1252 Think Very Highly of Me

Chapter 1252: Think Very Highly of Me

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At Ling Zhizhi's office in Glory World Entertainment, Ning Xi was discussing a script with Ling Zhizhi.

Ling Zhizhi handed a particular script to Ning Xi. "Ning Xi, take a look at this."

Ning Xi skimmed through it. "Guo Qisheng is the director?"

She had collaborated with Guo Qisheng for "The World" and experienced a very smooth and positive time.

Ling Zhizhi nodded. "Yes, though this script is not for a movie, but for a drama series. Even though you come from a background of movies, I don't recommend that you only stick to movies in the future. There're many movie actresses who think that shooting a drama will lower their statuses, but that's not true! The market for television dramas is expansive, and there're already few differences between the statuses of a movie actor and a TV drama actor."

Ning Xi echoed, "I've never thought of only shooting movies. As long as the script is good, I'm happy to explore. Even the queen of movies, Song Lin, dropped in popularity after doing just movies for so many years and despite being determined not to act in dramas, she has just taken up a TV drama recently, hasn't she?"

After they reached an agreement, Ling Zhizhi continued, "This script of Guo Qisheng's is not bad. It's a very popular fantasy series led by the country's top scriptwriter and they've even hired a Hollywood special effects team. All of the participating cast are big shots and experienced ones in the industry, so I think it's quite suitable for your first TV drama!"

Ling Zhizhi paused, then continued, "Actually, Guo Qisheng already gave me the script a few months ago. Unfortunately, you've already committed to Chen Mian's movie then. Thankfully, their crew was still in the preparation stage. Recently, they're wrapping up with that and all of the main leads have been decided."

"What will be my role then?" Ning Xi asked.

"You're one of the female leads. This drama has two female leads, one protagonist, one antagonist. Both have their own unique characteristics. In the original, both characters were of equal popularity online. Most of the focus and comedic interactions in this drama will be based on the two female leads," Ling Zhizhi explained.

Ning Xi could not help but be shocked at this.

Guo Qisheng had already delivered the script over months ago?

She did not have her current popularity at all then, yet Guo Qisheng had already felt assured enough to hand her the female lead role.

Even though it had two female leads, based on how Sis Zhizhi described it, this role might be even more important than if it just had one female lead...

When she thought about Guo Qisheng's trust in her, Ning Xi felt quite moved.

"Who's the other female lead?" Ning Xi asked.

"Golden Film Award and Golden Phoenix Award winner, Meng Shiyi!" Ling Zhizhi answered.

Ning Xi laughed and held her head in disbelief. "Director Guo sure thinks very highly of me!"

Even at her current status, she was still far from Meng Shiyi...

Meng Shiyi had always acted as the female lead ever since her debut. In fact. all of her roles were premium ones. She herself was a talented actress and was considered a resourceful artiste with solid capabilities, which was why she had received both awards at such a young age. Moreover, these two awards were the two most prestigious awards in the movie industry, so the world was her oyster.

When she thought about how she could act with someone of such capabilities, Ning Xi felt her passion ignite.

"Sis Zhizhi, I will spend the time to read through the script and then give you my answer as soon as possible!" Ning Xi said even though she had basically decided in her heart to take on this drama.

At the same time, she could also see if there were any characters suitable for the devil to come in as a cameo. Her relationship with Guo Qisheng was pretty good. Plus, Ke Mingyu's current popularity was not too bad, so it should not be a problem for him to come in as a supporting character with a few scenes...
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