1291 I Want Ning Xi’s Character

Chapter 1291: I Want Ning Xi’s Character
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In the audition room, the director was delegating roles to everyone.

This ad focused on a female lead that was wooed by seven different types of handsome men. Many popular groups used a similar plot as well, but with these seven people that the Lu Corporation had invited, they utilized this plot to the very maximum.

The idea of this plot was to mainly satisfy the fantasies of young girls, enlarging the brand's recognition among this target audience.

Women had a great deal of spending power after all!

Director Mai held the script and looked at everyone. "So, Qin Ran, you'll be playing a young man from a rich family!"

"No problem." Qin Ran seemed to be satisfied with his role.

"Han Yuncheng, you look much younger, so you'll be a student!"

He nodded. "Sure."

The director then looked at Luo Fan. "Luo Fan, you'll be playing a biology professor! A fitting role for a person as knowledgeable as you!"

Luo Fan replied humbly, "Thanks for the praise!"

The director then looked at the miserable Li Lekai and the bored Jiang Muye. "Li Lekai, you'll be playing a wild racer and, Muye, you'll just be playing yourself, a famous superstar!"

Li Lekai and Jiang Muye agreed without any problems.

It was then down to Mo Yuxiu and Ning Xi.

Mai Huaian flipped a page, then he looked at Ning Xi first. "Ning Xi, I heard from Director Guo that you're really professional, and very good at action scenes as well! It must be tough for a girl like you to come this far while being a stuntwoman in your earlier years!"

"Director Guo was overstating. It's part of my job," Ning Xi replied.

Mai Huaian nodded. "You'll be playing a secret agent. There'll be an important fight scene in this. Are you alright with it?"

"No problem." Ning Xi had no objections.

Lastly, the director looked at Mo Yuxiu. "Yuxiu, you'll be playing a matured-looking CEO! A lot of little girls like this type…"

Mo Yuxiu was aiming towards this style after he changed his image. Mai Huaian gave it some thought and decided that this suited Mo Yuxiu the most.

As he was about to let them try out their characters, Mo Yuxiu glared at Ning Xi's direction. He suddenly said, "I want Ning Xi's character."

Everyone including the director was taken aback.

The bored-looking Jiang Muye straightened his back. It was coming…

The others did not understand. They thought Mo Yuxiu would look for trouble with Li Lekai, but he had aimed at Ning Xi instead.

Could it be because Ning Xi had stopped them just now?

Mai Huaian was a little troubled. Although Mo Yuxiu's reputation was getting better in recent years, his personality had actually become worse. He was always impatient and violent, and it was not unusual for him to be in conflict with his colleagues.

Mai Huaian tried to persuade him, "Yuxiu, the role I gave you suits you the most! Ning Xi's character is mostly acting out fighting and fleeing scenes. One would get injured easily if you're not professionally trained before."

Mo Yuxiu was adamant. "If you don't believe in me, then I'll fight Ning Xi right now. The one who wins gets the role!"

Before the director could say anything, he rushed towards Ning Xi…
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