...

Ning Xi was always a straightforward person. If someone respected her, she would respect them back. Even though she had become very famous now, she still took his show as a priority, and now Wang Shaoyuan wanted to break his promise just to get his high ratings…

Damn it! She had been preparing that spot for the devil!

Ning Xi did not sound mad. Instead, she just said casually, "I see, then, please look for another person to be your female guest."

Wang Shaoyuan thought she would surely agree and did not expect her to act this way. "Ms. Ning! Wait! Wait! We can discuss this slowly. Please don't be angry. It's my fault, it's all my fault. I shouldn't make the decision alone! I just thought that you would be happy with the male guest I selected this time…"

If Ning Xi was not coming, there was no point having Chen Hanchen!

Although they were both main characters in the movie, Ning Xi's popularity was much higher than Chen Hanchen's.

It would be great if they could both come.

What a waste!

Wang Shaoyuan could not help it. To avoid any further mistakes, he said, "Please don't be angry, Ms. Ning. I promise you, I'll take whoever you want! I'll do anything to fulfill your needs!"
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